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Title: The First Founding Project
Post by: greenstuff_gav on March 19, 2021, 10:12:47 AM
for those not in the know (or those who've forgotten - it's been a while!) i wrote an article for Dark Magenta ( with some thoughts on Space Marines in Inquisitor
i touched upon the fact i'm not a fan of a Space Marine "being on a quest" used as background as to why the Marine is in Inquisitor

I followed up with taking an Ultramarine Herald (think a diplomat) to a Conclave and careful playing meant he didn't break the games too much!

I then (as inquisitor still had releases) started collating Space Marines - the plan to put all 18 First Founding chapters into Inquisitor, with appropriate background and model
I also originally made a custom helmet and shoulder pad for each chapter but with Artemis going OOP i've stopped these - still got a bag of the chapter specific sets that are now useless :)


We had some breakages when a shelving unit collapsed and rebasing once the larger bases became more common place but individual Marines can be found on the main gallery

First Founding (

I think the order of creation was
World Eater
Night Lord
Iron Warrior
Dark Angel
Imperial Fist
Word Bearer
Emperor's Children
Blood Angel

I'm currently working on a White Scar so hopefully will get a post up as soon as i've got something to photo!

Title: Re: The First Founding Project
Post by: maglash1017 on March 22, 2021, 08:58:44 AM
Very cool to see you return to this project!
Title: Re: The First Founding Project
Post by: seaglen on March 23, 2021, 08:16:29 PM
Thatís a lot of grams-worth of power armoured miniatures right there, and glad to see it getting progress!