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Title: First Founding Project- Space Wolves
Post by: greenstuff_gav on April 17, 2021, 09:13:44 PM
Welcome back!

as previously noted (, i'm working through all the First Founding chapters with appropriate models with background suitable for Inquisitor

as i've just finished White Scars ( and the Founding List tells me Space Wolves are next

As with most project, i scrounge through The Box® and find anything that may help decide who i'm converting - a model's story will affect armament and posing

some nice bits in there, especially the axe and shield form the Dreadnought kit and the second to last blank pad and helmet i've got (got dozens of chapter-specific ones so may have to file one down for the next chapter...)

As i often lament, Marines are often given "he's onna quest" as justification for them being in Inquisitor - ironically this is suitable for Space Wolves as they often find Lone Wolves, those who can't work within the confines of a pack or the sole survivors of their pack and there are many tales of Space Wolves off apart form the chapter.
that said, i wanted something more for the marine we'll be looking at - something more than a sterotype and something worth telling a tale of

As thus followed on from a thought by mcjomar ( - while a Lone Survivor is perfectly acceptable, how about adding something unusual for our Space Wolf?
I'm' thinking the usual Sole Survivor, however in this case his pack wiped out by Traitor legionnaires - maybe including an Iron Warrior testing a new weapon that also burned out this Space Wolf's Progenoid  Gland - while he survived his legacy is gone so there is no need to travel with the chapter, he is able to take his hunt for the Heretic across the Imperium, searching for bigger and badder threats to fight

With this in mind, we reshuffled the bits ...
he can keep that great axe, but a shield would be wasted on someone with an active deathwish.
also cut down the bolter into a bolt Pistol - the extra shot selectors suitable for someone unable to resupply

while he should technically have no Company Marking, i'll pick one at random for his Chapter Pad, add some random Space Wolf-y details about - more like a 2nd ed Space Wolf with the odd icon, not festooned in junk like the chapter is now.
for a pose i think i'll keep him fairly mobile - most of my marines are static as contrast to the default Artemis so that would work well i think

so, while i look at what details to rework and sculpt a replacement arm, thanks for reading + any comments at all :)
Title: Re: First Founding Project- Space Wolves
Post by: seaglen on April 18, 2021, 06:52:47 PM
Loving this so far

That axe is great and so is the pistol.
I’d still love to see the shield too somehow - maybe magnetise a hand so you could choose pistol or shield?
Or perhaps have the shield slung over his back? Ala boromir from lord of the rings.

Not sure where you could get them but the wolfs head backpack vents would be another shout id like to see
Title: Re: First Founding Project- Space Wolves
Post by: greenstuff_gav on April 21, 2021, 09:46:53 PM
was tempted with the shield but as a marine with nothing left he's eschewed protection and loaded himself up with ammo for headlong charge into the biggest monster he can find :)


slight bit of work in i decided as he's separated form the chapter he's got a blank pad, draped with a skull + fur

I'm following Jes' original theory with the Space Wolf kits - you'd dilute them with stock marine boxes for some SW details but still recognisable as a marine - something people quickly forgot when using just SW boxes for all the extra wolf wolf wolf crap you see these days! 

not sold on the pose as yet - i'm hoping the size of the axe should help balance the pose out - otherwise i'll tip him forward more for a more berserk headlong charge!
Title: Re: First Founding Project- Space Wolves
Post by: greenstuff_gav on May 08, 2021, 05:06:28 PM
it's been a while, mainly as i was Finishing A Sisters Army ( but i managed to get hte arm made for hte Space Wolf


debating if that's the right angle for his axe but where the dreadnought palm came off i'm limited to where his hand can go to cover the mark

once that's decided that'll affect the angle his head will sit at, and then i can sculpt his unkempt hair and beard

Also debating if i'm giving him a back banner - i did on an old SW conversion and quite fancy the idea but only the Word Bearer ( has one at the moment - let me know what you think
Title: Re: First Founding Project- Space Wolves
Post by: mcjomar on May 09, 2021, 08:04:32 AM
I think the axe is in the right place, based on the pictures you've taken.
I'm not too sure about a back-banner for a space wolf, as it seems unwieldy for a combat-focused space wolf/lone wolf.