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Title: Implant and MIU weapons
Post by: BeardMonk on August 05, 2009, 11:14:43 AM
Morning all.

As I have been working on a Ad Mec "warband", I have a fetish idea of implant and MIU weaponry. ;D  But a few things bother me.  Probably down to my lack of experience "actually playing" inquisitor.

1)  What's the weight restrictions for "shoulder mounted" weaponry?  Covenant for example has a shoulder mounted psy-cannon, which is effectively a "modified bolter".  However the thought of a human mounting a bolter on their shoulder seems a bit unlikely.  I would have thought the average person would be limited to something lighter, pistol sized?  Bolt pistol, auto pistol etc.

2) implanted combat weapons, if destroyed in combat, (by power weapons etc) can they become "improvised weapons"?  Or are they shattered beyond use.

Advice please

Title: Re: Implant and MIU weapons
Post by: Charax on August 05, 2009, 11:32:50 AM
1) There are no rules limiting the weight of shoulder-mounted weapons, mainly because there aren't really rules for shoulder-mounted weapons, only for MIU weapons. there could be many justifications for this, ranging from the fact that a weapon that doesn't need to be handled can be stripped down and have it's weight distributed over the body, to the weapons being attached to a reinforced harness.

2) An Improvised weapon isn't really something you can define, it's basically down to the GM. I would say the fact you're using the broken stump of your weapon to attack would be a de facto improvisation
Title: Re: Implant and MIU weapons
Post by: Inquisitor Cade on August 05, 2009, 11:57:58 AM
I'd argue that Covenant's psycannon should be more of a psypistol. It is no bigger than Tyrus' bolt pistol and no where near large enough to be a super storm bolter (as the psycannon profile suggests). On the other hand if a model has a sholder mounter autogun and it dosn't look idiotic them I'd be againts a ruling that basic weapons cannot be sholder mounted.
Title: Re: Implant and MIU weapons
Post by: InquisitorHeidfeld on August 05, 2009, 12:55:32 PM
The answer to this question... as with so much about Inquisitor is... Whatever is needed for the cool factor.

Bear in mind that the AdMech are all but beyond the limits of modern understanding - while there are certain things which are limited by function (a weapon which is too small for its munitions, a Plasma Reactor too small to sustain a reaction...etc) many of AdMech's creations are limited only by "what the machine god finds pleasing". If an AdMech with a clockwork fetish builds a conversion field which is backpack sized, sports a large brass key and lots of interesting gears and regulators and it is pleasing to the machine god then it is a good conversion field - but another AdMech migh build his inside the tiniest flaw in a natural gemstone, to be worn in a necklace.

The main factor therefore in what can and can't be mounted on the shoulder is less of size and more of coolness. As practical as it may be, mounting a bolt pistol on your shoulder (particularly when you can mount a las pistol in a ring) lacks something in the coolness factor. A plasma pistol works nicely because it evokes Predator but for the most part I would suggest sticking with basic weapons.
Title: Re: Implant and MIU weapons
Post by: Kaled on August 05, 2009, 01:15:00 PM
Personally I look at the model rather than the weights in the rulebook when considering encumbrance.  I would say that as long as the model doesn't look too encumbered and the weapon is recognisable as what it's meant to be, then there isn't a problem.  So for example, Covenant looks fine with his psycannon, but if you tried to put that same weapon on Severina then I might well cry foul.

And I agree with Charax - leave it up to the GM as to whether the weapon is broken in such a way as it can be used as an improvised weapon or not.  If I were GMing, I'd roll a dice for it.
Title: Re: Implant and MIU weapons
Post by: precinctomega on August 06, 2009, 08:56:23 AM
I have to say that shoulder-mounted MIU weapons have almost always bugged the hell out of me.  The possibilities with respect to accidental discharges, shooting oneself in the back of the head, getting spent brass in ones ear or just deafening oneself with the report are all so silly as to preclude the idea entirely.

But Rule of Cool applies.  Use a certain amount of common sense (shoulder-mounted heavy weapons aren't impossible, but would rather preclude the use of any other weapon at the same time) but as long as it looks good, no one's going to mind much.

Title: Re: Implant and MIU weapons
Post by: BeardMonk on August 06, 2009, 10:00:12 AM
Thats a great help guys, cheers.

As a personal rule of thumb I think that shoulder mounted weapons should be pistols.  Implanted weapons on the arms should be "basic" for the most part although "bigger" characters with bionics/large frames etc should be able to support heavy.