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Title: The Grudge Match
Post by: Lord Inquisitor Vega on May 23, 2010, 08:00:03 PM
(For character information, see Grudge Match on the Inquisitor Rules Discussion page.)

Hello everyone. For those who donít remember me from the old conclave, I am Inquisitor Lord Vega. I acted as the GM for this game. So letís get to it.

The body of Inquisitor Xan is rumored to be on the quarantined planet of A1379. Xan was a known Xanthite and it is said that when he died he had in his possession a collection of chaos infused artifacts. The planet has been quarantined due to the chaos temple that resides there and because almost a thousand years ago, the people turned from the Emperorís light and became servants of Chaos. The entire populace was killed in a mass cleansing that took three years and required four regiments of the Imperial Guard. Inquisitor Xan traveled to A1379 after the war and to look for artifacts. He was never heard from again.

1)   Inquisitor Brekan: Find the body of Xan and retrieve any artifacts and get out before you are found.
2)   Inquisitor Duras: Find the body of Xan and retrieve any artifacts and also find and capture/ kill Inquisitor Brekan.
3)   Inquisitor Gahn: Capture or kill Duras and his warband. Kill them all!

The terrain is an stone complex that is made up of two levels. It has multiple chambers. To enter the Inner Chamber, you must have an Inquisitorial Seal to open the door. Duras will enter through the south entrance. Brekan through the east entrance. AndGahn through the west entrance.

Inquisitor Breken entered the temple. He moved slowly and quietly. Whatever defenses may have been left here, he would not allow them to harm him on his quest. He split his followers up to search for his prize. He sent General Wurva and the Prophet to the left. He sent Maven  to the right and brought Pontiíhastas with him towards the main chamber.

Inquisitor Duras had spent the last two hours searching the the temple for the near mythical lost body of Inquisitor Xan. He had broughtLt. Brackus and Gorus with him and had sent his other cohorts to patrol the temple on the lookout for any threats. Duras finally finished searching the outer chambers and was moving towards the chamber in the center of the complex.

Inquisitor Gahn moved quickly with his team to find Duras. He could taste the Inquisitorís impending doom even as he searched for him. He had split up his team into two smaller team to hunt down and kill Durasí followers but had ordered that Duras be taken alive for trial before a conclave. As he searched the stone temple, he heard a dragging noise.

Sanch opened fire on Whip Master Haven. He shot her in the abdomen. He scored a lucky shot and caused an acute wound. Seeing Haven injured, Keno ran for cover while firing a wild shot in the direction of Sanch. Sanch returned fire, but missed. Keno hit Sanchís leg with a shot from his rifle, but Keno retreated shortly there after when he saw a cultist with a shotgun come and reinforce the mutant.

While moving to the center complex, Inquisitor Gahn, Preacher Falx, and the Crusader Poss were spotted by the Prophet and General Wurva. The Prophet used his psychic powers to take control of Poss and forced him to attack the preacher with his power sword. Falx was wounded in the stomach and fell prone and began to fire at the crusader with his autopistol. He hit Poss in the arm twice and in the chest once. Inquisitor Gahn seeing the psycher just several yards away, opened fire to break his control of the crusader. General Wurva moved to protect the prophet and was hit in the leg twice. Both Jonah and Wurva retreated when they saw Gahn charge towards them. Falx and the crusader were to hurt to move on, so Gahn ordered Poss to protect the preacher at all costs.

The former cultist Orr and Redemptionist Orphus walked into the chamber almost simultaneously. When they spotted each other, they moved to shoot, but were surprised by a hail of fire coming from cultist Maven firing his autogun on full auto from behind a pile of stone. Orr dived behind some crates and Orphus followed suit by diving behind a pile of stones near by. Orphus and Maven then proceeded to have a fire fight. Orphus firing spurts from his flamer and Maven firing back wildly. Orr took a round to the shoulder and Orphus took two to the chest, but continued on through the pain. Finally, Orphus hit Maven with a stream of fire and the cultist went down. Orphus then turned to fire on Orr, but found his weapon empty. He then pulled his flail and ran towards the former cultist. But Orr just popped up and fired a shotgun blast into the redeptionistís face and killed him instantly.

Sirius 1822 spotted his target. A man in armour and a priest. He charged towards them like the killing machine he was. The crusader saw the monstrosity charging towards his charge and stood to stand against him and raised his sword. However, his arm was too badly injured and he dropped his sword. He yelled for the injured Falx to run and prepared to defend his charge. Before Poss could pick up his sword, Sirius 1822 was on top of him sending a flurry of electro-flail attacks towards him. Within seconds, Poss was dead, Preacher Falx was on the run, and Sirius 1822 was on the hunt again.

Gahn moved into the Inner Chamber. He was alone and knew that the odds were against him. He had to use his Inquisitorial Seal to open the door to the room and was curious what sort of chaos temple required someone to be an Inquisitor to enter it. After walking a few steps into the room he spotted an individual standing before a human skeleton that was sitting upon a throne. Gahn drew his sword into the hand that wasnít holding his pistol. He was about to yell at the man to halt and face him when a movement out of the corner of his eye stopped him. He quickly turned and saw a nightmare flying towards him.

Brekanís daemon-host charged at Inquisitor Gahn screaming. Gahn quickly raised his sword and impaled the abomination through the heart upon its blade. The daemon was surprised by the massive flood of pain that hit it and realized that this was no regular sword. The daemon-host slid off the blade and fell to the floor. Gahn fired several round into the daemon-hosts body to ensure it was truly dead. Gahn now turned his attention to the man he saw before. But before he knew it, Brekan was engaging him with a flurry of flail attacks.

Duras entered with his team and saw the battle going on. He ordered his men to fire at both combatants. Duras and Brackus opened fire on them. Durasí bolt pistol shot hit Brekan in the chest and Brackus hit Gohn in the arm with his lasgun. When Gorus moved to attack though, it felt a rush of pain. Brekanís daemon-host in a last attempt to kill something before it was banished back to the warp, launched an assault on Gorus. The two daemon-host fought, but in the end, Gorus destroyed Brekanís pet daemon. The firing of Duras and his team broke up the fight between the two Inquisitors.

Inquisitor Brekan moved to withdraw, but was hit by two rounds from Gahnís pistol. Brekan fell to the ground. Inquisitor Gahn immediately moved to attack Inquisitor Duras. As he did he was surprised by a blast of blue fire that hit him in the side of his face and another lasgun hit to his shoulder. He quickly withdrew out an exit on the other side believing that this was not a fight he could win without help. As he did he fired wildly with his pistol. One round hit Duras in the temple.

Inquisitor Duras moved towards Inquisitor Brekan, but before he could reach him, Brekan sprang to his feet and attacked him. Duras was surprised by the assault from a man he thought dead. He was also shocked by a dark cloak that seemed to surround the fallen Inquisitor. Duras swung his sword at Brekan and dodge several swings from Brekanís flail. Duras eventually stuck Brekan in the chest with his daemon-blade and fell the traitor. He then moved towards the body like an animal and leaned over it. He couldnít stop himself and began to drink the very life essence out of the fallen Inquisitorís body. Afterwards, he searched the room and found Gahn gone. He then began to look for treasures that he hoped would be there.

Warband Status:
- Inquisitor Brekan: Dead
- General Wurva: Crippled leg. According to Chris, heíll be giving him a crude bionic leg
- Prophet Joanah: No injuries. Chris says that heíll have him and Wurva seek revenge for the fallen Inquisitor
- Cultist Maven: Dead
- Pontiíhastas: Banished back to the warp

Warband Status:
- Inquisitor Duras: Light damage to head
- Lt. Brackus: Uninjured
- Cultist Orr: Heavy damage to his arm
- Sirus 1822: Uninjured
- Daemon-Host Gorus: Heavy damage to arm and acute damage to the groin
- Sanch: Heavy damage to the leg

Warband Status:
- Inquisitor Gahn: Light damage to head and light damage to the arm. Mitch says heíll give him some burn marks on the face. Scars to encourage acts of vengance
- Preacher Falx: Serious damage to abdomen
- Crusader Poss: Dead
- Redemptionist Orphus: Dead
- Hunter Keno: Uninjured
- Whip Master Haven: Acute damage to the abdomen

Inquisitor Duras found an ancient daemon-sword and a collection of scroll with valuable daemonic lore.

Inquisitor Brekan died, but his followers now have a martyr.

Inquisitor Gahn now has more of a reason for hunt Inquisitor Duras down, but still no evidence.