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Title: Character Idea
Post by: Shannow on June 01, 2010, 09:01:45 PM
This is the stats and background for my imperial guardsman recruited by my inquisitor due to his long range skills with sniper rifles. I do intend to add more background at some point.

The model I've just bought (hopefully arrive soon) is:

as I'm pretty sure I read in another thread they were the right size? Anyway I will be scratch building the rifle and adding a camo cloak (though it doesn't have any benefit it will look cool!). Anyway, he is as follows:


WS   BS   S   T   I   Wp   Sg   Nv   Ld   Spd
51   76   52   54   61   59   53   66   47   4

- Right handed

- Skills – Deadeye Shot, Quickload.

- Weapons – Sniper Rifle (Revised armoury spec), Laspistol, Knife.

- Armour – Flak all over (3) and a closed helmet (4) with built in range finder.

- Equipment – Tanglefoot and Photon Flash grenades, 1 of each.

+++ Processing File Request +++

+ Authority: Magenta
+ Priority: Alpha
+ Subject: Drabek, Malthus

+++ File Retrieved +++
+++ Begin Transmission +++

Name: Drabek, Malthus
Rank: Corporal
Regiment: Tauro VII, Scouts forward offence
Service: Distinguished defence of Recon Station Epsilon II. Details as follows:

- Recon Station Epsilon II is a final garrison on the primary hospitable route to Tauro VII’s Hive Prime. Due to the lack of Xeno/Chaotic presence on Tauro VII and a relatively low level of Hive crime, the garrison had but a token force of 40 soldiers during Corporal Malek’s stationing (In a similar fashion to the other minor garrisons that held the secondary routes).

- During the routine border communicate with the other garrisons on the 4th night of Walpurnacht (A local celebration of the coming eclipse that appeared every 6.5 years), only static could be raised. The subsequent 8 hours saw in excess of 500 cultists pour into the thin stony passage that led to Recon Station Epsilon II.

- Sergeant Obadiah Thrisk who had left the garrison upon the assault to obtain re-enforcements returned an approximate hour after dawn. The survivors numbered just 3, with Corporal Drabek among them. The official headcount he achieved with his Sniper Rifle is 212. The unofficial from his fellow survivors is roughly double. The closest body to the recon station with solid ammunition wounds such as Drabek, and Drabek only, fired was 70 yards.

Current State: Inactive, purging of Taint in process.

+++ End Transmission +++


“Yes inquisitor?” Asked the waiting orderly.

“I’ll take him.” Came the reply.

Any thoughts be nice (and confirmation that the model size works would be nice  :-\ ) though it'll be a nice keep sake if not and awesome if it does!

Title: Re: Character Idea
Post by: precinctomega on June 01, 2010, 09:06:26 PM
The thing you've just bought is a 7" action figure.  The ones we discussed in the P&M subforum were 2" collectible miniatures.


EDIT - Other than that minor "oops", the character looks good.
Title: Re: Character Idea
Post by: Obetor on June 01, 2010, 09:19:00 PM
Link to the P&M subforum :)

- Erik :)
Title: Re: Character Idea
Post by: Shannow on June 01, 2010, 09:35:05 PM
Hahahaha, fool am I! Oh well can go with my other larger scale figurines and get laughed at by Cloud....

EDIT: Mwhaha...after explaining my stupidity I managed to cancel the order and have bought

these instead! (I really hope I haven't been a fool and done the same thing twice.......)
Title: Re: Character Idea
Post by: Flinty on June 02, 2010, 07:47:40 AM
Ahh...the joys of buying at the wrong scale. The initial thrill of pulling a nice, crisp figure out of its packaging, all too quickly crushed by bitter realisation of its impossible fit; the fleeting and increasingly desparate thoughts of ''young child, no, dwarf...'' followed by a heart-rending ''Nooooooo....!'' echoing from the cold, dark kitchen, through the empty rooms of your house and out onto the uncaring streets.

Lucky escape that time...

Stats look okay - I might up his Nerve a bit - if he is a cold, calculating type, perhaps into the mid 70's? - he's obviously not easily distracted from his task by screaming hordes...

Leadership should also go way up - he has the experience of being part of the command chain from his time in the Guard, has developed (presumably) a battlefield discipline of his own, and is capable of independant thought to execute his orders and the force of personality/charisma to get others to follow - something in the high 60's to maybe high 70's would be better
Title: Re: Character Idea
Post by: Dust King on June 02, 2010, 08:23:11 AM
Nice idea, I've got a similar character (made using Jena's body and cloak (minus chest), von cavelston's (sp?) head and scratch legs) only based on a combination of characters from the Metal Gear series.

My advice would be to give him a bonus to I for awareness tests. For sniper characters it makes sense for them to be very aware of their surroundings but not too fast on their feat, a bonus for awareness tests will help fix this (Then again I solved it for my character by giving him I 80 but with only 4 speed and a penalty to movement to represent his age)

Anyway I like the look of him so far
Title: Re: Character Idea
Post by: Shannow on June 02, 2010, 12:11:01 PM
Haha that sounds like you've had some form of traumatic event occur Flinty...I do hope you work through that :P

I will up his nerve accordingly as you suggest. Regarding leadership, I'm kind of lost with all my characters really as to what it truly represents. Having read the rulebook and various threads, it seems to be give and take orders?

With that in mind which aspect is more important, as though this particular character takes orders well, he is uncomfortable in anything other than relaying orders from higher up to those under him. So he has very little leading capacity?

Also in the same vein, I am currently making a Dark Eldar character, if he dislikes giving or receiving orders and is generally aloof; despite high stats and good combat ability would this mean I could give him a low leadership score?

@ Dust King, I'd like to see that when its done, sounds like a good combo. I will play around with that, but I am very wary of making him more than a very fast, very good shot at a distance, though it does make sense that he be aware of being creeped up on I suppose.

Thanks for all the help

Title: Re: Character Idea
Post by: precinctomega on June 03, 2010, 08:33:48 AM
That depends on how you make use of Leadership.  At the moment, it plays very little role in the game, except for characters with the "Leader" ability.

In INQ2, it will become rather more pertinent, as it will also be used for characters who are fleeing and whenever a character is about to leave the table involuntarily (either fleeing or under the influence of a psychic power or similar).

For now, I would suggest giving such a character an "Ill Disciplined" ability.  I'm sure you can think up appropriate rules.

Title: Re: Character Idea
Post by: dumdeedum on June 03, 2010, 11:29:59 AM
Slightly off topic, what is INQ2? I've never heard of it before.

Back on topic, I think if you are modelling a camo cloak you could give him the camouflage ability, as a sniper it fits reasonably well, but depending on how you paint the cloak it would only apply to that environment.
Title: Re: Character Idea
Post by: MarcoSkoll on June 03, 2010, 11:56:13 AM
At the moment, it plays very little role in the game, except for characters with the "Leader" ability.
However, if you forget that you recently amended a character sheet to include the ability, it doesn't do much for you either. I forgot through the entirety of the Sprinclave that Silva had the talent. D'oh!

In INQ2, it will become rather more pertinent...
And, of course, in the persuasion rules that got heavily used at the Sprinclave. There was one game I was in where the sum total of munitions fired was a single warning shot, and instead about twenty persuade/threaten attempts in the place of the gunfire.

Although, fortunately, all that boring chatter was made up for by two cyborgs having a chainsword duel under the wing of a Valkyrie. ;D
(Unfortunately though, the Valkyrie didn't start spiralling out of control across its landing pad, a la Raiders of the Lost Ark - despite the damage Skoll had done to it.)

Slightly off topic, what is INQ2? I've never heard of it before.
The "sequel" to Inquisitor which PrecinctOmega is developing - mostly in the interests of speedier, more fluid game play. Whether or not it becomes the official ruleset remains to be seen, but GW have apparently said "we'll look at it when you're done".
Title: Re: Character Idea
Post by: Shannow on June 03, 2010, 07:39:40 PM
Thanks for the advice PO and INQ2 sounds very interesting, as does the match Marco mentions. I'm looking forward to getting some models complete so I can begin gaming and getting the hand of the mechanics. Soon hopefully!!