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Title: Holo-projection unit
Post by: Shannow on July 08, 2010, 09:35:52 PM
Just a quick idea whilst musing over different abilities for a warband I'm thinking of I thought of the use of holograph in the 40K universe and how they seem to be very abundant.

What does everyone think of a refined holographic system that is portable in say a 3inch diameter disc which is half an inch thick and this can be used to project an image of the user directly upward. The idea being that a hidden marksman would shoot at it and give away his position?

Obviously lots of things affect this, for example anyone with a thermal imaging unit would see through it straight away and also I imagine in very light areas the image would be too thin to look real.

Anyway just thought it might be a nifty gadget for a character to have, especially if he/she is expecting trouble.

C&C welcome :)

Title: Re: Holo-projection unit
Post by: Kaled on July 08, 2010, 09:50:33 PM
Aren't there rules for a holo-projector in the Tau Water Caste article?
Title: Re: Holo-projection unit
Post by: MarcoSkoll on July 08, 2010, 10:22:08 PM
The Tau article does have such rules.

However, I would say the Imperium's holo-tech is not up to the job of making something look lifelike enough.
Think more like you get in Star Wars - the holograms R2 projects (i.e. "Help me Obi-Wan Kenobi"), the revolving hologram of the second Death Star, the Jedi meetings where some members attend by hologram. Faint, mostly monochromatic, and a bit glitchy. You can tell what it's supposed to be, but it's clearly not realistic.

The tech for the task you descirbe would be the conversion field. It should protect you, and it may well blind any sniper, delaying a return shot.
Title: Re: Holo-projection unit
Post by: Myriad on July 09, 2010, 01:05:52 AM
It's an interesting idea.  It isn't standard imperial kit though, and I always assumed it to be among the technologies that were mildly taboo within the imperium.  As Marco says, the tau could certainly do it, since from a technical viewpoint it isn't too difficult.

The practical use of a holographic image of yourself seems fraught with difficulties anyhow, unless you can control most of the variables in an encounter.  I've sometimes thought a better idea would be a hologram bigger than yourself that you could hide within, thus masking your exact location. 
Title: Re: Holo-projection unit
Post by: Shannow on July 09, 2010, 02:44:44 AM
I have not actually read that article (I am slowly working my way through them though), I will give it a quick visit at a more seemly hour of the day.

Though the conversion field does the job Marco as you rightly point out, I was more giving an example of use rather than a desired aim, though what you said has given me a few character ideas anyhoo...

I really like the idea myriad suggested, but I feel any further supposition of use should wait till I have read the Tau article.

Good night to you all