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Community News and Announcements / New Here - long time listener ...
Last post by Torg_OR - April 23, 2024, 03:20:41 AM
Hey all,
I wanted to try and break into this forum and say hi. I am a long time GW player - new to Inquisitor. I have had a couple figures (54mm) I picked up way back in a discount bin... always wanted to play - never got the chance. Over the Covid time I started re-reading the rules and collecting the minis. As I get older I suppose I have been trying to recapture some gamer magic. Long story short... I am running a demo for Inquisitor at a local "Old-Hammer" con here in the Portland, Oregon area in a couple weeks.
I ran through multiple sites over the past few months and collected "Data Transfer" from Dark Magenta as the demo I would run. I have had a couple simple run throughs - and things seem pretty straight forward to me ... but I know I have missed things I have not thought about.

I have painted 3 teams of 3 minis for the mission and I plan on squaring away with the character sheets this week. Fine tuning and trying to stick somewhat near the "conclave standard" ideals. I am hoping to create balanced teams ... but mostly this is to have some fun and try to get some folks interested in the game. If possible I plan to run future demos and possibly some sort of weekend campaign at future cons. - but I will wait to see how things pan out in a couple weeks first.

New to the game and running a game like Inquisitor. - I have been playing 40k since 1989... many other GW games as well as RPG's since Gamma World 1e, D&D... etc. (currently running Gamma World campaign as well). Anyhow, seems like this forum is a good place for me to start asking for help lol.

TRIBEmeet tickets are available @ I know that it says unsafe will speak to the admins at YakTribe

sign-up for the inquisitor campaign is live @
Inquisitor Game Discussion / Re: Question about mutations
Last post by MarcoSkoll - February 28, 2024, 06:41:29 PM
For the most part I wouldn't say it's that important to have specific rules for.

However, if you want to go about it, I'd be thinking of it primarily as a drawback.

Hooves wouldn't provide much of a meaningful advantage - it's not going to make you any faster really (the reason many hooved creatures are faster than humans is because they have four legs, not because of the hooves), and kicking damage is a fairly rare thing in game (if you're kicking someone, it mostly implies you have no other weapon, although it may come up more often in the Revised Edition rules) -  and most of what I can think of to apply would be penalties.

The main thing I'd add would be noisier footsteps. Slower climbing isn't something I'd do, as climbing is already slow in game, and making it any slower would be pretty tedious.
Inquisitor Game Discussion / Question about mutations
Last post by VoidDancer - February 24, 2024, 01:39:23 AM
I recently rediscovered Inquisitor after a very long time. (I was among the first in line at my local game store when it was first released)
I've since downloaded the currently available pdf collection.
I'm currently converting some of my converted Killteams into Inquisitor and have a question regarding the conversion of the enforcer for my Blooded Killteam.
My enforcer was converted with the lower body of an ancient beastman gor.
Do any of the available Inquisitor resources have rules for hooves as a mutation?
If there aren't any official rules, does anyone have any ideas for hooves in Inquisitor?
(I was considering a modification to movement and and damage when kicking, but making climbing things like ropes and ladders slower)
Inquisitor Game Discussion / Re: Rules questions, my 20 yea...
Last post by Desaad - February 05, 2024, 01:26:58 PM
Thanks so much for the reply, I am definitely going to be GMing it more to my own ideas and thoughts to make it flow

Thanks for the link to the standard I hadn't seen that one!!
Inquisitor Game Discussion / Re: Rules questions, my 20 yea...
Last post by MarcoSkoll - January 27, 2024, 01:54:52 AM
QuoteReally basic one but for some reason I remember rounding up after dividing by 20 so that 4.1 becomes speed 5 then add 1 for speed 6. Is that a thing or is my memory failing me?
You round to the closest whole number (rounding halves up).

So, normally it would be 30-49 is Speed 3, 50-69 is Speed 4, 70-89 is Speed 5. However, there's not actually any specific reason Initiative and Speed have to be completely linked (and indeed, injury usually changes that), so while it may be officially a derived stat, I sometimes assign them semi independently.

When I want a Speed 6 character, I will often make them Initiative 80 or so, allowing them to be fast but without giving them a completely god-like Initiative stat that's boring in game.

QuotePoints per location
Well - that's a can of worms. Inquisitor isn't a game that lends itself to points values, let alone such a simplistic system as the Ready Reckoner. Different options synergise in ways the Reckoner doesn't even consider, even if it valued all the parameters correctly in the first place (there's no way Leadership is as useful in most games as Ballistic Skill, for example).

The community has come to reject it, and even Gav Thorpe (who wrote it in the first place) says he wished he'd left it out in favour of other advice.

The best balancing method we know is players' good intentions. After all, what's the point in winning because you brought the most overpowered characters? It doesn't prove your skill, it's not fun for either side, why do it?
Admittedly, good intentions does rely to some extent on the players being familar with the feel of the system and the power of the abilities, but we wrote the Conclave Standard guide some time ago to help advise players regarding what we feel is the most enjoyable power level to keep the game at.

You don't need to get it exactly right every time. If a character is proving more or less powerful than they feel like they should be, it's perfectly valid to adjust their character sheet (and sometimes I've even done it mid game if I feel I've really screwed up).

QuoteFinally, any tips on GMing Cirian Legacy?
Honestly, with all of those Conspiracies books, read them through first and decide whether it's even worth it, and if it is, what to cut out.

It's been a while since I read through them, but my recollection is that plot lines are mostly written way more like a traditional RPG - like the game is the players against the GM, rather than actually being set up in ways that do a good job of remembering that Inquisitor is a game intended to bring the player parties into conflict.

Given that some of the scenarios are a straight railroading - "Oh yeah, we need one of the player characters captured, so just put his party into an unwinnable scenario so that happens" - it's not something I'd run exactly as is.

I think it's recoverable if you leave out some of the scenarios and rewrite others, but exactly what I'd do depends on which of its plots you're planning on running.
Inquisitor Game Discussion / Rules questions, my 20 year me...
Last post by Desaad - January 24, 2024, 10:41:04 PM
Hi all, starting our first campaign using Cirian Legacy and had a few questions that I can't remember based on the 20 years ago since I last played!

Speed calculation.

Really basic one but for some reason I remember rounding up after dividing by 20 so that 4.1 becomes speed 5 then add 1 for speed 6. Is that a thing or is my memory failing me?


Points per location equal to the armour value so flak in 3 places is 9 points. Is that correct? I think the example in the rulebook for slick Declan is wrong as it says flak in all locations except head which should be 3 x7 so 21 points but the book says only 14....
Unless you can choose to have flak AV 2?

Do inherent abilities cost points?

Do abilities have points scale similar to items?

Finally, any tips on GMing Cirian Legacy? We will be playing 28mm and modding to use cm instead.


Community News and Announcements / Re: YakTribe TAG 2024 (Tribeme...
Last post by MarcoSkoll - January 17, 2024, 10:00:54 PM
Ah yes, that's just because very few of the channels are fully open - they're restricted to users who've actually clicked on the "I agree to the rules" message to be given access.
It was me just being a numpty with it saying text(limited) with the # have a lock symbol on.
Community News and Announcements / Re: YakTribe TAG 2024 (Tribeme...
Last post by MarcoSkoll - January 16, 2024, 10:36:10 AM
Quote from: karandras_sh on January 14, 2024, 08:05:20 PMI was going to post it on the Discord as well but I am locked out of all the discussions atm even though I have posted before.
I don't understand quite why that would be? Your account seems to have the expected permissions. We're set up so that users need to have a registered e-mail on their account and also have a Discord account more than five minutes old (just as a generic protection against spam), but the latter shouldn't be an issue - is your email up to date?

Can you show me screenshots or video of what it looks like on your end?