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The Tome of the Eternal Spirit
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The tome of eternal spirit was formed when Inquisitor Lord Titianus Longinus decided that the knowledge he was tasked with destroying was worth using for himself. He formed the tome of eternal spirit with his brother also at the rank of inquisitor lord. His name was Ianuarius Lucretius and the information which they had stolen drove him mad, some think he was possessed and he killed his brother.
   Years later Inquisitor Jasfarf Tome stumbled across the tome of the eternal spirit. He pledged himself to the cause of never letting anyone read the book. He was the total opposite of the two curious brothers but kept the name of the tome of the eternal spirit as remembrance of Titianus the brother who was killed.
   Before any inquisitor (or recently acolyte) can pledge themselves to the tome they must first read the first page of the book before being taken on a mission with his peers in the tome. Despite facing daemons and other such alien heretics all of them maintain that the scariest, hardest, most painful part was reading the first page of the tome.
   Recently a possessed, mutated underhive worker was used by daemons to gain access to the book and read it. The daemon was captured and banished by the Archaic Grand Master Prince Inquisitor but somehow itís host escaped. The information that the man knows should not be known by anyone and Acolyte Havlan Tome has been tasked with bringing him to justice......

(i feel a campaign coming up)
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