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Re: Life of the Guard
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Captain Glaudio Tauren heard the scream of incoming artillery and roared "Take cover!!" to the rest of the Quelli Santificati and thier comrades of the 21st Savlar Chem Dogs Regiment. he could see the fear in the sunken eyes of the penal legionaires contrasing with the defience of the free chem dogs of the Santificati as they hugged the trench wall.

The grey  uniforms they wore were ragged and hung from the skelatal frames of the men, weeks of fighting with little in the way of supplies had left them weak and starved, even Giacomo, usually the most cheerfull and optimisic soldier under his command had grown quiet as the Captains contant pleas for reassignment had gone unanswered by the higher ups.

They knew that this was not what they were best at, they were infiltraitors, not just any unit to be squandered away in pointless wars of attrition Glaudio knew that Skozia and the others knew that and they were keen to escape the deadlock soon and take the fight to the enemy. It was this pride which kept the Santificati in the fight, however as the war had ground to a hald their penal legion comrades had begun to feel the fear and futility of the war.
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Re: Life of the Guard
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Fern along with his vox operator knelt in the open as the rest of the Reivers pulled back to a safe distance, Fern held map sheet in his left hand while the vox horn was tightly gripped in his right he read out his co-ordinates as his Vox operator a thin rake of a man named Merl Salt knelt beside him working the unit while he covered his sergeant.

"Roger that, area is clear of friendly units, commence bombardment."

He tapped Merl on the shoulder and the pair of them pulled helmets on ducking down as shells screamed in, the detonations were sharp and high pitched as the shells punched into the dirt, the secondary detonations were deafening as they tore up the ground as they were designed to, the first barrage landed short.

"Tighter bring them in tighter."

The second barrage was on target punching into the ground they tore the trench leading to the bunker apart opening the space around the bulkhead with dirt and debris, the bulk head itself buckled and blew inwards as the shockwave forced the bulkhead open.

"One more barrage."

A second barrage fell on the same spot tearing the opening wide enough for half a dozen men to step through, The Major was on his feet instantly.

"Assault teams move up and frag the bastard."

Teams of men rushed forward in pairs they broke from the trenches hurling frag grenades into the opening before firing their carbines into the hole as well, Elric turned on the flamer team waving them forward and stepped to the side as the team moved into position with a wash of flame they doused the hole then moved up with his own assault troops.

A they stepped inside and a few second passed before one of them stepped out waving his arm.

"We're in, Roose!"

The Noble born came to his side looking frustrated.

"Take three quarters the men, continue to secure this trench system with half send the others up the hill, I'll lead the rest inside."

"Very well."

Roose turned bellowing order to his Provosts who echoed the orders through the line as he looked to Skorn  tilting his head in a coming gesture.

He stepped out moving towards the hole men moved behind him as he stepped through the threshold the trench that was a ruined mess with half a dozen broken bodies lying around was a low tunnel with a slight incline he looked up into the darkness of the tunnel having blow the lighting at this end, one of his men came from the darkness.

"A defence chamber two hundred meters up, it's empty."

"Are they in retreat?"

"I don't think so sir, it's not even got any barricades."

"Show me."

Striding up the tunnel he stepped into the lit chamber looking round, where in an imperial defence the room would have had solid barricades with heavy weapons the room was bare cut from the rock of the hill the room was simply that an empty room with a set of stairs leading up and another tunnel leading off from the opposite wall.

"I've sent scouts with the Krieg men down the tunnel to check it, the stairs I've posted a pair on them just incase."

"Ok set up the vox see if we can find out what Gran was saying the bombardment ruined the signal."

He unfastened his tunic and pulled it off his shoulders, the garment was caked in filth and dirt, laying it on the ground he strode round the room.

"He says he's linked up with a group of Auzzian's he's lending support to them."

"Are we the largest dammed recon troop out here for Emperor's sake, we're being redeployed all over the place, very well he has permission to work with the Aussian forces for now."

He strode round the room leaning into the tunnel.

"Get me a rough report on our losses."
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Re: Life of the Guard
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“Tell those fecking idiots with the artillery not to drop them so close to our lines” Glaudio bellowed into the vox, all around him the Savlar were hauling themselves to their feet swearing at whoever it was that had called in the artillery so close to their lines.

Glaudio was still unsure who else was stationed in this section of the trenches but he accepted that as most other regiments had little respect or thrust for them it was unlikely that they would find out until after they had left. Sangue was unusually calm when he spoke to the Captain, his desire to kill normally ruled out any kind of sensible conversation but now he spoke with clear mind and Glaudio saw in his eyes what he wanted to do.

“Frag it” he thought, they’d been there way too long and the stress was beginning to get to him as he gave the order “let’s get this over with, for Humanity!!!” he roared as the scum, criminals and traitors of the Savlar 21st went over the top into the fires of war.
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Re: Life of the Guard
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The Major paced back and forth as his corpsemen reported the situation of the regiment to him he sighed as they finished.

"About a quarter, that is a big estimate."

"We're not sure, but that's our estimate sir."

He nodded as he turned looking at the man who'd just returned from the tunnels.


"Nothing, they are empty, the barrack halls have signs of life but they cleared out a long time ago."

He nodded and gestured to the stairs

"Lead a strike team up and see if there are signs of life up there."

He let the men gather and watched them go, his vox officer came up to him.

"Major, the heavy infantry are being sent in at dawn, orders are to secure the area and prepare to act as support for the main line assault."

"So my boys get killed so the heavy infantry get all the glory? To hell with that. Form up the troops we're taking this hill, and to damnation with the rest."

He gathered up his gear pulling his filthy tunic on he followed the men up the stairs, stopping behind the last of the men as they slid into the chamber at the top of the stairs he followed them looking at the barren room before striding through the command centre, signs showed of occupation but as Merc had said they'd cleared out.

"Ok find us a way out, dawn is in three hours I want to be linked up with the rest of our men ready for a full assault."

"Yes sir." 

The men moved through the empty command post searching for exits onto the hillside.


Roose struggled up the hill the Reivers moved around him like ghosts scrambling up the wet incline like a pack of rabid animals, he sneered at he watched them go on all fours the foulness of then made his blood boil and his bile rise.

"Keep the line you dogs!"

He bellowed as men moved forward scouting the terrain, his Provosts tightened their grips on their weapons as he urged them on, they'd taken no fire on their climb and this disturbed him the enemy forces were as devious and treacherous as the dammed Reivers, he half expected an attack any second now just like these bastards all round him were so skilled at, during the rebellions on his homeworld the Reivers has specialised in ambush attacks using their twin blades to butcher his kindred of old before fleeing back into their surroundings.

"Major-Captain, we must send out scouts, if the enemy are lying in wait we'll be cut down."

He snapped round looking at the man a filthy worm he didn't know the name of but he wore lieutenant stripes.

"Very well, you lead them."

The Lieutenant nodded and offered a quick salute before leading a body of men forward, he surveyed the land as he went sending out fire teams to check features of the landscape.


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Re: Life of the Guard
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Skorn emerged from the shattered remains of the bunker's entry chamber. The whole command post being so quiet was worrisome. The enemy had obviously retreated, or worse yet, redeployed elsewhere on the hill. It was funny, the bunker not being so different from an imperial one, aside from the substandard defenses. The bunkbeds, footlockers, filthy lavatories, empty ammo cases... He had been expecting something less mundane, like shrines, altars, torture racks, sacrificial chambers. But no. It almost made the enemy feel human. But only almost.

He sat down and exhaled. The rush of combat was subsiding and he welcomed the lull in action. He could really use a break. He produced a can of grox meat from his pack and pried it open with his bayonet. It tasted like crap, as always, but he gobbled it up in no time. He wiped his lips with a muddy sleeve, then realized his mouth was as dry as a Tallarn's boot, and reached for his canteen. Just as he was gulping down his first mouthful, he saw mortar team struggling up the hill torn apart in a hail of las-fire from behind.


He spat the water all over himself in shock as the ugly and malformed figure of a spider-like armored contraption emerged from the no-man's land, spitting laser beams in all directions. Following it, a force of thirty enemy soldiers rushed up the hill. Heavy weapons teams lagging behind the main force of infantry were on the receiving end of the hideous engine's fire and in danger of being run over by the rushing enemies. Skorn dropped the canteen and looked around. There wasn't much he could from this distance with the autogun, but at the same time, he remembered that the fallen Korps soldier a little distance back had a no.98. He left the autogun and it's ammo bandolier behind and ran. Slipping around in the muddy trench, he cussed, huffed and puffed as he sprinted to the corpse.

There it lay in the trench, along with the lasrifle. Skorn scooped the rifle up and turned back towards the downhill slope. Fire was streaking both ways now and the closest enemies were almost at a charging distance of the first heavy weapon teams. Skorn supported his gloved hand holding the foregrip of the lasgun on the trench lip and took aim at the figure closest to the friendly troops. It was another of those heavier armored enemies, waving a sword wildly and shooting an autogun on full auto with one hand. It must have looked terrifying up close, but from the distance, Skorn couldn't help but feel like the figure was a retard. How the frek could he hope to hit someone like that? Running, no support, onehanded, full auto? Just plain retarded, Skorn thought as he pulled the trigger.

He heard no sound, nor was there any recoil. The figure just kept running. Skorn cussed and ripped off the power pack and tossed it aside, then rummaged the corpse's bandolier for fresh packs. He grabbed two; one he slammed straight into the lasrifle, the other he laid on the trench lip for a reload.

The figure was just a step or two from a mortar as Skorn hastily laid the sights on its running form again. Skorn pulled the trigger. This time he saw a flash of light streak from the gun and boil the mud beside the figure's feet. Skorn cussed as it leaped for the mortar crew. There wasn't anything he could do for them anymore. Shooting into the melee, especially since his accuracy wasn't obviously that good anymore, was a recipe for fratricide. He took aim at the next charging figure. This time he tried to remember the marksmanship lessons from basic. Hold a good, steady form. Steady your breathing. Pull evenly on the trigger. Do not yank.

The lasrifle discharged again, this time with better results. Although he was aiming for center mass, Skorn hit the next runner in the legs. No matter, he thought as it collapsed into the mud. The trigger felt so different from the ones on Grustorp's autogun or his own heavy stubber that it was causing him to miss low and slightly to the side.

He took a deep breath and shifted his aim to the next figure, realizing that it didn't make a whole lot of difference how many enemies he shot if someone didn't take out the six-limbed engine hosing the hillside with laserfire.

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Re: Life of the Guard
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A Trio of rockets smacked into the rear of the tank blowing a pair of it's legs off at at joint the tank floundered trying to twist round to engage the new attackers, the vapour trails of the rockets twisted away from the trenches below but Skorn couldn't see the firers, but las bolts came out of nowhere cutting into the backs of the enemy soldiers, they turned in confusion as the cross fire cut them down, three more rockets streaked from the darkness silencing the tank in a bright blossom of light in the flash Skorn picked out the dark shapes moving through no-mans land, and up the hill.


Roose crested the hill behind the main body of the force looking around in confusion at the empty earthworks, he lowered his bolt pistol to his side looking round as the men strode into the upper levels of the command bunker, he spied the Major moving round greeting the men as they linked up their forces he strode across to the senior officer.

"Where the hell are the enemy?"

"They've pulled back, abandoned their forward positions save for a few pockets of resistance."

"But why?"

"My guess is they have something planned, a major bombardment, or a pre planned counter attack not sure."

He looked out over the trench network below as the dawning sun broke the darkness where he could see the advancing lines of the Imperial guard armies.

"Makes you proud lads, seeing the might of the Imperium ranged against the enemies of man."

He watched as armoured blocks of Tanks moved alongside heavy infantry and storm trooper divisions, his Vox officer came up to his side.


"Orders from command are to regroup and hold the hill, the enemy have be shattered in the centre and the Lord General is sending the main bulk of the force against them to break them."

He sighed striding across the command post to look out at the enemy lines.

"So we just sit and wait, send out a general vox to all recon troops in the field to regroup with us to await further orders when the Lord General sees fit to make use of us."
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Re: Life of the Guard
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Disciple Enoch Carin knelt before a star of chaos his head bowed low a face mask of silver and gold lay by his right knee the smooth edge blemished with a long scar running down the left side matching the real scar upon his face, a bold scar of angry red in a sea of smaller white scars that were his marks of dedication, the long scar had been a gift from an imperial officer the power sword which had caused it now lay upon a table behind him taken from the corpse of the man who’d ruined his face. Behind him stood a emancipated psyker hands held open a quiet chant escaping his lips as a visage shimmered before him, his awareness was split while he felt the physical world about his body but his mind was aware of a dark chamber in which a psychic projection of his body knelt before the imposing figure of Magister Mavet stood eight other figures kneeling about him, he did not need to look down to see the point of the star upon the floor at which he knelt. Mavet was shrouded in shadows but the figure of the magister was tall and lean, the edges of his armour a dark silhouette around his frame, the illusion of hair flowed round his shoulders as his head d turned regarding Carin who wore a long coat of crimson falling about his body, bright red armoured plates shaped to the contours of his body and a tasset of armour plates hung down between his legs. When the Magister spoke his voice was a hissed whisper as if coming from a great distance.

“What is your report Enoch?”

He allowed himself a smile the Magister spoke to him by name and he allowed his head to lift slightly so he could bask in his master’s presence.

“The army has withdrawn as per the design. They have broken into three divisions and they await my orders to begin the counter attack.”

Mavet nodded the smoke that was his hair spilled about his shoulders cascading over his chest as he turned regarding others within the chamber, the spider Elestair in tight leather robes of black over his wraith thin body, a pair of mechandrites stretched over his shoulders like spiders legs ending in surgical blades and manipulators, another two hung under his arms waiting for their masters will to bring them to life, his head was encased in a smooth unblemished helm a plate fitted to it to form a cover over the eyes was decorate with a collection of glowing red lenses, when it spoke the voice was a smooth digital rasp.

“We scour the field as we speak lord, the battle is providing us with a viable yield.”

“How long?”

“Once we have the yield, it will take a matter of hours to reforge them, after that it is up to the host, the times vary.”

“More accuracy.”

“The first of them should be ready by dusk, we’ll be able to unleash them on the Imperials during the night.”

He roused thinking quickly.

“I can make use of them, if they are deployed to my command bunker before dusk I can release them.”

“Good, now go and show these imperial dogs what it means to fight us.”

He pushed himself from his knees collecting his mask as he stepped back the psyker already moved out of his way, he turned sliding the mask back into place looking at the four massive figures standing silently, naked save for a lion cloth of hide and chain, and a pair of crimson greaves they stood waiting their faces hidden behind iron helms of ancient gladiators, in their hands was a blade as long as their body chained to their right arm they brought the weapons up in salute as he moved towards them. His personal Life Wards he had several hundred of them under his command yet these five were the best he regarded them slowly before stepping past them.

“Kill the psyker, he has seen the visage of our master.”

One of the life wards twisted full circle his blade flashing out sending the psykers head tumbling across the room.

“Come, there will be more killing come the dawn.”

He led the life guard out into the dawning day, surrounding his command bunker was the main force of the army the converts in their rags and robes clutching weapons as they hid behind the trench walls behind them still were thousands of his Oath Sworn Warriors two more forces of equal size stationed off to the east and the west hidden in secret bunkers they lay in wait ready for the counter attack.

"Ready the stalk tanks! All forces prepare to repel the enemy!"

He took a pre offered weapon from one of his life guards, a long power sword the imperial iconography taken from the weapon he looked over the blade remembering the once proud owner who'd scared his face. Taking up a collection of blades and finally he took up a pair a long barrelled las pistols.

"To War!"
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Re: Life of the Guard
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The Savlar sprinted hell for leather across the no mans land between the two trench systems, two hundred thoroughly pissed off legionaries ran towards the enemy, snarls of hatred and frustration on their lips, shells exploded around them as they ran.

An autocannon opened fire on them and a gap was torn in their ranks but they kept running, men fell left and fight as they came within las range but Glaudio urged them on with a savage roar of fury and desperation. When they reached the enemy trenches they numbered barely fifty but they dropped down into the enemy trenches with the fires of vengeance burning in their hearts, miraculously the Santificati had made it without taking a casualty.

Sangue was first in, dropping down into the muddy water of the trench floor and began hacking wildly, a chainsword in one hand a serrated blade in the other.
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Re: Life of the Guard
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Varth carefully directed the UV lamp at the slowly dripping goo. After a few seconds, he switched off the lamp, and the armor resin had solidified to a hardness on par with the ballistic armor of the Semper Fidelis itself. Of course, armor resin was no permanent solution, and was not as effective as a complete replacement of the sheet of ceramite and plasteel. Eventually, it would degrade and need to be replaced, but for these quick-fix jobs, a little armor resin went a long way. Varth leaned back against the reassuring mass of Semper, relaxing as he watched the organized chaos of the tank facility twenty kilometers behind the lines.

After getting that frakhead artillery officer to stop the bombardment, Varth had helped defend the captured hill until late in the night, about 0300. He had warded off attacks by two stalk tanks, only one of which was actually armed with a battle cannon. Finally, they were relieved by a platoon of tankers of the Hauberkan.

They had sustained two near-misses, a glancing shot, and a hit to the frontal armor that almost decapitated Varth’s driver. Corporal Tabris was a little farther over, painting two blood-red stalk-tanks on the chassis.

Farther along, Lieutenant Theron and his driver, Brosca, reported for duty to the CO of 1st Company, Captain Andras. Andras’s face was grim as Theron and Brosca came to attention and saluted smartly. 

“At ease.” the Captain said. He sighed. “A shame that you lost Death, Lieutenant.”

“I made as good an account of myself as I could sir.” Theron said, leaping to defend his actions.

“Still, the orders were for a controlled advance, laying down cover fire for the Krieg.” Andras admonished. “What you did was charge forward in a blaze of glory, and got what you deserved from it.”

Andras looked pointedly at Brosca, but the driver merely looked ahead. Andras, sensing he would make no headway, gave up and sighed.

“The point is, Lieutenant, we have no replacement for Death. You have no spot in the regiment at the minute.” Andras explained. “Frankly, I’m amazed your crew made it out.”

Theron nodded.

“I had help sir. Gunny Varth doing much more than just covering my ass. By what I saw, from inside Death and on the ground, he eliminated almost all the heavy emplacement’s on that ridge sir. Without him, we probably wouldn’t have taken the hill.” 

The Captain tilted his head slightly, considering Theron’s words. He’d had reports of Varth’s courage under fire, but not this way. From Theron’s point of view, Varth saved the day.

“Well, your only real option at this point is to join the utility section.”

Brosca shuddered. Manual labor wasn’t offensive to him, but digging artillery trenches and loading bomb crates did not sound like doing the Emperor’s work to him.

“What about the Infantry?” Theron requested. Andras’s grimace disappeared, and he took a slight step backward.

“If you want to join the psycho brigade, go ahead!” he replied, making a shooing motion with his hands. “Just don’t take it up with me, go get the commander of those frakking grox-fethers.”

With that, the Captain left, a slight bemused smile at his lips. Who in their right mind volunteered to join the Mechanized Infantry?
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Re: Life of the Guard
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He turned to one of his senior officers as he started a report.

"General Carin the Imperials have engaged out false line."

He nodded.

"Prime the dug outs to blow and unleashed the stalk tanks on them."

Across the line a series of sharp explosions sounded as hidden dug outs were exposed dozens of stalk tanks striding from the dust heavy auto weapons strafing the Imperial forward lines cutting down hundreds of imperial guard, the sudden counter attack caused the advance to falter and stall as ground charges erupted throwing more soldiers into the air.

"Now we show these Imperial bastards who we truly fight." 

He strode forward taking a heavy chain axe from another of his warriors he stepped up onto the lip of the trench and looked at the line of the guard before him.


He launched himself forward covering the distance as his bodyguard swarmed round him they struck first twisting into the enemy their blades flashing cleaving off limbs and heads as they span and twisted, he charged in chain axe roaring as he joined the slaughter with relish.

The armoured elite stormed forward and within a few minutes the Imperial advance had stopped dead as the enemy pushed back, in the chaos of battle the front lines of the guard turned to flee retreating into the advancing lines of the main force, pockets of resistance held along the line as they dug in a stood their ground against the odds, ancient patterns of tanks roared over the trenches their heavy guns adding their weight to the attack and the onslaught.

Blood and gore dripping from the axe Carin directed his troops with a deftness born from years of warfare, unlike the cowardly Imperial Officers he led from the front weapons in hand slaughtering his masters enemies in their name.

"Send the signal to the other two fronts, lets crush them now and be done with this."
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Re: Life of the Guard
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Jitendra stood atop a hill the locals called The Brae but which had been designated Hill 55417 by the Imperials. Three hundred yards above the plain he had a commanding view of the distant battlefield. The distant Hill 29188 was a pimple on the pockmarked land, hazily silhouetted against a dirty, turgid sky of grey and orange bruises that boiled with growing menace. On Hill 29188 jagged beams of orange light could just be seen, evidence of yet another raging battle for the insignificant landmark. Up on the Brae the air was still and calm but Jitendra knew he was watching men die. With a sniff he turned away.

The Thraex warrior had little interest in the deaths of others. In his long lifetime he had seen much killing and even if his geno breeding didn’t already mean he had little capacity to care for such things then time itself would have eroded his affect long since.

Dropping to the ground he pulled his breechclout from under his backside and shrugged the thick cloth of his cloak up around his neck. Once he would have laughed off even the most crippling cold, unperturbed by conditions that would have easily broken ordinary men but these days the chill seemed to seep into his old bones. Although he was incapable of admitting such a thing, age had wearied this old warrior. In his own way he welcomed the discomforts of old age, suffering was the only currency a true warrior valued and his ability to endure pain was something he relished imbuing him with a certain sense of superiority over lesser mortals.

A bad cramp in his shoulder made him twitch and sigh involuntarily but scooped up his massive Surdeka battle helm in one hand, feeling the reassuring weight of it and his various aches and pains vanished. This was the battle web, similar to the sensorium used in other advanced armours that joined his awareness to those of his tonare, the typical three man unit utilised by the Thraex.

The battle web was able to connect each warrior, each tonarius, at an instinctual level. Sharing auto-senses between each tonarius and using the advanced systems of the Surdeka helm effectively created a gestalt consciousness with linked systems that selected targets not for each individual but for the unit as a whole. It was a system that only the geno-troops of the Thraex could effectively utilise and even then, usually only in a trio. It was a fluid, graceful method of waging war, each Tonarius just knew where and when to shoot, combing their force of arms in a precisely calculated way that ordinary soldiers could never achieve.

Re-linked to the battle web there was no need to issue commands or to discuss orders and the three Thraex warriors stood as one, dousing the embers of their tiny camp fire with soil, collecting their weapons and then heading toward the Imperial lines with long, loping strides that quickly ate up the miles.
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Re: Life of the Guard
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Major Hedrix Varnensee, or Major Hex as his soldiers "affectionally" called him, listened to the vox. The maelstrom of battle was all around him, but he listened calmly. He huddled behind the burning carcass of his command Chimera as rounds pinged off its hull and laser beams streaked by.

'Ja, herr General.'

A cannon round exploded on the other side of the hull. Mud and dirt rained everywhere. Shrapnel ricocheted off the destroyed Chimera.

'Mmhmm. Ja.'

A long burst of stubber fire went by above their heads.

'Danke, herr General.'

The major handed the handset back to his vox-operator and looked around. His current 2ic, Hauptmann Friedrichsen, was on the vox, getting a sitrep from second company commander, Oberleutnant Jemer. He looked grim, but then again, he always looked grim no matter the situation. Friedrichsen said something to the vox, then put the handset away and turned to the major.


'Two holds a defensive line but is under intense enemy attack. Casualties are around 25 percent at the moment. His heavy weapons teams have destroyed two enemy tanks with help from our own armor.'

Major Varnensee nodded. First company was pinned down and fighting for their lives against the enemy onslaught. They'd lost the remains of the Panzergrenadier company in the trapped trenches and the subsequent ambush. Things weren't going to hell in a handbasket, they were going to hell in an express elevator.

'What about von Raeder,' Friedrichsen yelled over the din of battle.

'I requested artillery, air and Space Marine support, but he didn't promise anything.'

'What about the fighting withdrawal to the Earthworks?'

'Says that us pulling out would open up the Carthaxians' flank to the enemy. We need to hold here until told otherwise.'

'So we'll die here, then?'

The major just shrugged. It sure looked like it.

'As good a place as any.'

He vox-operator raised the handset to his ear, listened for a while and then offered the handset to the major.

'Sir, Oberleutnant Jemer, sir!'

Varnensee grabbed the handset and lifted it up to his ear. He listened as Jemer explained the situation, every now and then interrupted by the sounds of explosions or small-arms fire. Varnensee nodded a few times, then told Jemer not to worry. He handed the handset back to the operator.

'I need to deploy the tactical reserve,' He yelled at Friedrichsen, 'Where the hell are they?'

'Behind that Chimera wreck and in those two craters,' Friedrichsen answered, pointing about thirty meters backwards.

Varnensee looked at the handful of troops. He almost cussed. They were a sorry bunch, less than twenty men, the survivors of Hill 29188. Six Panzergrenadiers, a few infantrymen plus four heavy weapons teams. He felt like rubbing his respirator's lenses, hoping that when he looked again, there'd be more of them. Of course, there was no such luck. The major grabbed his plasmagun and sprang over the open ground, scrambling on all fours until he dived headfirst into one of the craters. A heavy bolter was blasting over the crater rim at shapes in the distance.

The men in the crater looked at him, their expressions hidden behind their respirator masks. One of them offered hand and helped him to his knees. The major looked around, but couldn't find anyone above the rank of Obergefreiter. They were a bloodied, battered bunch. The major realized that they probably hadn't slept all night, first taking Hill 29188, then being redeployed as the battalion reserve. Such was life on the battlefield.

'You there!'

The nametag on the trenchcoat read "Skorn". The man didn't regard him in the slightest, seemingly being more interested in aiming a Panzergrenadier Haenel pattern type 44 autorifle into the distance. The major grabbed him by the shoulder and spun him around. The man looked at him blankly.

'Skorn can't hear you! He's deaf,' one of the other soldiers yelled at him.

For the Emperor's sake! His tactical reserve was down to less than twenty men, with no officers, hardly even NCOs, and even the NCOs were incapable of leading. Varnensee slapped himself in the respirator mask, close to despair. He took a deep breath.

'Sir, I'm the senior Gefreiter present,' one of the soldiers, one with a nametag that read "Weiser", yelled. Good grief, the major thought. His tactical reserve was led by a private. Emperor have mercy.

The major took a deep breath, then looked at the soldier.

'Weiser. An enemy armor has breached the second company line,' He pointed in the direction of the second company's positions, 'And driven into our rear.' 'You,' He paused, looking around at the gathered men, 'Will destroy the enemy armor assets in our rear and seal the breach before enemy infantry can exploit it. Questions?'

'Sir, our only anti-tank weapon is that autocannon,' The soldier yelled, pointing at the autocannon perched at the lip of the other crater. 'Against any heavy armor, it's a suicide mission.'

Major Varnensee looked at him squarely.

'Son, either you knock out that tank, or it's gonna have a field day blasting the second company in the back while enemy infantry pour through the gap in the line. Which is it, you tell me.'

The soldier looked around for a second, looking for support. The men beside them looked away, a few at the ground, others pretending to be on look-out for the enemy, still a few more gazing blatantly at the sky. The soldier sighed and shrugged, his shoulders slumping.

'We'll do it, sir.'

The major laid a hand on his shoulder and smiled.

'Remember Jurten.'

The major watched them gather their things and set off, sprinting, diving, crawling through the mud and the fire. One of them fell, but the others pressed on, dragging their autocannon, flamer, heavy stubbers and heavy bolter behind them. He guessed that they wouldn't succeed, but he smiled anyway. They were good men, these soldiers. Of course, it hardly mattered. In his mind, they were all already dead. It was just a matter of how many of the enemy they could take with them.

He sighed, then turned around and half sprinted, half crawled back to the Chimera where the rest of his command squad were covering.

'Oberfeldwebel Gustaf reports that the enemy have breached the first company line. Josten has fallen.'

The major nodded and clutched his plasmagun tightly.

'Then arm yourselves, gentlemen. The enemy is soon upon us.'
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Re: Life of the Guard
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"viss and spit!"

The Major paced back and forth his anger rising with each passing minute from their vantage on Hill 29188 they could see the battle unfolding the Imperials looked to be taking a heavy pounding, he didn't like it at all his men fighting fit and being confined to sitting on their arses while their brothers and cousins died below.

"To hell with this."

He turned from the scene below.

"Reivers form up!"

Roose was at his side immediately

"What are you doing.....sir?"

He watched as his men formed up into neat  groups the full regiment (what was left of them) turning to regard their commanding officer in confusion, The Lieutenants made their way towards him as them checked their sections, he spotted Jed and Kais with them giving them a quick nod while Roose repeated himself.

"We have orders Major, we are to hold this hill and await reinforcement."

Snow turned on Roose and smiled.

"And we will but the deployment of near two thousand men to hold this hovel is an unnecessary waste of resources, wouldn't you agree Commissar Gracus?"

Gracus nodded his voice loud and clear.

"A Shameful waste of resources."

"Lieutenant Kais, how many men would you need to hold this hill?"

"Two hundred sir, a good mix of heavy weapons under the command of a senior officer and command staff."

Kais played his part perfectly there were only two senior officers within the regiment the Major and Roose.

"Major-Captain Roose, I'm leaving you in command of this post with D Section and the wounded that gives you three hundred men, defend and hold this position until reinforcement arrives."

Roose snapped to attention.

"I'll lead the rest of the men down the hill lend our aid to who ever we can, that way we can fulfil our orders and hopefully make a difference."

Roose sighed and nodded

"Right the lads, A, B, C and E sections with me we're going into the fire, D Section Major - Captain Roose is in command hold this position until you are relieved."

The regiment snapped to attention and started to break the majority flooding forward mounting the earthworks Major Snow took Roose to one side.

"You understand the situation here right? If things go bad I broke orders led the majority of my men away from our post, you remained with the loyal few to hold it as best you could."

Roose looked at him stunned that a low born would think about his families name in such a manner.

"But don't worry it's not going to come to that."

He slapped Roose hard and went over the earthworks leading the men down the hill into battle once again, they moved in a solid line heading down.


Groups of men rushed forward as the rest slowed, marksmen joined them moving forward they crouched aimed them moved again as they close the gap the first to fire was moving again before the retort of his weapon echoed back to them then others joined in with the long range shooting snipers picking their targets with care, Snow continued a steady pace watching as his men plied their trade with expert skill.

"Rocket troops move forward see if you can't silence some of those dammed walkers."

The heavy weapons teams moved forward mimicking the snipers but they stayed in squad groups moving as bodies of men they set to hunting the stalk tanks.

"Be ready boys."

He brought his las carbine up to his shoulder and moved forward like a hunter
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Re: Life of the Guard
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Gunner Marrhew lay back next to the top hatch, let his legs dangle over the side, and looked up into the morning sky. Heavy, threatening cloud blowing in from the front promised a miserable day, but for the moment, the sun was still managing to break through. It struck _ that, when looking at the sky, he could almost imagine himself back on Pataria. It seemed odd to him that on an alien planet, the sun and sky looked just about the same. He’d expected Fedras’ Shield to be different in every way, but since the 7th Patarene Artillery had made planetfall, he’d eaten the same rations, seen no extraordinary-looking people and heard only a little oddly-accented Gothic. The time aboard the astounding star-vessel that had brought them to this planet had been more exciting. But, he supposed, they had been hurried quickly towards the lines, and now ‘C’ Battery was headed further forward. Perhaps he would have a chance to meet some other regiment soon. He smiled and closed his eyes. Along with the scent of recaf and lho-smoke, snatches of conversation drifted up to him from below.

 “Why are they sending us?” asked Gunner Luther, with a slight whine in his voice, “It’s not that the Colonel’s angry, or anything?”

“We stopped shooting the moment we found out” said Gunner Wright. His voice held a tinge of amusement.
“I don’t think we actually hit them, you know” said Bombardier Vern

“Huh, infantry, right?” Gunner Wright thrust out his lower jaw and grunted, while tapping his skull, “First they say shoot, and then they moan about it”

“I heard it was a scrambled vox-line. They got through to ‘B’ Battery first, and it took them a while to work out it wasn’t their sector” said Marrhew, as he swung himself around to join in the discussion

“Still, no reason to call me what he did” said Vern

The conversation ended abruptly at the sound of an engine. A motorcycle was approaching from the head of the column. It was carrying another Patarene Guardsman, and stopped alongside the group.

“What are you lot doing? Get back inside!” The rider shouted

“Why? We’re not going anywhere” Gunner Wright shouted back

“Shut up,” the rider pointed a thick finger at Wright’s mug, “and drink that. We might be moving any minute”

An elbow jab from Luther stopped Wright replying, and the motorcycle roared off along the column, leaving the Guardsmen as they climbed back into the rear of their Basilisk.

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Re: Life of the Guard
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The battle was going badly even the Major could tell this as the Reivers moved forward broken men coming through their ranks in flight from the battle, he moved forward increasing his pace bringing his men up to a line as they moved into engage the enemy a single line stopped and brought their weapons up to their shoulders watching as the guard before them faltered and broke as the enemy smashed through them, the guardsmen Caladon's by the look of them broke ran turned and fled he stood his ground his voice blasting through an open vox link and bellowing out.


The Caladon's fleeing faltered some dropped other stood dumb dragged down to their deaths by their pursuers the Major looked on at the enemy big men armed with massive two handed cleavers intermixed with heavily armoured storm troopers.


As a single mass the Reivers opened fire their las bolts tearing the first lines of the enemy from their feet, he reflected that some of the Caladon would have been caught in the cross fire but he'd have to square with that at a later date.


A Second volley fired and still more fell snipers fired at will targeting officers pulling them down and robbing the enemy of their leadership, Rockets flew from the ranks and from pockets of roaming troopers seeking out heavy weapons teams and armour the krak payloads blowing chunks into the enemies lines.


A third volley and still more died and then he took a step forward.

"Select your targets and fire at will!"

He checked his aim and fired cutting down half a dozen enemy, one of the big men rushed at him las shots sinking into his flesh his big sword came singing through the air for his head his bionic took the blow the outer armour plates buckling as he drew one of his long blades slashing it across the bastards gut opening up a six inch line which pored blood down the brutes front, he still came at him swinging the long blade but slower now as his lift blood pumped from him, the Major stepped back ducking under the blade he fired point blank into the armoured face of the brute dropping him like a stone, a quick look round and he saw dozens more of his men engaged in closed combat the lasguns gone in favour of their twin blades he watched as they ducked under swords and crude weapons slashing all the while with their short blades, more still stood their ground firing into the masses as battle was joined fully he fired at a cultist rushing him and continued to fire into a traitor storm troopers punching a pair of bolts into an eye socket before dropping his empty gun and drawing his other blade the edge igniting as the power field came to life.


He half slashed the head from another enemy as he turned to one of his men behind him as he gestured behind their lines, he nodded dropping back from the front as men stepped in around him he watched as Salamander and Centaur assault tanks rocked over the horizon followed by Chimeras and Leman Russ Battle tanks which proceeded to pour heavy fire into the enemy lines he watched as the battle tanks came forward exposing artillery moving up behind them.

"Who are they?"

"7th Patarene Artillery sir."

He ducked his head as the heavy weapons fired raining fire down into the enemy at suck close range the impacts were devastating.

"Well at least they can hit something right at this range."
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