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Engineer warband


Thought I might have a go at Witch Hunter, so here's my warband:

Engineer Erik von Straughtion
Born, raised, and educated in Nuln, Erik would have graduated from the Engineers School if it wasn’t for two things. His complete lack of respect for anyone, and his love of violent explosions. These both caused him to be expelled, from the School, and through the roof in a one case. For a while he wandered the Empire, doing odd jobs and creating machines for small towns. It was in the town of Swroutstein that he met the ogre Bert. After the two got chucked out after a night of revelling and boozing, they decided to travel together, Erik needing a bodyguard, and Bert liking the explosions that usually followed Erik.

Equipment: Repeater handgun with two reloads; knife; heavy cloth on all locations except
                     head (AV 1)
Special Abilities: Short-sighted; Weapon mastery: repeater handgun; True Grit
WS  BS S   T    I  Wp  Sg  Nv  Ld  Speed
 45   70 47 50  47  57   70  53   20      3

Berts rules will be coming soon, and I have a WIP Erik on my painting table.

Now, gotta find someone to play it with me...

Radu Lykan:
am also considering getting a warband together for witch hunter :)
are you going to stick with just the two characters? i figure an ogre and a high bs repeater handgun restrict the addition of more characters due to their power?
also would a grenade/smoke bomb type thing be appropriate additional equipment for erik?

for anyone else who plays witch hunter, how much do mounts complicate games and do they overly affect game balance?


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