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so, i'm running an Inquisitor Campaign for my Local Games Club, and thought i'd share what i've got.

Introduction Handout
it isn't pretty, but i'm not great at that kind of thing! :)

For this campaign, each player (four players) is going to have a single character, each assigned to investigate the problems at the Mechanicus Research Station on Lachesis IV.
Having a lower count of Player Characters should allow games to run faster than full warbands and, with our groups approach to many things, a slew of NPCs to cleave through should ensure they have fun :)

so, feedback is always welcome :) these will be going up a week before the players get them so i've got time to adjust things :)
thanks for reading!

so, i've let this one settle somewhat due to lack of local interest  :'( But i'll keep writing the campaign, just because :D

Here are the player handouts (more plot hooks are welcomed!)
The players are encouraged to keep these secret but by all means tell the other players them or make their own up and so on :)

some sample character archtypes for your players (you can assign character types or alter the objectives to fit)

Neutral: Inquisitor, Adeptus Mechanicus, Imperial Guard Veteran
Chaotic: Inquisitor (Thorian or Horusian), Dark Mechanicus, Traitor Forces (Chaos affiliated)
Lawful: Puritan Inquisitor, Mechanicus, Adeptus Arbite, Adeptus Astartes
Evil: Inquisitor, Adeptus Mechanicus, Rogue Trader, Traitor Forces (Chaos / Xenos infected / affiliated)

At this point, it maybe good to have a free-form IC RP session just to introduce the characters to each other.
This lets them get to know the other party members and as GM allow you to make notes on the characters and playstyles.

I recommend having this as the tail-end of the character generation session or a separate game; this may take longer than expected!

With objectives assigned, Characters generated and setting introduced it's time to get into the game!

Act One: Planetfall
Act One: GMs' Notes -Not For Players!

This is a simple scenario to get people into the Inquisitor system; having landed on the planet, they have a trek to the bunker entrance.
It will get players used to actions, sample tests and a little bit of light combat to keep the pace moving!

All those views and not one reply? Excellent stuff Gav, resources like this - especially ones geared at getting new players going - should be encouraged at every opportunity; and I think you under estimate your production values, those handouts look far more professional than some of mine...

cheers  8)
with all the page views and no comments i thought it must have been that bad no-one wanted to comment :lol:

scenario 2 is being worked on (Handout is done - GM Sheet is WIP) for some point this week :)

so, a bit late, but:

Act Two: Deeper Underground
Act Two: GMs' Notes - Still not for players!

I've planned this campaign around the Space hulk Board Sections; any version will do, but the new one is more suited to Inquisitors' 40mm bases.
Of Course, the plan for this campaign was Inq28mm so for us it wouldn't have been an issue  ::)

for some reason, the Doc-to-pdf site chopped off the header bars so for that, i apologise  :-[


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