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Re: Flying High
« Reply #30 on: November 23, 2010, 07:22:41 PM »
The rules worked rather well. The scenario was a trade taking place on the high rooftops of the Hive World, Perithan IV. The vehicles weren't valkyries, they were light tactical transports. The only weapon they were armed with was a side mounted autogun. Inquisitor Lycanson and his warband got in their transport, with a reckless pilot, and flew over to meet the Quelli Santificati. Once the trade was done, the Inquisitor set off again to head back with the artefact. But the artefact was actually a bomb, placed by the man who organised the trade. It exploded, stunning everyone inside and cutting all power to the transport. They and the ship plummeted down, scraping down the side of a large skyscraper.

I think, to use aircraft in Inquisitor they need to be civilian vehicles. I may not use them again, it depends. Maybe if ever I want to bring in an Arbites force to quell the fighting I might bring in some more heavily armed aircraft...
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Re: Flying High
« Reply #31 on: November 24, 2010, 07:54:16 AM »
On the topic of parachutes I recently had a scenario featuring several characters using grav-chutes to secure a landing pad for the transport carrying the rest of their warbands.

These are the rules I used:
Select a time to pull the "rip cord"; early, mid or late and a location to aim for. Each turn a character is from landing on the table counts as being 15 yards away from his landing point (eg. a character who is 2 turns away from landing is 30 yards above the surface).
Early: takes 2 turns to drift to the surface, scatters 2D10 yards from his target location
Mid: Takes 1 turn to drift to the surface, scatter 2D6 yards
Late: Lands that turn, takes actions as normal, scatters 2D3 yards, takes D6 damage to each leg.

A character must pass a I test or they pull their cord late and move one 'step' down the sequence (late turns to mid, mid to early. Early is the latest you can activate the chute, otherwise the safety systems cut in and automatically trigger the chute (at the early level).

So those are the rules I used.