Author Topic: The Twin Arches: Alice Janeroh's Account  (Read 2590 times)

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The Twin Arches: Alice Janeroh's Account
« on: December 08, 2012, 09:21:42 AM »
Inquisitor Alice Janeroh advanced slowly and cautiously.
The Guard PDF Sergeant Maneld had been trading out of a small isolated holestead.
She paused on top of a hillock with her hunting party; an Eldar Exodite by name of Khisanith, young and headstrong, her skills with a Long Rifle were impressive to say the least.
Janeroh was less sure about her bodyguard, a Fire Warrior Veteran by name of Montyr Kais.

She glanced through her binox at the Holestead, spotting Acula on a worn sign. No doubt the owner was in on the trade and possibly the source of the Xenos Artefacts Maneld had made a small fortune from.

The team manoeuvred closer to the large silo on the outskirts of the holestead, Khisanith scanning the area while crouched behind the silos plastcrete base.
All three of them spotted the man in the grey PDF uniform approaching. Janeroh tapped the Eldar on the shoulder twice and nodded.

Janeroh held up her Rosette toward the trooper and waved him toward the holestead before she began evading the opposite side of the tower.
Khisanith, with the startling grace and agility of an Eldar took a slight run up and bounded gracefully up the structure, a series of gentle swings and leaps leaving her at the top platform.

From her vantage point she could see an Inquisitor clad in gold and red ordering blue-uniformed PDF troopers.
Her interest ceased there as the Sergeant strode into view barking commands at the Inquisitor and his troopers.

Meanwhile Janeroh and Kais advanced cautiously, watching the Inquisitors red-robed savant produce a flickering holo packed with Inquisitorial Ident marks.

As Khisanith took careful aim, a heavy armed man wandered up to the Sergeant.
He was nonplussed and began to storm toward the Inquisitor.
Her headstrong nature emerged and Khisanith carefully put a round through the Sergeant's knee, dropping him screaming to the floor

As his screams intermingled with angry shouts from the courtyard, the heavy weapon team on the roof opposite began mobilising, panic overriding their training.
Khisanith whipped her rifle around and the loader took a round meant for the gunner to the chest, dropping him to the floor in a gush of blood

As the PDF troopers fired blindly at her position, a stray round clipped Khisanith's side, hurling her back into cover.
Jeneroh drew her autopistol and sprinted into the cover offered by a barn.
Kais followed her lead, his pulse carbine shots impacting with the closest trooper and smashed the human to the floor

As the Inquisitor and her Xenos bodyguard braced against the barn firepower erupted from the grey-uniformed man, impacting on the tau. Most of it ricocheted off his armour, Jeneroh grabbed his shoulder shouting in broken Tau "Come. Leave now."
They would circle around and while they would lose the Sergeant they would be able to get to the Doctor and the source of the Xenos artefacts...
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Re: The Twin Arches: Alice Janeroh's Account
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Janeroh punched the numbers into the keypad and was rewarded with the heavy door swinging open with a hiss.
Waving Khisanith forward into the gloom while she advanced into the facility.
Dr. Acula had given her all the information she needed but she hadn't expected this dark dingy maze.

Janeroh skulked around a corner, stopping sharply as she encountered a servo skull, bobbing around in place.
Holding up her rosette and producing a data-slate she said in a clear voice "Inquisitor Janeroh. Download All Records."

Khisanith continued her exploration of the facility, growing bored of the endless gloomy corridors.
As the heavy door in front of her the overpowering reek of a mutilated corpse assailed her senses.
as she waved the scent from her nose she spotted movement at the far side of the long corridor.

Janeroh held her hand up, thankfully she had taught Kais some basic hand signals while they were learning each others' language. She could hear something. Movement possibly, heavy footfalls and the unusual squeal of metal.

Khisanith waved cheerfully as Nexia approached, struggling to see in the gloom
"Ahai Nexia!" the exodite smiled at the acolyte. "how are you friend? we have not met since you were driving!"
As Nexia lowered her weapons and the pair began to catch up Angstrom's voice gasped over the microbead "Giant-Psychic-Xenos-Stompy-Death-Machine!" in a single breath.
As a horrified look passed over Nexia's face Khisanith shouldered her rifle, grin spreading.
"Sounds like my kind of fun!" the impetuous alien grinned and bound past Xenia into the gloom... the hunt was on!

Janeroh opened the heavy door in front of her and caught a glimpse of another servoskull bobbing about in the corridor ahead. However, the sound of movement approached from the other side of the corridor

Nexia had to jog to keep up with the Eldar. Khisanith moved with the grace of her race, gliding effortlessly through the shadows, rifle sweeping, as if the barrel was sniffing out prey.
Nexia held up a fist and waved the eldar down an adjacent corridor.

Nexia kept her weapon braced as she directed the Eldar. While Angstrom was feeding her the location of the monster as it forced its large bulk through the tight metal corridors she was still uncertain if this was a good plan...

Janeroh spotted a robed figure was already downloading information from the servskull and shouted "Imperial Inquisition! identify yourself!" as the figure evaded down a side corridor. stalking forward she poked the servo skull. "Copy. All data." holding up her dataslate.

AS the servoskull began scanning her rosette, a tortured scream of steel shocked her into looking down the corridor in time to see a wraithguard tear the door apart and barrel down the corridor toward her!
recognising the chassis of a spirit-warrior, she stood firm and shouted in a clear authoritative voice "<STOP!>"

The wraithguard slowed, recognising the Eldar tongue and paused in front of the Inquisitor.
While she attempted to communicate with the construct, Kais came under fire from an adjacent corridor!
While the shots bounced off his armour, he ducked around the corner, unslinging his Pulse Carbine.
Taking a deep breath, he levelled his carbine and his return fire impacted with the youth's face, smashing her to the floor!

The Wraithguard, angered by the gunfire and Janeroh's mangled attempt at pronunciation barrelled forward, knocking the Inquisitor and her bodyguard into adjacent corridors!

Khisanith, still tracking the constructs movements, poked her head around into the long corridor spotting the bulky form struggling to turn in the confined space

Jeneroh pushed herself to her feet and spotted the robed figure at the end of the corridor "Angstrom!" she shouted, recognising the Inquisitor

Kais however readied himself, unsure on how to deal with the behemoth in front of him

As Kais threw himself across the T-Junction to follow Janeroh, she greeted Angstrom
"what.. what is that thing?" he questioned.
She shrugged "An Eldar construct piloted by the soul of one of their dead. The are usually fairly placid. I have no idea how it's here or why it's out of control"
As Angstrom voxed Nexia this information she asked her own questions regarding the Vault and it's contents. The situation must have unnerved the ageing Inquisitor as he gave away several key pieces of information.

All were shaken as the Wraithguard opened fire down the tunnel, the sound of reality tearing mixing in with the screams of the man targeted by the Wraithguard.
Nexia sprinted toward the monster, throwing herself inbetween it's legs and bringing her sword to bear, intending to cut the power cable on it's alien gun. While impressively acrobatic, She was unsuccessful in penetrating it's thick armour but was lucky at it's wild swings were easily dodged.

Khisanith, approaching the warrior without fear, pressed her hands against it's armoured head and whispered gently to it calming it and soothing it's spirit.
"I am a friend, you are safe, enhance your calm." she whispered, fighting it's rage, it's feelings of loss and loneliness until the warrior stood passively, weapon lowered.

Patting it gently on the head she spotted Janeroh approaching. "Ahai boss!" she called out "Can we give this guy a lift?"

part 3 to come once it's written :P
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