Author Topic: Grinding Gears: Tiamat at the IGT13  (Read 3036 times)

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Grinding Gears: Tiamat at the IGT13
« on: April 02, 2013, 08:21:55 PM »
so, here's my write-up from the IGT.. there was alot less intrigue and conversations this time around, but plenty of action :)
Koval ran the "Hunt the Psyker" scenario while Nick ran the Hunt the Artefact and Marco Hunt The Saboteur :)
I ran Deep Impact, a possible future for Tiamat (ran as first scenario) but it's possibly non-canon... i know her past, who knows the future!
p.s. i'm sure i've spelt Kals wrong :lol:

Magos Tiamat glided over the ground quietly; the area contained powerful psykers who were rumoured to be twisting the Omnissiah's Biological Design using Warp Energies into random powerful abominations.

While improvements were to be examined, using the warp to corrupt people was a crime against nature.

While she approached the building, off in the distance she spotted a cloaked warrior level a lasgun and a bolt impacted with her armoured shell

while she considered her options, an auto-round flew into view from the other side of the Cult's base of operations and exploded a Servo-Skull accompanying this warrior's associates
As the long-range warrior dashed off to assist her colleagues Tiamat focused on her objectives

Gliding up to the building, her servo-arms plunged through the metal doors and tore them off the hinges with barely any effort

while the cult panicked, the fire fight amongst the other two crews intensified; the well-trained retinue taking the guard mercenaries apart with ease

Tiamat's hunt was cut short and with a howling of warp energies, a possessed cultist smashed through the ceiling and attacked her!

As she swatted the daemons attacks aside, her powered claw smashed it to the floor in a single blow!

The rest of the cult, terrified between the daemonic entity and the furious mechanicus monstrosity, panicked and fled the building; leaping from the first story windows!

As Tiamat readied her poisoned syringe to placate the daemon, it shoved past her and burst through the wall!
she shouldered through the hole and made her pursuit as a meltabomb, placed by a thief earlier on, exploded in a shower of rubble...

Having lost the Daemon in amongst the hab-blocks, Tiamat found herself in a desolate dome; as she advanced cautiously, she heard movement amongst the flora...

"Greetings Magos" came a cybernetic voice. "I am designation Adept Kals"  red-hooded figure appeared out of the foliage.
"State the reason for your presence" Tiamat replied, making the sign of the Eternal Cog
"We are hunting for an artefact so that we might progress down the Path of Knowledge." the adept responded. "Will you co-operate with us?"
"Our odds of success would improve from an alliance." Tiamat mused
"We Agree." came the Adept's mechanical response.

The pair advanced through the dome; the adept's stride overtaking Tiamat's anti-grav motors

As the pair made to push through more overgrown garden, the Adept paused to receive communications from his crew

Tiamat passed through the tangle effortlessly, the saplings parting from her armoured form.
As she brushed an errant leaf from her face she was met with a horrific visage; some twisted flesh stuffed into a set of powered armour.
Adept Kals also paused in shock from the sight, unsure of how to proceed.

Tiamat, convinced it must be a continuation of the Psyker's devilry, advanced on the creature and smashed it to the ground, taking care not to damage the technological armour, her powered claw impacted with the being's chest with a mixture of cracking shell and squishing organs

The monster, however, shouldered past Tiamat, knocking her aside as it hunted for the smaller Tech Adept

Tiamat took for cover as his bolt weapon smashed into the being and offered him the opportunity to dash past it.
As the pair made their escape, work filtered over the comm-unt that the Adepts associates had spotted a figure removing the artifact and that the Adept should fall back...

As Tiamat advanced into an Inquisitorial Sector, claxon-voices and auto-vox alarms repeated; the local reactors had failed and the entire sector was close to melt down!
While  many of those around her simply ran, her logic-circuits took a more level-headed approach.

Only a deliberate - the Inquisitions' Tech Adepts are not lax with their maintenance rituals.
Anyone looking to survive their act of treachery would be heading straight to the vehicle depot adjacent to the reactor to make their escape.

Approaching the last remaining Mars Pattern Rhino APC, Tiamat kept a watchful eye to catch the culprits in their escape.

She watched as a trader sprinted into the rear of the APC, followed by a large navigator.

She watched as a group of familiar figures approached while a metallic voice broke out across the local-band-comm-link.
It detailed the individuals responsible for the sabotage, the details lining up with the crew allied to Adept Kals.

Focussing her attention, she sang to the data-spirits, her practised packet-tunes invoking a response from the dormant vehicle.
Realising the trader was still inside, she commanded the doors to shut and lock and as her whisper the engines roared into life.

as she approached the APC she spotted a mercenary climb onto the roof, followed by the familiar red robes of Adept Kals.

"Adept!" Tiamat transmitted in Binary. "You have committed a great heresy! the destruction of so much machinery just be Judged! Help capture your fellow Hereteks and i shall guarentee you stand before fellow Mechanicus!"
"Agreed, such death must be atoned for, and yet we may not influence our associates."

As he finished his reply a las-bolt impacted with the side of Kals' head; the Navigator had opened fire.
As Tiamat's optics assessed this outburst the vox-alarms increased their cries as the reactors approached critical mass.
"Everyone!" a voice echoed across the area "We need to leave!"

With a grunt Tiamat asked the APC to open it's doors so that everyone could embark

the traitors scrambled toward the APC only to have it's doors slam shut.
Instead they climbed onto it's armoured roof, the mercenaries grabbing their fallen Adept and holding tight as the APC thundered  under an arch and along a road away from the sector...

i make no apologies, i warned you my ability to roll ones was infectious...

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