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Knights Errant Chapter
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Here begins the history of the High and Most Noble order of the Knights Errant, being a true account and chronicle of the Acts and Deeds of this Worthy and Honourable Fellowship, and relating their many Adventures during the Quest for the Grail.

Here is the Book of thy Descent,
Here begins the Book of the Grail,
Here begin the terrors,
Here begin the miracles.

It befell in the days of the Divine Emperor when He was Lord of all Mankind and so reigned, that He called to council His wisest Philosophers and Advisors for to relate to them the strange and wonderous tale of the Grail, and of all its' history and of its' lineage. And they marvelled at the Emperor's words and were awe struck by the depth of His knowledge.
And so after many long years of study and debate the wisest Scholar amongst the council was elected and his name was Aneurin Bleise. And so the Lord of Humanity deemed that it was time and took Aneurin Bleise to a sacred place and revealed to him there many hidden mysteries and much more besides. And anon he bowed before the Emperor and was silent a long time.
So then the Emperor commanded that the mightiest of His warriors should assemble before Him to heed His challenge. And so the Imperial Heralds let cry a great summons of the ranks of the Legio Custodes, and by means of many diverse trails and tournaments, the most worthy and deserving amongst that Shining Host were chosen.
And so in the gleaming halls of the Emperor, ten thousand Knights knelt before their Master and He willed it that the venerable Aneurin Bleise should retell the tale of the Grail as it was told to him. Then the Emperor did bid them look to the sky and lift their faces to the bright stars. Then He did charge the Knights with a Sacred and Perilous Quest to sally forth and search the Heavens for the Grail and return with it to Holy Terra. For the Emperor in infinite wisdom knew well that in the hour of His greatest need it would prove most welcome. And the Knights of that Glorious Host did swear with one accord mighty oaths of fealty and devotion for to achieve this Adventure.
So it came to pass that when all the necessary preparations for departing were accomplished, the Great Fellowship of the Grail took leave of their Liege and Sovereign and in return recieved His blessing. And to guide them in this epic Quest the Emperor willed it that the venerable Aneurin Bleise should accompany the Knights, for he alone by the Grace of the Emperor, had recieved knowledge and understanding of the ancient lore.
And so it came to pass on the bright morn os Ascension Day, all of the rituals having been completed, the Great Fleet of the Grail Quest left Holy Terra amid the peeling of many bells and much joy and deep sorrow. So they held their course, a long time, as the Knights sought the Grail throughout all the Realms of the Divine Emperor and beyond the fringes of Man's domain. Until after many millenia they passed out of all rememberance, like a candle in the wind. Forgotten by all save perhaps the Maimed King Himself as He slumbered on the Golden Throne on Holy Terra.

Myths and Legends
Arcana Imperii: Historia Sangreal
Scribe, Malory the White

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