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Ordo Malleus Lord Inquisitor and Co.
« on: March 21, 2011, 10:58:19 AM »
Lord Inquisitor Nkarn Fenix of the Ordo Malleus
Right handed
84 63 31 (left arm only) 67 89 87 98 93 94
Special Rules-
Psychic powers- Puppet master, Telepathy, Telekenisis
Fast draw, First strike, Leader, Distrust
- Powersword
Storm Bolter with Anti-Daemon rounds
Sealed rebreather mask- +25% gas resistance
Power Armour on all locations except head and Right arm.
Right arm is power armoured Advanced robotic arm (armour 11, S 93)
Open power helm (8 points of armour)
Bionic Lungs- 15% gas resistance
.8 foot tall, sealed within his rebrather mask and helmet.
As a boy, Nkarn was always teased. Growing up on Promixis, the local boys found it funny that he was so short, that he was too smart for his classes and that he could do basic mind tricks. He also appeared heavily aged, despite his youth. They often stole his possessions. Nkarn would say to them 'there will come a time you will regret taunting me.' Eventually, Nkarn was inducted into the Inquisition, who had been watching him since he began using his mind powers, being a mere 4 foot four at the time. Nkarns then grew and grew out of sight. He surpassed every test the trainers could give him, out-thought some of the greatest strategists on Promixis. He even channeled his mind so that he could use his psychic powers for good, not for fun. On his very first assaignment, Nkarn was sent to find the leaders of a rebel gang, attacking supply trains to nearby towns and hives. When Nkarn found them, he was stunned. The very boys who taunted him as a youngster, now involved in theivery. He wa now taller than each and evrry one of them, and some of them couldn't even speak proper gothic. Nkarn marched them out into the desert, using psychic powers where nescessary, and lined them up in front of the high inquisitor. the moment the were condemmed, having been found guilty of murder too, Nkarn said to them 'I told you you'd regret taunting me. You have crossed the line from childhood jokes. and now you will learn your lesson.' As the firing squad rifles barked, Nkarn looked skywards. He knew things greater were yet to come. Two hundred years later after nearly 150 successfull missions, and only a single failure, Nkarn was promoted to inquisitor lord. however, that single failure still haunts him- a warp tainted meteor sent his best interrogator and his warband mad, and although the interogator is long dead, the remains of his bodyguard still roam the universe.
Kixtio Varses
guardsman (based on)
42 56 46 52 38 45 43 48 51
Special Rules-
Best served Cold, Hipshooting, Psychopathic, Savlar Born and Bred
Sealed Savlar rebreather (60% gas resistance) (provides 2 points of armour)
4 gas canisters (see Speciality sheets)
Spike-canister Launcher (see speciality sheets)
Pistol Carbine with Anti-Daemonic Ammo
Death charge Collar
Basic Bionic Leg
Flak Armour on all locations except head (3 points of armour)
Drug (injected)- Substance Sigma. (see speciality sheets)
Muscular. About 6 foot 1, sealed within his mask.
Kixtio (Kix for short) is a Savlar Chem dog, A war addicted, drug crazed psychopath, convicted for over 20 cases of murder and uncountable charges of illegal drug trading. Nkarn, seing the potential for him, ordered his release- 60 years ahead of time. he proceeded to give him his wargear, and then hacked his leg off. After replacing it with a bionic limb, Whilst Kix was still concious, Nkarn warned him that 'That is a taste of the pain you will get if you cross me.' Kix dosent know it, But the sealed rbreathe he has been given contains a death charge, which Nkarn wil activate if the turn on him. Kix for his part now hates Nkarn for the pain he delivered, and looks for every opertunity to hurt him.
Toris Fenix
Death cult assassin
86 27 62 64 88 72 76 91 85
Special Rules-
Ambidextrous, Blademaster, Acrobatic, Catfall, Psychopathic, Best served Cold
Serrated Knives (two), One shot Needle pistol (digi weapon) with Hallugenogenics
Skull mask Rebreather- 20% gas resistance
Black Cult Death armour on all locations (4 points of armour)
Death charge Collar
Toris wears the standard 'Black Cult Assassin Armour- which is lke re-enforced Flak Armour but with flexible rubber joints. His face is hidden by his skull mask.
Toris is Nkarns Older Brother- a mass murderer, all round general Git. He steals, he murders things without even asking and he delights in pain. Hejoined the 'Black Cult' when he was young, a cult that belive 'for an assasin to be effctive, he has to be ble to reach his foes in one piece'- hence the heavier armour. Nkarn was the one to catch up with him, and he then recruited him into his hebnchmen unit. To ensure his brother could not spread rumours, or plot with the others, Nkarn cut out his tounge and fitted him with a death charge collar. Toris can only wish Nkarn dead now, but he will fight for him untill he dies. Most likely.
Corvus Abdiel
Imperial Guard Sniper (based on)
21 63 35 70 58 56 43 41 78
Special Rules-
Deadeye shot, Best served Cold, Rock Steady Aim, Basic Programming
Heavy Anti Matter Rifle (can only carry 1 clip worth of ammo)
Light assault rifle with Auto-targeter.
Grav Chair (counts as legs and arms)
Death Charge Collar
Sealed Rebreather mask- 25% gas resistance
Short but muscular. He is sealed within his mask, and also to his grav chair.
Corvus was an guardsmen sniper, who was saved form the firing line by Nkarn. Corvus refuses to reveal why he was there to anyone but Nkarn, who he has basically told he killed his own commander with his Rifle, simply because he mistrreated his little brother. Nkar, who trusts Corvus even less than the others, hacked his legs off and impanted him in a grav chair, which holds both of his weapons for him. Corvus has ree will, but his chair will always aim for him, as part of its programming. He also fitted him with the Death charge collar.
67 + 89
21 58 56 61 30 40 0 42 36
Special Rules-
Force of Will, Nerves of Steel, True Grit, Contol Nodes
Wargear- 67-
Melta Gun
89- Bull Pup rifle.
Both- Bionic Arms, Legs, Lungs and Brain
Sealed rebreather mask-25% gas resistance
Reinforced robes- all locations (2 points of armour, 3 on the arms)
Both are hooded, in grey robes. They are bald, about 6 foot. Their faces are covered in rebreathers.
these two servitors were made from a pair of sisters specially for Nkarn. They have no proper history, and Nkarn dosent need to know where they are from, only that they will not turn on him.
Speciality Sheet
Death Charge Collar- If a Person ever scumbs to 'Best served cold', and Nkarn does not Die, Their Death charge collar will activate. Remove them as a casualty.
Grav Chair- Cannot drop weapons or fall prone. However, all 'System Shock' results cause the chairs Death Carge Collar to detonate.
GAS WEAPONRY- Any four canisters from the folowing.
Substance Sigma- Colourless, Heavy Odour, Same desity as air. this sends anone inside the gas cloud crazy- they must use as many actions as possible to charge and attack the nearest person, friend or foe. A toughness test negates the effects. If injected in liquid form it has the smae effects, but does not spread.
Blaster Gas- Highly flammable, same desity as air, green haze, light odour.
Silvermelt gas- Light silver haze, odourless, lighter than air. (Expands 2d6 inches, then floats skyward.) Any one inside the gas cloud looses D3 points from their armour. Only affects mundane metals.
Special- Spike Canister luancher ammunition. Psy-bleeder Gas. Purple, odourless, lighter than air. (Expands 2d6 inches, then floats skyward.) Any psykers in the gas cloud must take a toughness test or start bleeding (head)
Special Rules
Best served Cold- At the start of their turn, roll a D100 for each character with this rule. On >80, The uit shoots at Nkarn, and does nothiing else.
Psychopathic- Any unit in Close combat with this rule can alter their hit location by 15- as they are likely to try their best to aim for the best points.
Savlar born and Bred- natural 15% gas resistance.
Basic programming- The grav chair wil always use its first action after movement to aim, n matter how many actions it has left.
Control nodes- If a servitor is outside 12 inches of a unit with a controll node at the start of its turn, it will walk 3D3inches towards Nkarn. If it is not within 12 inches still, it shuts down untill Nkarn gets within 6 inches of the servitor.