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Does anyone know of an index of which skills, equipment etc are in which book?

Kaled if you give me 48 hours i can have one written up and emailed to you, if there isnt one elsewhere on the internet (i also do not posess Deamon Hunter - the only book i dont possess)

I'd be surprised if there isn't one anywhere. Given that there are now quite a lot of books in the series, it would be very useful.

yeah, well im making most of my internets while im at the library but tonight when im at home and i lack internets ill watch caprica and start working on the list for you shouldnt take too long as most skills/abilities are indexed in the individual books so all it will take is a few hours looking at the index's of the different books and typing it up.

I may make a effort and include the RT and DW books i have aswell but that will be a later thing i feel

Have you looked on Dark Reign? You might find something...?


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