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Ascension starting gear


malachi seeleschneider:
does anyone know:

when your DH character Ascends, their Ascended Career has new starting gear. Does this add to, or merely replace, the gear you owned when you levelled up to 9?

Help would be appreciated. ;D

i'd say its additional. i don't want to loose the gear i earned in the game and i think the new starting gear is listed there for those people who want to start directly with ascension.

hope this helps,

Answer: Consult your GM. It's up to them whether it's an either-or (keep just the old equipment, or take just the new), or a both.

If it were me, I'd say that list is the new equipment list is what those starting characters have earned on their way to Rank 9. What your DH character has is the equipment they've earned on their way to Rank 9. It's not like you become part of a Death cult at Rank 9 and the welcome pack includes two Master Crafted powerswords.

I might hand over some things on the new list, and give players the option to trade for/buy some of the rest, but I don't think it makes sense to replace all the old equipment, or equally, to just give the character both lots.

I would not give the players anything new simply for rising in rank, they tend to have already gathered quite an armoury for themselves. The starting equipment merely gives the equipment for newly generated ascension characters.

The starting gear for Ascended ranks is only if you are starting with a character in an Ascended campaign.  If your character from a conventional campaign attains ascended rank, he will more than likely be sufficiently powerful and influential by then to have pretty much whatever starting gear he desires.

However, you might like to treat some Ascended starting gear they way they did starting gear for Advanced Careers in WFRP: PCs had to acquire the starting gear before they could spend the XP to acquire the new career.  In practice, this often meant that the PC was effectively operating as the new career even before he or she officially spent the XP to shift to the new career path.



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