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Explorator Taldos

Taldos is a tech priest from the forgeworld Belacane. He joined an Explorator fleet  to  seek out STC’s, led by the venerable arch magos Ventaros. The crusade had some success, most notably when they discovered an STC for a new type of autogun. On their return voyage, the fleet was ambushed by a Necron Fleet, as they had unwittingly travelled near a tomb world. It was a resounding loss for the fleet, with no ship escaping undamaged. Taldos’s ship, The Omnissiah’s Fury was forced to make an emergency warp jump during the battle. They ended up in the Segmentun Pacificus highly damaged, with the warp drives almost offline. With no word from the rest of the fleet, Taldos and his men have slowly been making their way back towards Belacane, driven by their original mission to deliver the STC.

WS: 65 BS: 58 S: T: 70 I: 54 Wp: 55 Sg: 67 Nv: 46 Ld: 54
abilities: rock steady aim, nerves of steel

heavy stubber(shoulder mounted),
weapon failure: Taldos’s bionics and weaponry have been damaged, meaning that they will sometimes malfunction, this means that every turn roll a D100, on a roll of 1-10 or 90-100, he must spend 2 action points to fix the weapon, or he cannot use it, as it has stopped firing.

Shortened: Taldos needed to cut down the size of this to use this, as such the range is reduced to B

carapace armor

autopistol(1 reload)

power axe(adds 10% to tests that have to do with machinery)

hunter skull

bionic parts:
average leg(left)

crude lungs

advance eyes


model wise I have converted a gw techpriest enginseer model to have a heavy stubber on it's backpack thing.
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