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The Missionary
« on: July 19, 2011, 05:10:34 PM »
Aside from a rush job for an NPC for the IGT that I must go back and do properly, the Missionary below represents the first model I've painted in the best part of a year, which is kind of ridiculous considering the number of miniatures I have built in the last year.  I had completely gone off painting after achieving less than desirable results with a few models before this hiatus - ironically through lack of practice - but after getting back into the swing of things this last week I've found the joy painting can bring.  Hopefully this means the other half-dozen completed models I have around this place will be gracing these forums in the near future!

Overall I'm quite happy the way he came out.  I wanted a hint of the Redemption about him, so he got a red cloak, but wanted to show a crusading nature too, hence the quartered tabard.

I'm thinking of adding something more to the base and will be raiding my bits box at some point soon.

Any and all comments welcomed.