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Re: Return to Veritas III
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Sounds good. I like the idea of initial game excluding Inquisitors and instead featuring other members of warband. Then inquisitors turn up when things get serious!

Ideally I would like the death of the local inquisitor not being the reason for my travelling to the planet, but more something that changes my plans when i get there. The other player inquisitor would be a rival within the Ordo Malleus, and I like the idea of us competing for resources to further our respective goals.

One of my 2 initial characters will be that scout that we discussed previously. Am happy to tweak the pariah rules to fit in with what you want. I still need to select a model for the other character and work out back story.  (My Inquisitor and the Gunslinger will be the 2 remaining characters who will arrive later- currently on a shuttle heading planetwards at the speed of plot!!