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A Cultist....
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Hello all. Bit of background plus a new ability to cover my cultist character....

Ability: Flagellation:
The character is fuelled with burning fury and is accustomed to stripping the sins from his body with flagellation. Feverously chanting as each strike brings him closer to the God-Emperor’s glory, he becomes a relentless maniac. For every location that sustains a “heavy” injury, the character adds 1 to his base injury level.

 The Sect of the Throne is a relatively young cult within the Imperium, being founded no more than 170 years ago. Its world of origin is thought to be the planet Pentatus IX in the Segmentum Obscurus. The beliefs of the sect are based upon the sacrifices that the Emperor of Mankind underwent for his race. They believe that the suffering and sacrifice that the Emperor bears on his Golden Throne are shining examples to His people, and that only with anguish and pain may the soul be saved. Self-flagellation, penitent acts of torture and ritual bindings feature heavily in the sect.
Since its founding, the Sect of the Throne has spread far and wide. Although not hugely popular, the individuals that join are amongst the most fanatic and pious maniacs that society can produce.

Brother Claudius was born on the iron rich planet of Maedun where the Sect has a relatively large influence. Little is known of his life prior to becoming a member, although some speculate that he was an ore miner in the vast facilities that dot the planet. Having been an active member of the sect for over 10 years, he is one of the more faithful servants. The Grand Cardinal Levetik who leads the Sect of the Throne in the Maedun system was particularly impressed with this devout flagellant. Always willing to accept new methods of suffering in service to the God-Emperor, Claudius undertook suicidal purges of mutants and heretics in the name of the sect, and seemed to always return to lick his grievous wounds. Some say that the God-Emperor has blessed Claudius with holy protection so he may continue to suffer and sacrifice for the Imperium.

No less than 5 years ago did Inquisitor Hector Ro´dox pass through the sector to investigate the possibility of heresy in the higher echelons of command throughout the Maedun system. He soon drummed up fanatical support from the sect, and Cardinal Levetik began purging the populace like never before. Within the space of two months, the governor of Maedun was exposed as a heretic, and the sect was in a state of fury. Storming the governor’s palace and dispatching of the heretic guardsmen in a tide of blood, they overran the facility. It was none other than Claudius who dealt the killing blow to the turncoat governor and his name was praised throughout the sect. Inquisitor Hector Ro´dox formally thanked the sect cardinal for his efforts and, upon leaving, Levetik begged the Inquisitor to take Claudius with him. To this day Claudius is pursuing heretics and traitors to the Imperium with the Inquisitor, bringing the pain and suffering of the God-Emperor to their foes.
“The suffering of the Emperor is a beacon of example to Claudius! Oh Emperor! Let him pain and sacrifice as you do for mankind with each passing moment! Let him bring his faith and devotion to the galaxy alongside the most holy Inquisitor Ro´dox!” --- Cardinal Levetik, Sect of the Throne.

“This poor boy is confused. Humanity need not suffer in torment in its praise to the Emperor! He protects us without need for such debasement of body! He guides us without need for such distortion of faith and mind!” --- Lukas Flint, Ecclesiarchy missionary.

C&C welcome!!