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First Battle Report (critique welcome)
« on: September 07, 2011, 02:56:32 AM »
Here it is guys.

My first battle report. This report was played out with what i have since been told are overpowered weapons and characters. That said it was mainly to help us relearn the rules. The characters will be nerfed before i use them again. I played with Van Horst and Vie and my friend played Dargon and Ank. I have marked the turns for reference. Characters are narrated in speed order which changes during the game. I hope you enjoy.

Arantia Minor - Sector 3

1. Inquisitor Iab Van Horst looked across the cityscape, his objective only a block away. One of the gangers that Tomard Vie occasionally got information from had told him that this power node was going to be attacked tonight, disabling the entire grid. That wouldn’t do. Van Horst needed the power up for his meeting at midnight so he and Vie had come down to ground level to stop the attack. Surveying the area, Van Horst saw a vantage point on the roof of a single story building some 30 yards away. The squat building looked directly over the only entrance to the grid node. He began to move around the back of the building, looking for a way up to the roof.

Inquisitor Aggot Dargon passed one of the melta bombs to Ank and the preacher tucked it into a large pocket hidden within his voluminous right sleeve. Dargon turned, jogged to the corner and poking his head around to scan the area, motioned for Ank to cross the street.

The heavy set holy man sprinted across the open area with a speed that belied his weight. He stopped at the rear corner of the building that housed the power node.

Tomard Vie unlimbered his shotgun and began to walk towards the building that his contact had said was being attacked by rogue Inquisitorial forces tonight. He walked slowly across the street, covering both sides of the building, his guard up.

2. Van Horst saw a ladder further down the building and picked up the pace, his bolt pistol coming free from its holster, an inferno shell sitting ready in the spout. Horst considered the plasma pistol for a moment but decided that the rapid firing pistol would be better if speed was required.

Dargon began to cross the street, his eyes scanning every street and along the low set roof tops directly opposite the entrance to the grid. As he walked he drew his bolt pistol, checking the action.

Ank watched the venerable old inquisitor to cross the street, his holy rage simmering below his soft chant.

Tomard moved closer to the building his pump action swinging left, then right, covering both approaches.

3. Van Horst reached the rusted ladder and successfully navigated its crumbling rungs, pulling himself to the roof. He immediately saw a man running across the street towards the entrance of the power node. The man had a bolt pistol in his hand and Van Horst realized that this was his foe. He fired off a shot that dug deep into the road just as the man disappeared behind the building.

Aggot Dargon snapped to attention as a round whistled past his head and buried itself in the street. He looked back at Ank and motioned for the preacher to continue the long way around the building. Dargon popped his head and bolt pistol around the corner and snapped a shot at the shadowy figure on the rooftop. As the round struck the figure, Dargon ducked back, drawing a ragged breath.

Ank sprinted the length of the grey rockrete building as he heard a second shot ring between the tall habstacks that made up the hive.

Tomard heard a second shot and watched as Van Horst doubled over from a round to the gut and promptly fell from his vantage point to the street beyond. He ran forward and rested his shotgun on a power duct aiming directly along the front of the power node. Tomard started as a figure slipped around the corner and into the building. He cursed as his opportunity passed.

4. Dargon turned the corner and saw a second figure at the far end of the building, gun in hand. Without hesitation he moved into the building, up a long ramp.

Ank reached the corner, looked round and started down the far side of the building that housed the node. Half way along he saw a man with a shotgun poised on a duct. With a ferocious battle cry he hefted his sword overhead and charged the man from behind. The heavy blade whistled through the air where the man had been but a moment before and the tip struck the ground with a spark.

Van Horst hit the ground hard. The breath raced from his lungs and he gasped for air. He  pulled himself back to his feet, and gathering his bolt pistol, climbed the ladder again. As he reached the top he saw the rogue inquisitor disappear from view up the long ramp leading into the power node. To the left of a building he heard a battle cry and watched as Tommard dodged a sword with the ease of someone who had spent his life in the fighting pits of the Carnivora.

Vie spun as a power sword sliced through the air, missing him by mere inches. Circling, the veteran pit fighter pulled his power hammer from its boot on his back and struck without second thought. His anger at missing the moment earlier fueled the swing and he connected with the fat preacher’s arm and the man’s power sword fell to the ground, the strength of the blow knocking him back several steps.

5. Aggot Dargon ran to the top of the ramp, his bolt pistol held at arm’s length, covering himself as he entered the station. Thick cabling ran the length of the walls and Dargon knew he was close to the node.

Ank reeled as the man with the hammer stuck him in the right arm, his grip involuntarily loosening on his sword, its blade clattering as it fell to the ground. He grinned with satisfaction at the look of horror on the man’s face as he reached into his sleeve and drew forth a hand held flamer and sprayed holy promethium at the sinner. As the gout of flame burnt off the man was no where to be seen.

Iab Van Horst sprinted from the building’s edge, leaping to the ground below. He rolled as he hit, grunting as his gut wound pained him. Coming back to his feet in one smooth motion his whipped his pistol up just as the rogue slipped around the corner, further into the power station. There were security doors inside but that wouldn’t stop an inquisitor.

Tommard shielded his face as a huge blast of promethium surged past him, the heat singeing his long black hair. He charged from behind the wall as the flames died down and struck the preacher with his hammer twice more, a simple reverse striking the leg then the chest. The holy man fell to the ground, his eyes lolling in the back of his head.

6. Dargon moved further into the building, his faked pass opening the plasteel security door without hastle. Moving into the corridor he heard a generator turning deeper within the structure. His target, however, was merely 15 yards along the curving corridor. An access ladder to the main controls.

Van Horst sprinted after the other inquisitor registering Vie vanquish his foeman in his peripheral vision. Inside the building the security door was already open, his target nowhere in sight.

Tommard shook the blood from his hammer and turned after the dark figure that was his boss. He caught up to him on the ramp, his powerful legs outstripping the injured inquisitor.

7. Ignoring the small access ladder, Aggot Dargon jumped down into the control room and crossed the short floor to a large fan that regulated the entire control system. He drew forth his melta bomb and placed it at the fan’s base, setting the fuse for 1 minute. He turned and made his way back to the ladder as a pair of feet thumped into view, at the same height as his head.

Van Horst motioned for the pit fighter to follow quietly. They could not see the other inquisitor in the long twisting corridor but he had to be here somewhere. Bundles of electrical cabling covered nearly every surface and the inadequate lighting lent the hall a unearthly glow. He saw an opening and looked down just in time to see a bolt pistol raising to meet him.

Tommard clenched his power hammer tight as he watched the bolt pistol rise up, almost in slow motion, a blurt of fire spraying from it’s short barrel.

8. Dargon snapped his bolt pistol up and loosed a burst at the man he had downed earlier. The first bolt round snapped into the man’s left leg and a second hit him directly in the head. The inquisitor flew backwards under the force of the fire and hit the wall, half his head missing.

Tommard recoiled as the lifeless body of Inquisitor Van Horst staggered past him and struck the wall, the report of the bolt pistol ringing in the enclosed space. He charged forward and struck down at the inquisitor who promptly dodged back, letting the power hammer strike the ladder beneath the enraged pit fighter.

9. Dargon pulled back as the giant with the pit tattoos swung the blood soaked power hammer at his head. He stepped back, adjusted his aim and shot the man without hesitation. Four fat rounds burst through the man and he fell beside his master, equally as dead. Aggot smiled, “trust a pitter to bring a hammer to a gun-fight.”
The Inquisitor’s smile faded as head heard a beeping behind him. He turned to see a 4 on the meltabomb’s display, “Hol…”
White hot fire spun forth from the bomb, the microwave blast igniting the oxygen in the room. The liquid fire consumed the fan, the control console and the rogue inquisitor who had placed it.


Preacher Ank woke, stunning pain wracking his body. He saw the power node aflame and smiled, knowing that the emperor’s will had been done tonight. He tried his portable vox but no response came from Aggot Dargon. Ank didn’t know it yet, but no response ever would.

Thanks heaps for reading. I hope you made it all the way. It's long but I was hoping that detail would be appreciated. The final result was a bit of an anticlimax but very cinematic. And very fun.

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Re: First Battle Report (critique welcome)
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oh well, thats a bit sad
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Re: First Battle Report (critique welcome)
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Again, as Kaled mentioned in the other thread, it's difficult to relate to your battle report without pictures, regardless of how well it is written. It is a visual game after all, and your battle report is hard to follow with no points of reference.

It's nicely written though, and I'd like to hear (and see ;) ) more of Preacher Ank's escapades!
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Re: First Battle Report (critique welcome)
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No problem.   ill definately take and learn how to upload) photos at the next time. I have a few new models so those are taking precedence over playing at the moment though.   thanks for the comment.

To live in such times is to be one of untold billions...