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University of Manchester RPG Soc. 4/10/11- 11/10/11
« on: October 12, 2011, 01:37:37 PM »
Okay, so I was very remiss (but busy, I have a semi-real life away from =][=) in posting last weeks battle pictures, so in this thread I'll post both weeks, and if any of my players who took their own pictures want to post them up with their anecdotes, feel free to post them up.

Week 4/10/11
The Famed Orb a Magaluth, a mysterious warp phenomenon seen on Med-tetran (4th planet in the Med system) has been sighted once more. It's famed effects and havoc it wreaks mean it's a source of interest to many parties.

The Forces of the Inquisition advance on a site where it has apparently been sited.

And promptley dispatch an agent of the redemption that have closed to destroy the heretical Orb.

Despite the Attempts of the Inquisition to stop them, with las fire and psychic biomancy, Fortunate Wells makes to the warp spawned evil, atop it's pillar of screaming skulls, and with a mighty blow of his eviscerator, smashes down onto the orb, at the heart of it's sickly purple glow.

Only to be Knocked down as lightning arcs from it.

Standing over the stricken Friar, the Pardoner draws his las pistol, and in a single, casual snap shot.

And downs the Inquisitor with a direct hit to the chest.

But he manages to get to the Orb just as the demonic essence bound within escapes, thanks to the damage caused by the Redemptionists, and begins to reclaim it's world.

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Re: University of Manchester RPG Soc. 4/10/11- 11/10/11
« Reply #1 on: October 12, 2011, 02:00:38 PM »
Week 11/10/11

Sports Utility Servitor Plans have been lost, in a restricted area. While the Tech priests desperately trying to recover the palns

 The Inquisition seeks to steal them to have them built on other tech worlds, more amenable than the secretive priests on this world, who will not share them.

And Agents of the Redemption want to gain control of the plans as leaverage, to allow their cult greater presence on the world. Quickly, they gather clues.

While a Lone guardsman stands watch in the dark semi-light of the restricted hab.

While Inquisitor Hanja distracts the guard using his psychic powers, His Bodyguard and Valet smashes through the confessor.

While the Tech priestess carefully aim's her experimental plasmablaster at the stationary figure in the tower.

And skilfully avoiding an overheat, or other mishap, discharges 4 deadly shots of hot plasma at the dazed and distracted guardsman. Melting his chest and abdomen into a sizzling puddle of twitching pain.

While Inquisitor Hanja uses his staff in a whirling display of skill, striking down first one redemptionist, then in a dazzling counter attack smashing down the other, only to have the prone figure twist his eviscerator up, and almost sever his already wounded hand.

Having got the plans, he runs off, leaving stunned redemptionist's in his wake, leaning on his force staff, and accompanied by his bodyguard, who had been desperately fending off the cyber-roo.

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Re: University of Manchester RPG Soc. 4/10/11- 11/10/11
« Reply #2 on: October 13, 2011, 12:08:10 AM »
And this was supposed to be a stealth mission:

I was Ethel this time and I was laughing painfully at how much I devastated the poor guardsman on sentry duty (he was permanently unconscious once the first plasma shot hit). Not before radioing franticly to HQ about a strange servitor bouncing around in the distan - emperor save me there's hundreds of guys fighting by my tower, a witch, big chainswords and now the servitor is bouncing in 9 yard leaps into combat.
Once again superb GMing by Adlan, my only regret was being unable to play the Metal Gear Solid alert theme due to fears of disturbing the other tables.

Guess I'll have to improvise another mission marker for next Tuesday, I'll probably sculpt something out of white tack that resembles chewing gum.
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Re: University of Manchester RPG Soc. 4/10/11- 11/10/11
« Reply #3 on: October 14, 2011, 10:40:35 AM »
on the 4th, I was Friar Barphan, as you can see, it went well *ahem* (sherridan is a very scary little girl)

was funny though

on the 11th, I was Hanja, complete with unnecessary barrel rolls, gratuitous force staff usage, irritating Adlan by repeatedly using distraction on his sentry, and a long-suffering bodyguard (Ungen) who was decidedly unimpressed with the sneaking and barrel rolls
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