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Caveat Emptor
« on: October 31, 2011, 10:55:11 PM »
++ Cross Reference Cerestne ++
++ Cross Reference Ilithyia ++

+ Downloading +

++ Dramatis Personae ++

+ Alexandus, Inquisitor, Pure of Heart
+ Amourah, Sword of Justice
+ Jo, Servant of the God-Emperor

+ Zophar, Possessed, Agent of Despair
+ Armadeus, Corrupter of Knowledge
+ Willie, Master of Wickedry

+ Kor'ver Fal'shia, Lord of Air
+ Por'el Doran'ro, Master of Water
+ Shas'vre Oran, Warrior of Fire

+++ Caveat Emptor +++

The faint rumbling of arcane machinery could be felt throughout Saltmine IX. A tall emissary of the Tau empire could be seen, pausing near the primary mixing towers. Curious xenos baubles hovered around him, as his servants spread wide to keep watch. His face was a mask, alien and impassive. But Kor'ver Fal'shia's thoughts were racing.

In his blue-grey hand was a surveillance disc his agents had secured from the miracle site by which the humans were so fascinated. He had arranged to trade his disc from the Amber listening post with a human from the Blue listening post. And yet here were two groups approaching him.
Wicked Willie cackled to himself as Zophar strode to the meeting point. He knew the Imperials would be horrified to find xenos operating inside their most secure area. Obviously they should expect Zophar to be there by now. Zophar had arranged for the theft of a key surveillance disc from a secure holding facility. Knowing the contents, Zophar had decided to trade discs with aliens who have access to another surveillance disc from the compound. Armadeus was excited, a real chance to investigate xenos technology with one of his data demons. He uploaded Dzigrat MCXI onto the Blue disc and passed it to Zophar.

Alexandus' ornate armour purred as he hurried towards the meeting point. He has followed the spoor of xenos filth to this pathetic settlement on Cerestne. He had the opportunity to identify their heretical human allies and disrupt their foul xenos plans as well as secure the Imperial property which must be returned to the Inquisition. He hoped the fiery Amourah would stay her zeal on first sight of the alien. In his hand was the Cerulean disc, a clone of the stolen Blue disc but with key segments carefully redacted and adjusted identification tags. Trooper Jo scouted off around the meeting point to outflank the xenos, cutting off their escape.
Kor'ver Fal'shia approached the nearest human, a male wearing a green greatcoat, a hat implying rank and a gas mask implying poison threat. Kor'ver Fal'shia hoped his shield drone would not be needed. Using his clearest high gothic Kor'ver Fal'shia spoke the first line of the code phrase. With diplomatic pragmatism, Water addressed the second group, a heavily armoured male and lightly armoured female.

"Alien!" bellowed Amourah. Raising her meltagun she snapped off a shot at the xenos on the platform above her. The shot mangled Por'el Doran'ro's leg. Alexandus shrugged off his annoyance at Amourah's impetuousness, glad to be unburdened by this sham of pretence. He bellowed righteous gospel at the fiend, and it scampered off.

Por'el Doran'ro was not surprised by the violence of the humans. He knew this mission into hostile territory would be dangerous but knew their efforts would strengthen the Empire. He hobbled off, up the stairs and away from the threat, hoping to lead these fearsome creatures away from his master.
Armadeus rushed towards Alexandus and attempted to grab the Inquisitor's bionic arm, a wonderful work of the Omnissiah that Armadeus would be able to control. An agent of the Holy Ordos does not allow random strangers to lay their hands upon them. Alexandus swiped at this menacing stranger with his axe; a lucky dodge allowed the techpriest to keep his head.

Zophar and Kor'ver Fal'shia completed the agreed pass phrases and traded discs. At that moment, alerted by melta fire, an agent of the Arbites charged into the square to investigate the source of the disturbance.
"This is the Arbites, lay your weapons on the ground, and keep your hands where I can see them!"
"I am a member of the Holy Ordos of  the Inquisition, apprehend this heretic!" cried Alexandus, taking a swipe at Armadeus.
Zophar, had received the Amber disc and was aware of the commotion nearby. But untrustworthy people trust no one; he immediately began viewing the Amber disc to ensure that the contents were intact. Kor'ver Fal'shia hurried away from the contact point to verify his disc in private.
Armadeus realised that as a wanted man, questioning by the Arbites would not end well for him. He broke from combat and fled. The Arbites officer did not take kindly to this non-compliance, and blasted Armadeus in the chest as he tried to run past. The techpriest crashed to the ground, stunned.

Amourah stalked the water caste across the raised platform firing wildly. She sprinted up the steps and charged the alien, but his uncanny reflexes surprised her. Her flurry of attacks failed to euthanise the vermin.

Wicked Willie primed a Molotov cocktail, nothing amused him more than a burning policeman. Armadeus looked like he needed help to get out of there. However, Zophar had fewer concerns for his companion. He identified that the disc was genuine, and that the law was approached. Before the Inquisitor or Arbites officer could restrain him he had sprinted away from the meeting point with a preternatural turn of speed.
As Kor'ver Fal'shia sloped into the shadows with the genuine Blue disc, Alexandus raged that his sham disc had been no use, the xenos had melted away into the shadows, and an infamous heretic had slipped from between his fingers. Amourah would be severely chastised for this.

++ Connection Closed by User +++

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Re: Caveat Emptor
« Reply #1 on: November 01, 2011, 08:54:06 AM »
A thoroughly enjoyable read, even if some of the characters had very similar names. :P

It seems that everyone taking part had fun playing, and the scenario was intriguing. As always seems to be the case with battle reports, the pictures were a definite plus, and the ratio of pictures to text were skilfully balanced to ensure a concise, yet informative read.

Overall, it sounds like a pretty solid game which I would have enjoyed taking part in, and a rather nicely written up one, at that.
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Re: Caveat Emptor
« Reply #2 on: November 02, 2011, 07:18:31 AM »
Thanks for the kind words. Glad you enjoyed the write up. Thanks to Dave, Richard and Ryan for making it so easy to GM. And Marco for creating Ilithiya and organising the day. And the God-Emperor for protecting the Saint from heretical temptation.

The concept was a game within a game, inspired by Shadows over Camelot. No one knows who the traitor is until it's too late. If you're interested in having a go, PM me your email and I'll send you the Word document with the set-up and player hand-outs.