Author Topic: the founding of a new =I= warband  (Read 6563 times)

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Re: the founding of a new =I= warband
« Reply #15 on: September 04, 2009, 01:49:29 PM »

just wanted to share a little prview of my paintjop (WIP).
I'm on vacations now for a week and then school starts again, so it will take a while 'till i will upload a picture of the finished figure.

thanks to adlan for the little history lesson, good to know, i will choose a different name now, i think.

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Re: the founding of a new =I= warband
« Reply #16 on: September 04, 2009, 02:57:56 PM »
Looking good so far - I like the expression you've given him.
I like to remember things my own way... Not necessarily the way they happened.

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Re: the founding of a new =I= warband
« Reply #17 on: September 04, 2009, 06:55:49 PM »
Great job. We don't see enough big moustaches in Inquisitor!

By the way, don't worry about your English - you seem to have a better grasp of the language than a great deal of native speakers (who should, quite frankly, be ashamed of themselves for typing rubbish like 'should of' when they mean 'should have,' or 'alot' when they mean 'a lot.' Sorry, rant over. Nothing to see here...)

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Re: the founding of a new =I= warband
« Reply #18 on: September 05, 2009, 02:33:28 AM »
Very good job of adapting the model to 40k. I should try this kind of thing myself, I think. The moustache adds nice character, as does the clothing. I love the chainsword, too, very iconic of 40k but often overlooked in Inquisitor.

Lt. Custer is a rather inglorious historical figure - as has been pointed out, he got massacred at the battle of Little Big Horn. History generally remembers the man as an arrogant fool. Not only that, he's associated with the acts of genocide perpetrated by the U.S.A armed forces at the time, even if he didn't participate directly.

Looking forward to the completed work.


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Re: the founding of a new =I= warband
« Reply #19 on: September 05, 2009, 06:42:35 AM »
If you want some good sounding names associated with Custer I could suggest a few:

From little big horn;
Marcus Reno: great name, unfortunately the guy lost his head in the heat of the battle, lead a really bad retreat.
Frederick Benteen: basically took over command from Reno, was calm and competent.
Luther Hare:2nd in charge of the scouts

Fictional characters worth mentioning;
Jack Crabb: protagonist of "little big man", one of Custer's scouts, was dismissed when he told Custer he'd lose the battle.
Harry Flashman: Pathiological liar and coward featuring in George McDonald Fraser's "Flashman" series.

A few names with historic context. Personally I'd be tempted to avoid Custer himself, the guy was as Aidan described an arrogant fool. That said there are some good names out there and I'd definitely go for a 'western' theme as it fit's his appearance so well.

Finally great model, looking froward to more about him :D
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