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Aidan - Inquisitor Kassor and retinue
« on: September 04, 2009, 02:56:03 AM »
I said I'd post this a couple of weeks back, I think, but unfortunately I've been rather out of it with the flu - which is, in itself, a minor issue for me - but the sinus infection that always results for me is, to put it mildly, debilitating! Anyhow, I'm all better now, and decided I'd finally finish up with posting my model collection (for those of you who remember, my to 'antagonist' parties have already appeared.) Unlike some of the big 'retrospectives' here I'll do this in nice, neat chunks, to keep it manageable for me.

- - - - -

Inquisitor Viden Kassor (born Johann Pekrin) -  a radical Recongregator with big dreams and a whole string of failures that have done nothing to dampen his belief in his ideals. (Okay, he's had a few successes). In the campaign I'm currently running, he's embarking on the most grand plan he's had yet - returning an independent sub-sector to Imperial control while maintaining the revolutionary values that birthed the rebellion in the first place. Good luck with that, mate, you'll need it.

He was my very first IQ28 character and later my first 54mm character too. He's gone through several transformations, but - ironic for one of my favourite characters - I never liked his model that much. His current form is the best yet (which shows how un-good its predecessors were!), but I find it rather difficult to make a character look good when He really isn't supposed to have much more than a force sword and a trenchcoat.

A friend of mine (who goes by the name 'Dust King' on the conclave) suggested adding a bit of ware and tare to his trenchcoat, which at least adds some character to him, I think. Thanks, Dave.

- - - - -

Next, Idres Alinn - my second 54mm model, and the one who has gone through the most changes. (you can see him in his seond incarnation in this link: . This guy is Kassor's right hand man - once a tribal leader involved in one of Kassor's failed endeavours, now exiled and facing death if he ever returns home. Good one, Kassor.

Alinn's model is one of my favourites as much as Kassor's isn't. His blackpowder pistol took quite a bit of work, as did his costume, which is inspired by that of the Tuareg people of north africa.

- - - - -

The most recent addition to Kassor's band, Siyaz Castirsas, who first appeared as a minor antagonist when she thought that playing 'badass gang-leader' was an entertaining diversion from her life as the daughter of a minor aristocrat. Then she learned abducting an Inquisitorial servant wasn't such a bright idea. Anyhow, she's now a useful agent for Kassor, though she's not very good in combat yet.

I'm always big on gender equality (a result of my loathing for feminism, perhaps), and so my female characters are unusually sensibly dressed for science fiction. As such, they often take more work than male characters, and Siyaz certainly took quite a bit of work. I like the result, though.

Her head - which comes from one of Steven Buddle's miniatures, 'Autumn' - was only attached as an afterthought, when the model arrived in the post. She was going to have the daemon huntress' head, but I think this one looks a lot more rather more aristocratic.

- - - - -

Ex-Admiral Valerian Titov, one of those rare honest-to-goodness heroes in the Imperium who refuse to be ruthless and brutal - and in this case, he lost and arm and a leg for it. It's a very simple conversion, but I likes it. The coat-tail from Castellan is not a cape, by the way (there was a little confusion over this lat time I posted this model), but a shroud to cover the stump where his left arm should be. Without it, the model looks very, very odd.

- - - - -

And last of all, the power behind the Inquisitor. 'Acolyte' Uldo Lasarus is a man in his 300's who missed his chance to become inquisitor himself long ago, but who is a supremely accomplished manipulator, acting as a puppeteer even for Kassor sometimes. His views are much more radical than Kassor's own, straying well into the realms of the Istvaanians. Ignorant people dismiss him as a sage and mentor to the Inquisitor, but he is in reality one of the most powerful and dangerous men in the subsector!

He's a little guy, basically just the navigator model with the bottom centimeter or so cut off. His left hand used to carry a scroll of sorts, but unfortunately that was poorly attached and got lost, (or fortunately, judging by some of the reception last time it was posted - and I'm not arguing!) so now he's got a generic-hand-occupying widget instead.

- - - - -

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Re: Aidan - Inquisitor Kassor and retinue
« Reply #1 on: September 04, 2009, 05:29:00 AM »
Great work as always, like what you've done with Siyaz, she definately ended up deserving her own model ;)

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Re: Aidan - Inquisitor Kassor and retinue
« Reply #2 on: September 04, 2009, 03:02:20 PM »
Excellent work on Idres - he's definitely my favourite of your models.  Siyaz is a very nice conversion too.
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Re: Aidan - Inquisitor Kassor and retinue
« Reply #3 on: September 04, 2009, 06:50:02 PM »
Great work there Aidan. I like the short Navigator (nice touch) and Siyaz (is that mainly self sculpted, or is there a Severina/Sevora under there?) but Idres Alinn is just fantastic (I thought that it was a model by another company when I first looked at the picture, until I spoted Slick's legs - I don't recognize the rest of the bits though.)

I quite like Admiral Titov, but Slick's head looks really huge on Von Castellan's body, and although I like =I= Kassor, I think that his left hand looks a bit awkward somehow.

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Re: Aidan - Inquisitor Kassor and retinue
« Reply #4 on: September 05, 2009, 01:46:14 AM »
Thanks for the comments. Good to see my opinions seem to coincide with yours - Idres is, by a goodly margin, my favourite.

I don't recognize the rest of the bits though.)

The arms are from Castellan. I can't remember where the balled left fist comes from, it was added after his left arm was crippled and he lost his second blackpowder pistol. For the rest, it's Slick with alot of green stuff and grey stuff sculpted clothing; one holster removed, and his boot-knife removed. The head is Major Jaxon's (not so recognisable without the hat, perhaps; the sword uses the Castellan's scabbard with a hilt from a 40k khorne bezerker's pseudo-scimitar (great big choppy things that would make the Damascus swordsmiths of old break out in rash just by looking at such a perversion!). He still has slick's 'quilted' leather armour, re-sculpted over where the extra rounds have been removed, and I added a bandolier with powder charges for his pistol.

Siyaz (is that mainly self sculpted, or is there a Severina/Sevora under there?)

Yeah, there's one of the assassin twins under there. I'm not a big fan of the actual assassin twin models (okay, they're really rather ridiculous, probably because they're so true to the artwork), but the absence of bulky clothing does lend itself towards forming a base to sculpt over. Siyaz has had a kind of armoured tunic sculpted over her torso and groin, and I've added a thin layer to beef up her limbs' bodyglove a little. Her feet have had the heels lowered quite a bit and boots sculpted on. The guns, of course, come from Chaos Space Marines. (Cheers to 'Dust King' for suggesting the pose, btw.)