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University of Manchester RPG Soc. 8/11/11
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So, after skipping a session for reading week, the Soc. reconvenes.

And they do so on a remote moon, the glassy marbled ground beneath them a huge metamorphic sheet of marble, with granite spurs projecting out through the surface. The Peculiar atmosphere of the moon, low pressure, but high oxygen content, results in below ground pressurised homes, though the atmosphere is breathable. Fortunately none of the ensuing fire fight ignited a major fire in the dangerous environment.

The firefight which ensued when two parties encountered each other over a mysterious object. An undying flame in a green hands palm. The legend tells that it was cut from the hand of deamon by the emperor himself. But untill now, the relic had attracted little interest. Is it deamonic? Or is it holy?

Two forces arrive to investigate this, by odd chance at the same moment. The Redemptionists advance quickly, with Friar Barphan falling to his feet, muttering prayers to the emperor echo'd by his compatriots.

Fortunate Wells joins him.

Meanwhile, the Forces of the Inquisition are moving into place.

Inquisitor Hanja, with his experimentaal drug tester, and somewhat erratic psycher, Sherridan.

And Rifleman Verger climbed a nearby bunker top, and took a prone position on overwatch over the possibly demonic item.

The Scene was set:

The redmptionists advanced on the relic, praying. But the clumsy miner advanced too swiftly, and fell to his feet, not in prayer, but in the difficult terrain (So many failed risky actions this game).

Attempting to stop them with psychic power, but failing, the Inquisitors saw a glowing blue flame enclose the head of the hammer wielded by the Masked praying Friar.

Only for it to ineffectually warm the rocks they sheltered behind, as a well placed las bolt struck the Friar down.

The Holy men gathered round the emperors relic, getting their weapons bless and bathed in the emperors holy light. With their leader, The 'Pardoner' read from scrolls of forgiveness, urging his followers on.

Though the grenades were inaccurate, and the psychic energies still escaped their users control, though whether the Emperor himself prevented harm to his followers, or the Purifying helms prevented injury.

And it resulted in a swirling meele, Where Hanja finally got himself squared away, and scored a nasty hit to the groin.

But the game ended with the Pardoner fumbling a scroll of pardon, which fell into the eternal flame, and bringing his hand above the fire, it rose into his grasp. When he read from it, all across the board heard the sacred words, and recognised that the relic was truly blessed. All fell to their knees in worship.

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