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University of Manchester RPG Soc. 15/11/11
« on: November 16, 2011, 10:56:11 PM »
On a world preparing for the arrival of a warp storm, a successful, covert meeting has just finished.

And the representatives of the Inquisition, redemption, and tech priesthoods departed towards their respective shuttles. Unaware of the scuttling in the ruined buildings.

How unfortunate for them:

(I had one player controlling the nids, and three teams of two, each informed at the start that they were heading towards their shuttle, and otherwise unaware of the scoring system. 1 for each character off the board, and bonus points for killing rippers. The game ends when a team gets both characters off the board).

Inquisitor Hanja was faced with a flurry of teeth and leathery wings, and struggled to beat back the beast, not displaying his usual prowess with the staff.

While Techpriestess Ethel walked to close to a wall, and was jumped by a blur of claw and fang.

Another airborne ripper flapped towards the redemptionists, heading to the softer target. The Good Confessor.

Who promptly sidesteps, directing the beast towards a more appropriate ecclesiastical authority.

Tech Priestess Ethel meanwhile, was set upon by multiple rippers. In true techno viking style, Magos Jardine came to her aid. And promptly hit her in the chest with a shotgun blast, while the rippers ignored the buckshot.

Meanwhile, rushing to his masters aid, Rifleman Verger fumbled with his bayonet. And stopped right infront of a spine ripper.

The Cyberroo, asnwering Ethels MIU calls for help, bounded across the board and ripping a ripper in two with it's servo arms.

And techno viking also charged in, vibro knife drawn.

Verger, bayonet fixed, turned and snapped off an accurate shot at his foe, who had peppered his back with the most painful spines.

While the Confessor ranted (and got bonus points for his roleplaying), Friar Barphan struggled on, trying to swat the flying beast.

Inquisitor Hanja too, stuggled with a growing swarm of hard to hit enemies.

While Verger tried to make Tyranid on a stick.

It took the roar of shuttle engines warming up to remind the players that they needed to retunr and orchestrate their own actions. Particularly now they were aware of what the warpstorm heralded.

It didn't look like the Followers of the omissiah were going anywhere. Particularly when a ripper stunned Ethel, and she lost control of her cybernetic follower.

Untill, with amazing insight, the Cyberroos machine spirit realised what it had to do

(Yes, that is a 01 on it's SG roll)

The Cyberroo picked up Ethel, bounded with her in it's loving (if slightly too tight) embrace to twards the saftey of they shuttle.

Technoviking quickly followed.

Hanja smashed through his opponents and broke from combat, towards his own vessel, and Veger soon followed, pursued by the swarm.

But it was too late. Though the confessor made it to saftey as well, the tech priests, despite suffering the most damage, had made it to saftey, and with the most (only) kills.

Victory to the Omissiah!