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University of Manchester RPG Soc. 22/11/11 - Seraphim's Game
« on: November 24, 2011, 06:21:17 PM »
+Incoming Transmission...+

Sub-sector Aurelia, planet Calderis.
The shifting sands have revealed the ruins of a warhound titan from a long forgotten battle, there have been reports of strange lights and noises coming from the ruins and one report of a glowing artifact singing to local nomad.
Naturally this did not escape the attention of the Inquisition, Rifleman Verger was deployed alongside the Psyker Sherridan to investigate.

Unbeknownst to them was the presence of the Redeptionist war-band, here to determine whether the artifact was a holy relic that required recovery or a vile warp-bound scar on the land that needed removal.

All of them must hurry however as a sand-storm is on the horizon and while the wind is only obscuring their vision at the moment, it may well bury the ruins along with them.

Both parties searched the wasteland but only found junk and useless debris until the Redeptionist party spotted a human figure through the thick sand.

The confessor hailed the guardsman and a tense trading of identification and claims to the ruins began as the most noble form of combat, diplomacy, went under-way.

Fearing that they would be at a disadvantage when if talk broke down and still searching for the artifact, Fortunate Wells began what Verger would call a 'flanking manoeuvre' and crept around him to the other side of the wall and Immediately spotted Sherridan doing the exact same thing.

At this time everyone heard a wonderful, light and silky if it was coming from over their own shoulder, Fortunate wells immediately suspected the woman in front of him and charged with a cry of 'Witch!'. Sherridan promptly fled to Verger's location as Wells peeped around the corner to follow her.

The talks were going well and the parties were still at a tense stand-off until Friar Barphan found and picked up the artifact.

It was a tome, of CHAOS!

A loud laughing voice thanked everyone for releasing it, the one called Akkadian, from its prison. Friar Barphan's purifying helm prevented him from being possessed so it "blessed" his power-hammer instead. The confessor began preaching the word of the emperor causing the hammer to shriek in pain and dark runes appeared on its surface that hurt to look at.

The corruption evident: both Fortunate Wells and Sherridan attacked Friar Barphan with mind and might respectively, only to score light damage as he desperately tried to drop both hammer and tome and prevent them from flying back into his hands. Brother turned against brother, such is the way of Chaos.

The Friar tried blocking a eviscerator swipe with the tome as was surprised to see it pass clean through it as a bolt of lightning shot from the tome into the much closer sandstorm which swelled and engulfed them as the demon laughed once more:
'You actually thought I was telling the truth? NOW I am free!'

The confessor rallied and preached the word of the emperor to the foul demon, this was a BIG mistake.

Wounded and enraged the Greater Demon overwhelmed Sheridan's mind, fissures opened in the land as lightning struck the ruins of the titan and demons poured out from the warp, a full-scale demonic incursion of Calderis had begun.

+Transmission Concluded, Laudate Principem.+

My first game as GM, thank you to both players for being so considerate and sorry that you got such bad rolls regarding the tome and it's destruction.
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Re: University of Manchester RPG Soc. 22/11/11 - Seraphim's Game
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Very well done! A very nice report, and a splendid game well run.