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Sorry it's late.

Near the Sacred flame, the Remptionists have established them selves a small bunker, and with a captured Psycher, they prepare for a good day of witch burning tomorrow, along with a bake sale and coconut shy.

 Meanwhile, the Inquisition forces have located where their current experimental project is, and close in for a rescue.

Realising they are under attack, the Redemptionists shift position, some racing towards the sacred relic.

While the Pardoner roars his defiance at the attackers, haranguing them with words of faith.

Which does nothing as the experienced rifleman takes a firing position on the bunker.

Hanja and Ungen move in on the nearest Redemptionist lackey, who brandishes a fearsome chainsword.

Ungen charges a nearby outcrop of rock, but looking before he leaps, dosn't make a death defying leap into combat.

So the staff wielding Inquisitor charges into combat.

While the Redemptionists recieve the emperors blessing on their tools of his divine work.
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