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Re: Hecatoncheires OOC (Recruiting!)
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It went a bit faster than expected, especially because I looted the background of an old, never built character for Inquisitor I found in my files.(note to self, get that mess organized some day) If anyone has suggestions, please tell me.

NAME: Formosus

AGE: 47

RANK: Confessor

APPEARANCE: Formosus is tall and powerfully built and under his robes he is heavily scarred from his flaggelation. He has short brown hair in a tonsure. He has a deep, booming voice, speaking with authority. He wears red robes over a white underrobe and a red mitre decorated with golden skulls. On his breast he wears the rosarius given to him when he was ordained as a full confessor. At his side he always carries a book containing his martyred masterís sermons.

BELIEFS: Formosus is a devout servant of the Emperor. He beliefs to be doing His work and thinks that the amount of damage caused is irrelevant, only the pure have the right to exist.

PERSONALITY: His faith is the central part of Formosus. With every action he seeks to honour the Emperor. He however has a tendency to think that the Emperor has chosen him over the many others making him somewhat self-important.

ABILITIES: Formosus is a great public speaker and always knows what to say to a crowd. He is a decent fighter with his chain-axe, his hooting is far less impressive. Having just recovered from the poison is voice lacks the strength to carry as far as it once did.

WEAPONS: Formosus carries a crosier and under his robes he has a hidden revolver. Attached to his robes he wears a chain-axe.


965M41   Born on Meinong IV, probably to some of the teeming masses of pilgrims and left as a foundling at the shrine of Santa Aurelia Taking Pity On The Poor.

969M41   Sent to the Schola Progenium where his faith is exemplar.

984M41   Ordained as a priest

985M41   Seconded as an assistant to confessor Bonifatius.

991M41   Writes part of his masterís famous sermon delivered to the masses of Hylas Hive on Doristor Prime after
which tens of thousands of heretics turn themselves in.

994M41   Leads a band of Frateris Militia purging a cell of the coven of the seventeen eyes on Braslar.

996M41   Uncovers the Worshippers of the Great Saints on Glundh to be secret worshippers of the darkness leading to a great series of purges by his master and even the Inquisition.

999M41   Assists in the events leading to the Day of the Thousand Pyres on Sagitta.

002M42   Wounded in his left lung by a sniper while preaching on Valstar Tertius.

004M42   Is ordained as Confessor without parish, free to roam the Imperium guarding the population from twisting their faith.

007M42   Rouses the masses on Guadon II leading them to purge witchcraft from their midst, in the aftermath he is poisoned by a traitor in his own ranks.

008M42   Confessor Bonifatius is martyred on Yoko Prime while inspiring the planetís liberators.

011M42    Finally recovers from the poison enough to continue the work of the Emperor.
Circles of the wise My attempt at writing something, please comment on it if you have any advise.

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Re: Hecatoncheires OOC (Recruiting!)
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Consider my interest well and truly piqued.

I'm leaning towards a character with Xanthite sympathies.  Details to come.


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Re: Hecatoncheires OOC (Recruiting!)
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NAMES: Alexander Carvolye and Johanna Rhommel
RANK / AFFILIATION: Storm Trooper / Imperial

Date of Birth: (3)030973.M41 (Alexander), (3)403975.M41 (Johanna)
Place of Origin: Erstenheme, Segmentum Pacificus (both)
Gender: Male (Alexander), Female (Johanna)
Height: 186cm/6'1" (Alexander), 159cm/5'9" (Johanna)
Weight: 63kg (Alexander), 71kg (Johanna)
Physical Appearance (Alexander): Tallish, fair skin, sandy hair cut short, fairly large grey eyes. Small nose, slightly crooked after being broken and healed improperly. Faint burn scar across right cheek.
Physical Appearance (Johanna): Short auburn hair, pale skin. Broad shoulders. Slight, but noticeable, scarring around bionic left eye. Small mouth, with a scar running from her lip down to her chin.

Attire (both): Full Storm Trooper carapace (black/tan). Dark blue and grey coveralls when off-duty.

Personality/Beliefs (both): Devoted to the Emperor, but neither has really given matters of faith much further thought. Alexander is the more reserved, but approachable and amenable of the two, whereas Johanna is more outspoken and aggressive (though both are well aware of their place in the chain of command, and show deference to their superiors)

Abilities/Strengths/Weaknesses (Alexander): Alexander displays a definite aptitude for ranged combat, and given the choice he will engage an enemy in a firefight rather than at close quarters. Alexander prefers to act as his unit's designated marksman, and while lacking the patience or skill of a dedicated sniper, his keen eyesight and steady aim allows him to land a killing shot with a hellgun beyond its standard accurate range. Alexander is also trained in demolitions and lockbreaking.

Abilities/Strengths/Weaknesses (Johanna): A naturally aggressive woman, Johanna's belligerence lends itself well to her role on the front lines, and as such she always favours a direct approach, whether on the battlefield or away from it. Johanna rarely shies away from close-quarters fighting and is equally at home with a gun in her hands as with a combat knife and a grenade. Johanna is also an accomplished long-distance runner, and even in carapace armour she will not tire easily.

Weapons and Equipment (both): Full Storm Trooper carapace armour. Erstenhemer KD-7 "Partisan" hellgun, backpack power source. Two "Gila" combat knives. Four frag grenades. Audiovisual autosense suite integrated into helmet.

Additional Wargear (Alexander): Mars-pattern M.38 red dot sight on hellgun. Armageddon No.3 laspistol, two spare charge packs. Five tubes melta-gel, three metres det-cord (coiled). Bio-scanner auspex.

Additional Wargear (Johanna): Erstenhemer RN-5 "Morningstar" combat shotgun, 10-GA, ten-shot box variant. Five spare magazines (incendiary ammunition). Two krak grenades.

Subservient To: Terrance Greensail, Interrogator to Inquisitor Hesh
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Re: Hecatoncheires OOC (Recruiting!)
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All seem fine so far. Helser, would be great to have you on board.

With regards to Rhommel and Carvolye's boss, you could create one yourself? Perhaps their master sent them alone, or with an Interrogator or other acolyte in charge? It's fun to have a designated redshirt to kill off, too.
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Re: Hecatoncheires OOC (Recruiting!)
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With regards to Rhommel and Carvolye's boss, you could create one yourself?
I may just do that, although I'm trying to thin down the number of characters on my spreadsheet, not make hundreds more :P (EDIT: Found a stray name, am running with it)

About personal histories; I'm tempted to skip that on the grounds that they're Storm Troopers. Being as Storm Troopers are more or less groomed for Inquisition service during their time at the Schola Progenium (with the majority being palmed off onto the Guard), any backstory I create could apply just as easily to Rhommel and Carvolye as to (quite literally) any other pair of Storm Troopers, and vice versa, since it would just end up reading like any other Storm Trooper's resumť.
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Re: Hecatoncheires OOC (Recruiting!)
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Aforementioned caveats about being busy as, but this is too cool to ignore, so:

Inquisitor Kerralyn Merriweather

Age had turned Inquisitor Ibrahim Ivanovych Sammael to all manner of radicalisms and heresies, and although his Istavaanian leanings made the concept of proteges abhorrent, he still thought he could pick and nurture more suitable inquisitors than "the usual procession of puritan dotards". So, in his fourth century of life, he resolved to look among the nearby schola progenium for their most able candidate, and take them 'under his wing'. He alighted on one girl in early adolescence: extremely precocious, arrogant, and borderline insubordinate. Her name was Kerralyn Merriweather.

Sammael proved an eccentric mentor. Most of Merriweather's tutelage consisted of scholarship (Sammael gave her free access to his library, with no attempt made to protect her from the books) and debate (routinely him playing 'daemon's advocate' for all manner of heresies - he concealed the fact that many of these he sincerely believed). The occasional field-work and combat were uneventful successes. Sammael hoped that a young mind, not normalized to usual presumptions, prescriptions, and taboos would rapidly gravitate to some interesting radicalism. He was disappointed: Merriweather's researches, although sufficient to have her purged by Sammael's peers, became more cautious; and although Sammael generally won their arguments, she remained a (deeply conflicted) Amalathian. Despite this, Sammael respected and valued her company - he found competent ideological foes a rare commodity.

True to form, Sammael contrived to have Merriweather raised to full inquisitor half way through her third decade - considered by most outrageously young, but Sammael reasoned he had nothing left to teach, that she would survive if she was good enough, and it would make an interesting experiment. He was a member of a loose diaspora of radicals, united by little more than contempt for inquisitorial orthadoxy, and few favours were needed to find those needed to ratify. Sammael left Merriweather on the nearest hive with a seal, a considerable amount of money, and a promise he'd check up on her.

Merriweather was grossly inexperienced, and her (relative) orthadoxy put her out of set with the only inquisitors she knew. She began carefully, slowly gathering a core of staff and network of safe-houses and associations in-system, financing herself through a mix of shrewd investment and corruption. She showed a knack for 'arms length' intervention, seldom interacting with but manipulating the artifice of Imperial power to put down low-level rebellions and occasional cults. She attended her first conclave a few years later, and although considered a curio by the radicals and a reckless aberration by the puritans, she earned some measure of respect from both for her intelligent remarks in counsel and reports of her elegant case-work.

Sammael and Vyzier had a tangential relationship of contempt tinged with mutual respect. He was one of those she black-mailed with past heresies to elevate Erich. Although Sammael might well have done so without being threatened, his injured pride led him to try and concoct post-mortem revenge. He had kept enough tabs on Vyzier to hear of her purge around the planet, and that it's warpstorm had ended. Sammael surmised whatever was going on was important to Vyzier, and, better he suspected whatever it was could be exploited for his own ascension. However, he could not act without triggering Vyzier's threat. Yet his virtually unknown student could.

He tracked down Merriweather in the same system he left her. He told her of the planet's history, and whatever other information he could glean to persuade her of it's importance. Merriweather agreed, realizing she should do more than police a system, and booked passage via a series of traders to investigate what has happened. Sammael resolved to follow her after a couple of years - long enough for Vyzier's threats to have passed, but hopefully short enough to ensure the situation was resolved to his advantage. If Merriweather perished, too bad; if not, he was sure he could overcome her if necessary when he arrived himself.


Merriweather is a tall, white, brown haired women between youth and middle age. Her dress is nondescript, an electoo on her left hand the only mark of her involvement with the inquisition. She is quiet, determined, ruthless, and ferociously intelligent. Without any anchoring in her formative years of what she should think, her beliefs are a syncretic mix of blasphemies: agnostic regarding the emperor, considering chaos as mistaken philosophy rather than profound evil, and others. Her in-practice tendency to amalathianism and protection of imperial structures, as well as her secrecy, help conceal these in-principle heresies.

She is a reasonable duellist and a mediocre markswoman, meticulously trained but broadly untested, and tries to compensate with the quality of her wargear (power rapier, conversion field, etc). However, she considers an Inquisitor being drawn into personal combat a sign of failure, and prefers stealth, espionage, information superiority and other projections of 'soft power', with direct action performed by manipulated intermediaries.

Merriweather is a latent psyker, and although her faculty was beneath the contempt of the black ships, Sammael's reading material has enhanced it without her knowledge (although not without his). It currently manifests as no more than the occasional telepathic hunches, and Merriweather only has limited insight as to what has happened to her.

Obviously, she can have some random agents/redshirts/whatever too. Please check if you don't mind how I've written them in re. Vyzier etc. (I'm happy to change fiddle as you see fit). Actually, that applies to any other recommendations have to improve character and back-story.

Sammael can be introduced later if you like (or not) - as hinted at, he'd be much more exploity than investigatey, and of a much higher power level.

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Re: Hecatoncheires OOC (Recruiting!)
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Merriweather - Your titular character seems fine to me! I love Sammael's history with Vyzier, though rest assured if she knew the full extent of his radicalism she would have attempted to kill him repeatedly (not personally, of course, and not in any way that would ever point to her. This is, of course, also possible. Vyzier was a terrifyingly puritanical soul - she really wasn't kidding about how much she was hated. I'm tempted to actually give a brief account of her funeral - half the guests attended with their identies/faces obscured, the casket was subjected to a lot of subtle and secret auspex scans and no-one touched the food.

Obviously my recent difficulties getting access to the 'clave have meant this fell by the wayside somewhat. I plan to hit this off soon, mind. I also plan - and I won't explain how - to do things in the story only possible with the medium of a forum.
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Re: Hecatoncheires OOC (Recruiting!)
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If you also plan to do things via the medium of Facebook, or emails, then do so :P