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IGT12: The Account of Hanja
« on: April 01, 2012, 06:39:04 PM »
Taking a Lead from Gav, here's a story based around Inquisitor Hanja's battles at the 2012 IGT. Orders juggled and story lines blurred, I've misplaced my notes from the games, so if you want to correct names of objectives ect. Feel free and I'll edit this post.

Battles, smuggle the plans out (plans were fake), failure.
Rescue Contact. Success.
Track down Book and Recover.

Hanja wiped out the last smidgen of sauce with the crust of his flatbread, even after all these years Ungen, his valet, could still come up with an interesting new way to spice a dish. His meal finished, the inquisitor reached for a data slate and returned to the puzzle before him. A top secret inquisitorial vault opened, a tome of unholy lore stolen, and neither the orbital defences, ground works or wards had been of use.  He reread the message.


Honoured Brother,
Our Associates have acquired important information regarding the infiltration of Orbital Defence Satellite 23.
An Agent has been dispatched to recover this information and you are required to ensure this information reaches an extraction point to be confirmed by the Agent.

May He Guide Your Hand


The codes, signs and seals were all correct, and it was worded as only a Conclave of his fellows would address it. There were many concerned within his own circle, and without, who would be anxious to see this information. But Hanja didn't like being anyones messenger in particular, and he mulled over the situation as the ship began to decelerate as it neared the planet.

Having successfully found the contact, Inquisitor Hanja, accompanied as always by his valet and bodyguard Ungen, and a Loyal Rifleman, Verger. The Extraction point was in sight, but other forces were moving against them, and if they didn't reach their appointed meet soon, the information wouldn't make it off world in time to make a difference.

Verger had the data slate carrying the relevant information tucked safely underneath his breastplate, in more secure hands than that of their courier at least. But looking across the ruined streets he was passing through, something didn't seem quite right, though he couldn't spot what.

With Verger getting the Data slate to the extraction point, Hanja and Ungen looked for safest route to take the courier, hoping their presence around him would lure anyone seeking the data to assume it was still on the Agents person.

This ploy apparently worked too well, as Hanja came under fire from an unknown source [Confirmed: Hurd Weapon, ref:=][=1167319MMXII] and were confronted by Agents of another interest, seemingly determined not to let the information get out. With his master knocked down, Ungen did his best to fend them off, but even once both were up, fighting shield and flail against power weapons of an unusual design and force staff against a highly skilled sabre fighter, they found that they preference for speed over armour caught up with them.

Verger meanwhile, continued his run for the extraction point. Spotting an individual on a nearby rooftop, he thought just the thing to distract his foe would be a smoke grenade. Through the billowing clouds, his foe landed a lucky shot, clipping Verger in the leg and preventing him making it in time.

In the aftermath that followed, it appeared that the information on the data slate was infact a false lead. Set to take them on the wrong path, this vital clue was nothing more than a distraction.....

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Re: IGT12: The Account of Hanja
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A Deep cover agent 'Inga' in an organisation with certain Xeno's ties was the next lead. Things were getting too hot, and there were suspicions about 'Mac'. Hoping for a simple extraction, Hanja arrived with just his Bodyguard, Ungen. Of course, Rifleman Verger was not too far away if things got hot.

The first thing they saw when they arrived was 'Mac' meeting with a rather strange looking individual, who's skin looked as if shadows moved across it. This didn't look good for 'Inga' or the security of her information.

Alongside this individual was a towering figure in armour. Ungen, seeing a worthy opponent, could hardly restrain the warrior spirit within as he rushed forwards to engage him.

Ungen was able press his attack, but his foe's armour was strong against his attacks, and the shocks of electricity did nothing to stun him. Then, from the shadows, a quickly moving figure arrived, and he urged his attack against this new softer direction.

Successfully, Ungen beat them back, and on to the floor, only for the lithe attacker to drop a blind grenade, plunging them into darkness.
 Hanja meanwhile, skirted a nearby melee, despite pot shots at his back from an attacker he didn't deign to acknowledge so intent was he on obtaining the information from his undercover operative. With the blind grenade as a destruction, he ran to aid the running figure of 'Inga' calling for support from Verger.

Who swiftly arrived, dove prone, and landed an accurate shot knocking 'Mac' to the floor.

Only for the doors on the right to open, unleashing some very large kroot organisms.

"Oh no, not again" muttered verger.

The Lumbering giant made a bee line to cut off the escape of 'Inga' and Hanja, while Ungen guarded their retreat. With a snap of it's jaws, Hanja expected to see his covert operative in parts, but the beast was as gentle as a mother cat. Save that it was well over 8' at the shoulder and had a beady wicked eye.

Unwilling to loose his vital data, Hanja, with a mighty leap, connected a blow of his force staff with the Beasts head. Channeling the power of the warp through himself and his staff into the Krootox, it fell over, unfortunately, it fell over on top of 'Inga'

Hanja took his ironwood staff, oiled with holy and psychic ungents, capped with warp active electrum, and thrust it under the beasts head, doing his best to leaver it up off the struggling 'Inga'.

It took Ungens strength to raise the Xenos head, and they made good their escape, while the figure in Black with the shadowy skin dealt with the mess they left behind.

This was a vital step in tracking down the lost tome.

And it led them to one particular place, on one particular world.

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Re: IGT12: The Account of Hanja
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Guards Patrolled the deserted hab zone. Hanja could feel the psychic power of the Tome, and worse, he could sense the sorcery being used. He hoped they were not too late.

Hanja dashed across the open ground, hoping any guard on the ground floor would rush round into the reach of his readied staff.

And Verger kept a watchful eye out to provide covering fire. After taking a shot on his armour, he returned fire and began to engage the a guard on the top of the building.

While Hanja, dashing ahead of his bodyguard, smashed down the nearest guard and ran on. (Yes, I know, another IGT, Hanja hits another girl)

And they caught sight of the astonishing beauty, holding the Forbidden tome, the nexus of psychic energy. Some Dark act was taking place, and it was up to Hanja and Ungen to succeed.... Ahead of the rogue trader who herself wanted the tome.

Verger meanwhile was loosing the fight against the guard on the roof, and powered his way across the open ground, racing for the stairs, which he began to climb while affixing his bayonet.

Hanja and Ungen struggled through the psychic wards and shields atop the hill, the Inquisitors attempt to distract the witch in her incantations had proven disastrous and he was still reeling from the psychic feedback.

The very fabric of space time warped as Ungen struggled through the treacle tick atmosphere and attempted to strike the chanting sorceress. He landed no blow, but something happened, for at their feet, there was a large explosion [Confirmed: Grenade fire by Elements of Rouge Traders Entourage. Charges Pending].

The Book opened, and a huge void opened, sucking in the witch. Fortunately, Ungen was thrown free, and Hanja, knocked off his feet, desperately reached out with his mind and shut the book. He was being sucked towards the void and it's presence was destroying his grasp on the powers he was trying to control, but with a snap, the covers met, and the void vanished.

Then, with a flourish, Hanja threw the book at himself. A Successfuly Recovery.

Now to transport the Tome back to safe keeping...

...Who's hands could possibly considered safe for such a powerful but of knowledge.

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Re: IGT12: The Account of Hanja
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The reports are very nice, especially because of the in-character writhing and of course the many pictures with good-looking models in them, there can never be too many of those/
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