Author Topic: IGT12 Scenario: Data Transfer  (Read 2526 times)

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IGT12 Scenario: Data Transfer
« on: April 02, 2012, 02:22:13 PM »
so, i've gotten around to converting my IGT12 scenario into a PDF (even if it has had the nice Vibrocentric font ripped out :( ) and uploaded it HERE :)

I wanted a scenario inspired by Malifaux's not-necessarily opposing objectives; each player knows what they have to do and it may not simply involve killing the other guys :)
While Adlan tried a feint with the Courier, i think Karandras did very well; his aggressive playstyle fooled Adlan into thinking he was after the slate when he was trying to allow it to exit and Myriad pulled a sneaky sneaky ambush on the Courier :D

so, a quick rundown from what i remember (i've lost my notes on character names, so i apologise!)

Player One (Adlan) was given a character referred to as The Courier, who had a data-slate of vital importance... Adlan was required to get the slate off the opposite board edge.
Karandras and Myriad were each given 4 Objective cards;
#1: retrieve the Data-Slate
#2: ensure the data-slate is taken off the opposite board by player 01
#3: Kill The Courier
#4: Destroy the Data-Slate
Karandras was forced to randomly choose his objective, ending up with #2. Myriad picked #3.

Hanja's recollection is Here, while follows is my observation :)

Adlan gave the dataslate to his guardsman, Verger who snuck into some ruins to his right.
Karandras' warband deployed on this side, far across the settlement.
Myriads' xenos crew were on the opposite, spread across the edge.

while Inquisitor Rex ran toward a building, the Sergeant-Major advancing forward and the third member spending a mass of time reaching a building furthest from the courier and more time climbing up it (i know what 1 action a turn feels like!), Hanja, Ungan and the Courier advanced straight down the middle, the xenos crew spreading out further, noticeably the hrud and merc going onto rooftops, the floaty one headed toward Rex...

Hanja attempted to Distract Rex, but failed horrifically, losing a dozen WP points!

Rex wasn't so lucky when the floating Xenos managed to Terrify him to the spot!
the Sergeant headed toward the Courier as Verger ran by, unnoticed!

It's worth noting Adlans warrior fired a "warning" shot that hit hanja in the arm from the other side of the board, missing the melee, the Courier and the building he was stood by!

While Ungan and the Sgt ended up in a melee, the Hrud had snuck onto a rooftop and shot Hanja while Verger hit the third warrior, who had finally reached a rooftop, with a smoke grenade!

the floating Xenos charged into the Courier, Mesmerising Hanja in a heroic display of psychic mastery!
Rex, recovering his wits, joined the Sgt in assaulting Ungan

and the lone warrior put a gunshot through Verger's leg!
thankfully the light wound didn't hamper him, but he failed to get enough actions to leave the board!
and so we ran out of time, the Courier uninjured, a stale-mate melee and the data-slate 10" for completing the objective!

i hope the guys enjoyed the scenario, i did :)
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Re: IGT12 Scenario: Data Transfer
« Reply #1 on: April 02, 2012, 07:39:18 PM »
The scenario is very interesting, I might steal some of the ideas in it someday.
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