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Holiad's IG2012
« on: April 08, 2012, 05:51:48 PM »
Hello everyone, I've put together a report of the IGT. My warband compromised of my old favourite inquisitor Terwyn, supported by some new henchmen-Keltres, a guard veteran and sanctioned psyker, and Anatol, a sinister knife-wielding assassin under a vow of silence, a character quirk I would come to regret....

My first game, GMd by MarcoSkoll, centred on an assassination attempt on the fur-cloaked inquisitor Thorne, accompanied by a bodyguard. Terwyn's objective was first to record the attack, preferably featuring a serious wound to the inquisitor, then to capture one of the assasins alive, and in a state to answer questions(so no incinerating them).
Terwyn and Keltres advanced past a building to get a good view of the central area, while Anatol ran past to climb a building further along. Observing a suspiscious female, he sneaked on to the roof to observe her. Terwyn, meanwhile, was challenged by one of the inquisitor's bodyguards and, not yet being close enough to observe Thorne, chose to go quietly, until the guard aimed a few blows at her anyway, at which she dodged free and ran around the ruins. Putting his weapons away, Keltres had better luck persuading Throne's guards of his benevolence, and Thorne advanced into view of both him, Anatol from  his concealed perch, and  Terwyn who had sneaked back to where she could get a look. Unfortunately, while my warband was nicely in position, the assassins showed no sign of making a move. Just as Terwyn is ready to resort to playing the role of assassin herself, one of the assassins finally took the shot from other nearby ruins. Drawing her own needle pistol, she aimed at the assassin in turn, but due to his resilient skin failed to do worse than knock him flat. Hmm, maybe one little firestorm wouldn't have done too much.....
And here the game ended, with at least a partial completion of my objectives, although the inquisitor wasn't seriously wounded, and the assassins far from apprehended. Despite than, an interesting game, trying to manouvre to observe both the inquisitor or the assassins without either ruining the assassination attempt early or getting stuck in a battle with the inquisitor's bodyguards was a nice challenge. In particular, this game is of note for being possibly the first time Terwyn has ever actually fired her pistol

The next game involved an investigation into a series of murders, including several of humanity's precious(to Terwyn at least) psykers. Also interested were tech-adept Liwet and Kaled's flamer-wielding acolyte, each seeking to meet a mystery informant who was meeting them in the outskirts of a town with important information. Skirting along a side street, with Keltres struggling to keep up(3 turns, 3 actions), Terwyn challenged a figure in the centre street. The figure responded with a terrified gabble, which in turn attracted Liwet and the acolyte, who moved to apprehend him. Not keen on getting involved in extended negotiations, and distrustful of the stranger, Terwyn used her telekinetic abilities to acquire the his data slate and backed off to examine it in peace, pursued by the acolyte, flamer in hand. An attempt to deter her pursuer with psychic impel failed due to a rare lapse in concntration, but despite this she still managed to study the slate, which contained several Xenos symbols. Anatol, meanwhile, had been observing from a roof, but on being spotted and challenged by Liwet, plasma-cannon toting servitor in tow, retreated hastily. Terwyn's impending confrontation with the acolyte was forestalled by the appearance of a blurred purple figure rushing past at very high speed. Terwyn and Anatol decided to track it and see what it was up to, while Keltres, somewhat more sensibly, attempted to take a shot, but found himself unable to aim quickly enough. As it turned out, waiting to see what it was up to turned out to be a little stupid, since it was, in fact, a dark eldar hellion running for it's hoverboard. Terwyn's attempt to telekinetically crash it turned out to be drastically overreaching her abilities, and despite incurring damage to it's board and a serious leg wound from the servitor's plasma cannon, it gets away effortlessly. Ok, important note-next time I see a mysterious running figure, kill it first *then* worry about how it's going to end the world. Not that Terwyn's pyromancy has the strength to do more than annoy a character which survived a plasma cannon hit.

My characters took a break this game, as it was my turn to GM, with inquisitor Cortez, backed up by the daemon-sword wielding Raquel and the santioned psyker Anastasia and inquisitor Caidance, supported by tech-adept Novus and the suspisciously short and bearded Dwali both having tracked the missing inquisitorial acolyte Racol to the deathworld of Ouzel 2. Cortez was primarily concerned with capturing Racol alive to be interrogated and, should he prove corrupted, properly and publicly executed, while Caidance was more interested in acquiring a powerful artifact believed to be in Racol's possession. Also present was various native wildlife, which was, in fact, quite harmless unless they started shooting at it. Cortez's entourage spread out, with Raquel on the left and Anastasia to the right, scaring a spiky lizard and a small, dragon-like creature in the process. By contrast, Caidance's retinue remained close knit, with Novus taking position to provide fire support for the advancing Caidance while Dwali lagged behind. Spotting movement in the corner of some ruins, Raquel rounded the corner with a loud challenge, and had her arm and leg seized by the spiked tentacles of a very aggressive and hungry native plant. Meanwhile, spotting Racol attempting to flee round the side of the ruins, Novus opened fire, hitting him in both legs and slowing his escape to a crawl, but ruining any chance of questioning him about the location of the artifact. Lagging behind, Dwali decided that a nearby spiked lizard must be some form of chaos-spawned abomination and took a shot at it, but his aim was wide and in response the vicious creature shot a barbed spike at him before retreating. While the wound was minor, Dwali soon found the sky amazingly big and inviting, and began to jump up and down flapping his arms in an earnest attempt to fly. Unable to effectively fight back against the plant, Raquel changed tactics, using her sorcery to render her body incorporeal and slipping like mist from the tentacle's grasp, Cortez responded to Novus's shots with a hail of bolter fire that smashed through the building and sent the techpriest diving for cover with an arm wound before loudly pronouncing his authority and demanding his rivals stand down. Cautiously hiding behind a very large shield, Caidance answered in turn, but Cortez stood firm, adamant that Racol's apprehension was a matter for the Ordo Malleus alone. The brief standoff was broken by Caidance's realization that their target was escaping while the two inquisitor's sat there shouting at each other(luckily not very fast with those leg wounds), and they hastily postpone their differences and resume their pursuit. Clearly feeling left out of the action and keen to kill something, Anastasia threw a fireball at a large figure lurking in the trees, and with a crash a derelict servitor keeled over sideways in flames. However, she also attracted the attention of the dragonet, which evaded her fireballs and responded in kind by setting her leg on fire. Meanwhile, the two inquisitors had caught up with Racol, Caidance remaining undeterred by Racol's attempts to dismember  with a heavy duty laser cutter. Unfortunately, Caidance failed in his attempt to learn the location of the artifact with a mind scan, and Cortez had stepped incautiously close to the native plant monster, which wrapped a spiked tentacle around his neck and began dragging him towards its maw. At this point, we ran out of time, with Racol still on the loose and the artifact still undiscovered in it's hiding place in the servitor's right arm. My own impression was that the scenario struggled a little and proved generally tough, but since I won the GMing section the player's clearly had a better impression off it, and at least Racol's escape spares me inventing an improbable excuse for his escape from custody if I want to use the character again.

Somewhat unfortunately, my final game was not only limited to 2 players including myself, but paired me against an opponent fielding only a single character against my three, making for a somewhat uneven game. My objective was to locate a hiding planetary governor plus bodyguard and escort him safely to a teleport point, while the bounty hunter Dain aimed to drag him off to hand over to the authorities. While Keltres took up a  guard position bythe escape point, Anatol and Terwyn split up to investigate the town. Unfortunately, it was Anatol who found the governor barricaded in a corner building, and having taken a vow of silence was hard-pressed to convince same of his good intentions. Dain, meanwhile, was approaching the same building, but had been spotted by Keltres, who moved to intercept him, and by Terwyn, who followed close behind. As Anatol was attempting to force the roof hatch, Dain failed to respond satisfactorily to Keltres' challenge, leading to a hail of las-bolts, one of which glanced off his unprotected head. Reacting to the shots, the governor's bodyguard left the building, to open fire on  Keltres, before following the governor, who escaped by the door on the opposite side of the building. Keltres fired at Dain again, crippling the bouty hunters left arm, but Dain gritted his teeth against the pain, and responded by firing his shotgun one-handed, sending Keltres to the ground with crippling leg wounds. Taking over from his injured comrade, Anatol advanced up the stairs towards Dain, who ducked around the corner, while Terwyn ran after the governor, persuading him to accompany her. As Anatol caught up, Dain popped back round the corner with a loaded shotgun, but at such short range found his weapon too clumsy to aim accurately, and while able to evade the counterattacks remained too preoccupied to prevent Terwyn escaping with the governor. An unfortunately one-sided game that went pretty much as expected, my opponent is to be credited for managing to maintain good spirits throughout.

Which left only the scoring, and somehwat to my surprise I managed both overall second place overall, and best GM(which I really didn't expect).

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Re: Holiad's IG2012
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First of all, congratulations with your placings.

Again it looks like you had a lot of fun, the scenarios were interesting and had some very nice ideas in them.
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