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The Valerian Excursion
« on: June 04, 2012, 11:29:24 PM »
Greetings. This is my new warband, based around the following character;

Inquisitor Anton Valerian Jr.
- Born to Anton Valerian Senior, a rogue trader well known on the eastern fringe for his razor sharp intellect and rampant sexualism. He lived with his father until the age of 4, when he was sent to the Schola Progenium by his father, who had struggled with parenthood. Anton Junior never knew his mother.

-He spent 10 years at the Schola Progenium, until his psychic powers came to the fore. Investigation by the Schola Abbotts showed that Antonís mother had been a psyker who had been executed some years earlier. During this time he learnt how to handle weapons was trained to a high level of physical fitness and drilled in Imperial Dogma.

-He spent 7 years as the Schola Psykana. He was trained in telepathy and telekinesis. He was going to be tasked to the Imperial Guard as a Battle Psyker, but his masters at the Schola recommended he undertake work more suited to his telepathic talents. Valerian was assigned to be an assistant to Izaark Puravoch; an Adeptus Arbites Interrogator on the planet of Piion IX.

-Valerian spent 20 years of his life on Piion IX. He spent 8 years as an assistant to Puravoch, who then died and was replaced by Valerian. Anton took part in such investigations as the Ohm-Gas Massacre, the Campbell Case and the DeHaemonal Scandal. It was during the Ohm-Gas Massacre that Valerian was temporarily recruited by Monodominant Inquisitor Djon Repent, who was responsible for the execution of some 400 chaos cultists who had organised the massacre.

-Roughly 4 years later, Valerian was summoned to the Shontu High Conclave, who was passing judgement on Repent. The Monodominant was accused of killing a senior inquisitor during his purge, and the victimís comrades wanted revenge. Valerian was summoned to give evidence against the doomed Inquisitor, who was later executed.

-During the judgement, Valerian met Inquisitor Lord Luciana Li. She made Valerian an offer, join her warband for 12 years, and help her with any investigation during this time, and she would reunite Valerian with his father. Valerian could not refuse.

-Sadly, 12 years passed and Li had not fulfilled her promise. Over the 12 years, Valerian had slowly become more and more obsessed with the idea of finding his father, on the basis that his father would tell him more about his mother and therefore about the nature of his psychic talents. Valerian decided to take matters into his own hands. He invaded Liís mind, ripping apart her mental defences and taking her secrets for his own. He stole her Inquisitorial Rosette and other documentation. He then killed her remaining entourage.

-With this newfound power, he made his way towards the Flurian System, where his father had been reported as assisting Imperial Forces against a Chaos Incursion. He found his father, and fought with him on several occasions. Sadly, this was not meant to be. Anton Valerian Senior was killed on the battlefields of Plurian II by a Slaaneshi Daemonette.

-Anton Valerian Junior spent weeks in grief, believing that his motherís secrets would forever be lost. He scoured the records on his fatherís ship and the minds of his companions and found nothing.
Valerian was then sent a message by Sergeant Cwultu, a Banisher who fought alongside his father on Flurian II. The sergeant had a theory, that Valerian Senior had never died, but had been taken into the warp by the Daemonette he had been fighting; a Daemonette well known to Cwultu by the name as SlankíArk. Cwultu agreed that he would help Valerian find his father, on the agreement he could be responsible for the destruction of the Daemonette. Valerian Agreed.

Right Handed.
WS   BS   S   T   I   WP   SG   NV   LD
61   56   57   59   65   84   76   78   61

Flak Armour on Chest, Abdomen and Arms, Robes on Legs, Knife, Laspistol, Psychic Hood, Two Smoke Grenades, Bionic Jaw with incorporated Voice Thrower.

Psychic Powers:
Telepathy, Dominate, Speak Truth, Psychic Ward, Psychic Impel, Gaze of Death.

Anyone criticism is welcomed :)

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Re: The Valerian Excursion
« Reply #1 on: June 05, 2012, 08:09:46 AM »
He seems like an interesting character, even the looking for his father bit is different from how it normally is done because he does it to find his mother. He does however seem to lack any kind of morals, I would be tempted to add in some bits which show his path to such a point. Also, does he use the rosette often? Other inquisitors could find out about it not being his own leading to all kinds of scenarios.
Circles of the wise My attempt at writing something, please comment on it if you have any advise.

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Re: The Valerian Excursion
« Reply #2 on: June 05, 2012, 11:03:52 AM »
In regards to morals; he'll pretty much do anything in order to achieve his goals (short of complying with chaos) but I kind of agree in that he should have some morals for when he isn't hunting.

And yes, the rosette is basically just a massive plot hook I threw in there. He uses it whenever he needs that Inquisitorial Authority, but often he can just get what he wants by bellowing INQUISITION or using his telepathy.

He does also try to avoid other Inquisitors as much as he can :)

Thanks for the feedback