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The Carthaxian Conclave - Necris' Report
« on: April 27, 2010, 01:44:17 AM »
The pages turned in his hands as the Arvus Lander plummeted through the atmosphere of Tigguo Cobauc, He read over the words of the pages his memories forming images as he read.

Kaede Mack, a well renowned criminal overlord has made contact through on of his agents with Lisa with the promise of delicate information that could be manipulated to jeopardise Lord Calleia’s claim to Grolin’s throne. Eager to preserve Calleia’s name Lisa and I have set out to secure the Information.

He remembered heading down into the depths of the Underhive but the name of the world escaped him he recalled the trap that had been sprung and the escape he and Lisa had effected leading to a service lift to the Upperhive. Making for the lift he remembers striding past the enforcer who’d shouted some sort of challenge at him, anger had been boiling under his skin at the affront that a base criminal would dare to try and set up an Inquisitor of the Imperium, a street whore had tried to peddle him with her trade but his fury had got the better of him and he’d ended her where she stood, the enforcer had almost felt the same wrath but he’d stayed his hand. Lisa had opted to take the service ladder to the lift while he’d gone up the stairwell, lending his firepower halfway up to a struggling imperial soldier as he was assailed by a berserk arco-flagellant, his shot had dropped the monstrous weapon and he’d continued on his way reaching the lift a short while after Lisa to discover her being assailed by some foul Xenos, together they had driven the thing off and taken the lift to safety.

I’ve gone to far, lost myself in the persona of Niska, I murdered a women albeit a vile excuse of one but she did not deserve my wrath, no I need to keep better control of myself but when I hold the gun my anger flares under the skin as if I am loosing myself in blind rage. I feel remorse for the killing but the ends justify the means, Kaede Mack will suffer for his betrayal for I learned nothing instead his fixer the man named Seven Getz proved more useful, after some persuasion and the right application of pain Seven gave up a new avenue of investigation. Heroka Vendile and Inquisitor of some renown for his almost brutal methods was seeking information to confirm his suspicions of a mutal rival, fortunately for him I had that information gathered from Inquisitor Roth, I through Seven made arrangements to meet with Vendile requisitioning a gunship Slade and I set off to make the rendezvous.

He’d landed the gunship in a deserted sector of the low hub and waited Vendile had come but with him also came an unknown attacker, though they came light two against many they had been neutralised quickly, but Vendile showed his true nature turning on him once he’d handed over his part of the information by trying to shoot him in his chest. Thankfully Zion had built him a conversion field and it had taken the worst of the shot exploding in a blinding flash while his armour absorbed the rest, it gave him the moment he needed to shoot Vendile himself his shot was ill placed but at the proximity he was thankful for that as the bolt revolver almost tore Vendile’s leg from his body, as Vendile fell he was possessed of a need to put another round into Vendile and end his treacherous existence, but Slade had called out to him using his real name to get his attention, he’d reclaimed his information and taken Vendile’s for himself before withdrawing into the gunship and making their escape.

It has gone too far, I am sure it is the gun I am becoming more violent the longer I hold it, no I must lock it away and forget Niska. I can scare believe it I almost killed one of my own in cold blood, I have never willingly killed an Inquisitor, I have killed those who have come against me in defence when it had been me or them but in Vendile’s case he was incapacitated and still I tightened my grip on the trigger, if it had not been for Slade’s intervention Vendile would be dead. I can’t risk loosing myself again I may truly go too far. No from now on I will act as myself, which is a shame for Lord Gratin has discovered the secrets of my activities he intends to name me a heretic, I cannot allow myself to be excluded from the Conclave not at this time not if Red Queen is to be brought to justice I must silence Gratin, but the only way to do so will result in his death.

His hand had been forced Gratin would not meet with him to discuss matters and so he had to stop him, discovering though the idle chatter of Father Gulliman had revealed Gratin’s intent to make his way to the forum within the Fortress, there he would public denounce him as a heretic. He laid his trap upon the promenade leading to the forum, taking a sniping position we waited. Gratin must have suspected something for he’d enlisted the protection of the Ultramarine Herald Claudious, though even that could not protect him and he’d ended Gratin, before narrowly making his escape from the wrath of the space marine.

It is with great sadness that Gratin had to end the way he did, if he’d only been willing to hear me out I’m sure I could have persuaded him to support me, it has surprised me how influential I have become, for one of the Order of the Iron Rose, we who work in the field isolated from and rarely involving ourselves with the politics of the Inquisition be recognised is a rare occurrence, when I was approached by Lord Praetus himself I at first felt pride but that quickly turned to anger at Calleia’s inaction the conclave was under threat from the heretek known as Nosferatu, if his experiments on reanimating corpses were as Praetus believed intended to disrupt the proceedings of the election then they had to be stopped. Calleia’s failure to act shows his weakness of character and leaves me wondering if he is fit to rule if he will not rise to the challenge of a threat so close at hand.

[/i]On Lord Praetus’ order he’d set out taking Jarred and Lisa with him, using cover of darkness he’d led an assault on Nosferatu’s facility, everything had been going well he’d removed the threat of one of the defenders before one of Goddard’s servants Theobald had come hunting for him, the battle though short was a dangerous storm of fire with many shots directed at him it was the saving grace of his power field that ensured his survival, Lisa had earned some fresh scars and Jarred had almost fallen to his death. In the end he had shown the young Theobald and her frantic servant that experience over zeal was the true path to victory, he dispatched both her servant and herself in a single vicious charge before ending the Magos with a well placed shot to the chest, tired but victorious he’d lain waste to the facility before returning to the Conclave to declare his intent to stand for the Lordship of the Carthaxian Conclave in the wake of Calleia’s inactivity.

Calleia is not fit to rule the Conclave, he would have allowed the threat from Nosferatu to fester and grow even to the extent that he would have allowed it to interfere with the conclave elections itself, this can not go unchallenged and so I have put myself forward as a candidate, sponsored by Inquisitors Roth and Driskoll my candidacy was accepted, Imagine my surprise to discover that Goddard’s acolyte had as his proxy put his name forward as a candidate as well, the fact that we held almost as much sway on the conclave showed our field duties over politics nature sat well with out peers.

[/i]He remembered giving his speech and casting his vote, then heading out into the fortress to gather more support for his claim, he spoke with several Inquisitors as had Jerrad and both had gained some support for his cause yet he’d been intending to talk with Marco Skoll on the matter when Promethius had attacked him from behind, as was custom with the elections he was unarmed and against the powersword wielding warrior he stood little chance, he remembered the sword cutting into his flesh the energised blade cutting deep into his abdomen before he staggered backwards and tumbled from the high platform he’d been standing on, he recalled little of the events afterwards save the Ultramarine crashing into the archives building opposite from where he lay, with the last of his strength he’d sent out the psychic impulse and allowed the darkness to swallow him.

“We’ll be landing soon Inquisitor.”

He closed the book resting it to one side as the Arus lander came in on it’s last approach dipping down in the Fortress, Once down he was on his feet the formal armour he wore was a more ceremonial piece that actual combat harness yet it had been the only suitable attire he could don, added with a formal cloak of dark blue the hood drawn over his head he strode from the lander Jarred on his heals dressed in an all black formal suit with a black tail coat he followed his master face firmly hidden behind his rebreather. The pair of them strode down the Promenade it was rapidly approaching midnight and he paused only for the briefest of moments to regard the poorly cleaned blood stain where he’d been not a few hours before it cause him to look at his right hand a few hours ago it had been a bionic of copper and brass, not it was alabaster flesh clenching the hand he strode on heading for the Forum, the weapons locker was still secure the guard giving them a cautious look as they strode up the steps the gun servitor ground to life bringing it’s weapon to bear as they approached a scanner passing over them to determine if they were armed or not, he walked forward knowing full well he had no weapons, his prised sword would still be in the locker.

Entering the hall he took in the remains of the banquet and the Inquisitors sat around of it where the vast space would have taken the whole conclave barely a quarter of the space had been laid up for dinners, beyond this hall was the grand chamber he could hear Calleia’s voice giving his inaugural speech and he checked his time piece ten past the hour of midnight, quickening his past he strode to the grand chamber and looked in, gathered before the new Lord Carthaxian were the servants of the Conclave or their Proxies, the Conclaves greatest allies and strongest supporters he spied the towering form of the marine standing to one side observing the proceedings. Carefully he stepped into the chamber as Calleia closed his speech with the formal praise to the Emperor a servitor hovering by the door supported on a grav repulse announced him scanning his Rossarius as he stepped through the door.

“Inquisitor Necris!”

The chamber turned to regard him as he strode forward he drew his right hand into the long sleeve of his robes and walked down the length of his peers, silence filled the hall as he strode forward with purpose, and coming before Lord Calleia he lowered himself to one knee bringing his right arm across his chest.

“I come to pledge my loyalty and servitude to the new Lord Carthaxian.”

He stood turning to regard the conclave as a whole.

“As you can tell the rumours of my demise are unfounded.”

He bowed his head as he backed away to allow others to make their pledges.
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