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In order to make it easier to keep this list up-to-date, I've created a version on Carthax;

I'll leave this copy up on here, but the version on Carthax will be the one I update.

Below is a list of manufacturers and suppliers of 54mm models and other modelling resources.  Obviously, there are loads of manufacturers out there and I've just listed the ones that I thought were most useful for Inquisitor, but many more are available from suppliers like Historex.

If anyone has anything they think should be added to the list (or sees any broken links etc), then post them in this thread and every now and then I'll update this post.

Be seeing you,

Manufacturers of 54mm models
Games Workshop - Inquisitor
Eolith Miniatures
Pegaso Models
JMD Miniatures
Andrea Miniatures
Pizarro Miniaturas
Bronze Age Miniatures
Reaper Miniatures
Ares Mythologic (inc. Draconia)
Enigma Miniatures
Dark Age
Romeo Models
Fontegris Miniatures
Black Scorpion Miniatures
Dark Sword Miniatures
Sacred Blade Miniatures (some of the larger cyborgs etc would work in Inquisitor)
TINs Bits
Fantasy Flight Games
Forgeworld (Monsters, daemons and other creatures would be perfect for Inquisitor)
Smart Max (1/35, so a touch small for Inquisitor)
Airfix soldiers (@Transport Models) (a cheap source of grunts)
Miniaturas Beneito
Irregular Miniatures
Gribbly Miniatures
Hasslefree Miniatures (also sell magnets and brass things which are 'Dead Useful')
Kellerkind Miniatures
Scibor Miniatures
Raging Heroes
Nocturna Models
Tale of War
La Meridiana Miniatures
Devilstar Miniatures
Kingdom Death
Badsmile Miniatures
Miniaturas Franarcilla

Check out Historex below - there are loads more people who make 54mm models...

Suppliers for many of the above miniatures
Historex Agents
El Greco Miniatures
Frontier Models
Arcane Miniatures
Allsorts Emporium
Cool Mini Or Not Store
FRP Games
Khaos Games
SK Miniatures
Antics Online
Artemis Black's

Suppliers of GW plastic parts
Bitz Box
Bits and Kits UK
The War Store - incorporating Battlewagon Bits

Parts and Accessories
(NOTE: a lot of these are 1/35 so are a bit small for most Inquisitor characters)
Military Miniatures Warehouse
Verlinden Productions
HR Products
Plus Model
Fenris Games (mostly 28mm, but some useful bases, scenary & accessories

Modelling Supplies
Heresy Miniatures (also do a great range of creatures and monsters)
Scale Link
Transport Models (great for plasticard, plastic tube and strips)
Station Road Baseboards (another good source of plasticard)
Friulmodell 54mm Academy armature (perfect for sculpting your own characters)

Trade Inquisitor parts
The Arcadian Smugglers Ring

Templates for building Vehicles
PaperHammer 40k

Modeling Guides
Build Your Imagination (many converting and sculpting guides)
Greenstuff_gav's Video Guides (more scultping guides)
Coolminiornot Articles (a wide range of guides and information for all aspects of The Hobby)
Heresy Miniatures' Wire dolly Guide (how Andy Foster creates his armatures)
The Beginners Guide To Sculpting Miniature Figures From Scratch
Green Stuff casting
The Art of Miniature Sculpting - the basics and techniques
Tutorial: Sculpture of a Knight (in 35mm)
Decorated Armour Tutorial

Miniature Photography Guides
Marco's Guide to Getting Clear Model photos

Community Showcases
Showcase: The Inquisition
Showcase: Space Marines
Showcase: Adeptus Mechanicus
Showcase: Imperial Armies
Showcase: Rogue Traders
Showcase: Chaos And Mutants
Showcase: Xenos

Other useful links
Inquisitor models at the CCM wiki (photos of unassembled models from the Inquisitor range showing what parts they come in)

Modelling Retrospectives
Adam Cunis
Alyster Wyck
Inquisitor Cade
Robert the Damned
Tessio Niri
Van Helser
Judge Minos

Inq28 Resources
Antenocitis Workshop

greenstuff_gav: ? they do some stuff that's about the right size  ;D have a small 54mm section to, but do magnets and brass things which are Dead Useful :)


You repeat Romeo and Dark Age.  And FRP is a retailer, not a manufacturer.

Otherwise, a great resource.  Good to see Eolith getting a top billing, too.


Well spotted - I'm updating the list now.

Hadriel Caine:
I would like to blow the trumpet for

Steve was a member on the old forum and offers 10% off GW stock with free global delivery. he also stocks Enigma's 54mm stuff and lots of sci-fi 28mm stuff for those into Inq28.

great resource, this ought to be stickied IMO...



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