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54mm models and modelling resources

Started by Kaled, August 02, 2009, 11:19:09 AM

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Does anybody on here have a link to where I can still purchase the Andrea Miniatures "space officer" - seen here:

Or have one they'd be looking to sell?


S.Sgt Silva Birgen: "Good evening, we're here from the Adeptus Defenestratus."
Captain L. Rollin: "Nonsense. Never heard of it."
Birgen: "Pick a window. I'll demonstrate".

GW's =I= articles


So they do!!

I looked everywhere apart from the official site it seems! hah!

thank you!


someone already ever ordered this model from Poland?
It found it beautifull!!!


i have it. its a great model, but very large and bulky.
i want to convert mine into a techmarine, but it will take a lot of converting.


Youtuber Knarb has just released this STL for a pretty neat Executioner for the Dark Mechanics.

Maybe one for the 3D printers, I know that if my Mars 3 ever actually arrives I'll be giving it a go!

Link to the video of his sculpt: