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Eziah Kranox:
Well after I was kindly sent the rules and had a good read of them, I discovered that quite a lot of sections were incomplete. I would like to start filling in the gaps, if N01H3r3 gives me permission *crosses fingers that he will read this post*. As the undertaking would be rather large, I was wondering if anyone else would like to help? Whether that means just posting ideas or whether you would like to write your own sections, this is just a bit of a call for help. I figure it would be nice to turn it into something more complete state, so.......


What are you looking to expand on, specifically?

Eziah Kranox:
Well, not all the lores have spells, not all the gods have the powers outlined and I'm sure there is someone who wants something else expanded. I just want to fill in some of the spells and the divine powers but there might be other things that other people would like to be expanded.... I just thought that the rules should be a little more finished.

It's a good idea. At the time Inquisitor was released, I thought a fantasy Inquisitor would have been even better. Although I visualised it more as an improved combat system for WHFRP. I'm sure if it's polished and pushed right it could be popular enough. It is a big undertaking and, as I see it, probably can only really be achieved with loads of playtesting. I don't play any more but I am interested in the concept and am planning on painting a couple of Witch Hunter warbands once I finish my current projects. I'm thinking about a Chaos Norse marauder party, Morr temple guards and I'd like to look into converting myself some 54mm Fimir or even one or two of the larger monsters or demons. I reckon the bestiary could do with expanding.

Hi there,

I was given the rules by Radu Lykan and after reading them very closely I have found that like the first post said quite a few things missing like the other gods divine gifts and also the other types of magic and Chaos powers/gifts, as I am quite partial to the chaotic side of life and also you do get cults that don't have leaders who don't have magic abilities, so maybe you could make a profile for mainly warrior sort of leaders for chaos cults if you ever upgrade the ruleset?



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