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Greetings from France
« on: May 11, 2013, 07:56:44 PM »
Hi everybody,

Wandering the web for some conversions ideas, I fall onto Krautscientist blog and then take a look at his wonderful Inq28 minis. Overhelmed by a sudden conversion crazyness I dive into my bitzbox and start snapping, cutting, gluing bitz all together to form 3 warbands each one for each ORDO...

One week after I'm pleased to have assembled 19 little Inqui lads, tough mostly are still WIP as I'm not overconfident about my sculpting skill.

I hope I could post some pics tomorrow.

To say more, I'm not a player of Inquisitor nor is small cousin Inq28 and I'm not sure to play Inquisitor even if I downloaded the rules and like the Inquisitor BG, I prefer far most converting minis than play anyway... (I used to play time to time at 40K or Warmachine but not so often.)

As I'm french people I will not post soon BGs for my little guys as I don't pay a lot on my skill at writing some stories in the shakespeare language, btw I hope that this post is not so awful, forgive me by advance.

So nice to meet you !!

Keb. (If asked I'm not Canadian nor Québecois, my nickname is a long "shortstory" ^^)