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[batrep] Inq at W@R: 15-05-13
« on: May 15, 2013, 10:17:21 PM »
The planet of Varlustlag. Inquisitor Hence Herjailo's search for Magos Stein had lead her to an uninhabited hab-dome called Carolton where a Mechanicus Research team had left a contact to pass information to the Inquisitorial team.

The Inquisitor and her son advanced warily into the dome, while it should be deserted, Hence was always cautious.

Kal threw himself against the ruined diner, scanning the street ahead.
While he spotted the contact, movement in the opposite building drew his attention

Hence dashed toward the contact, spotting movement on the rooftops nearby

Hence grabbed the contact and pulled her into cover as a burly man on the opposite rooftop opened fire, shotgun rounds pelting off the ruins

In a dashing move of heroics, Kal threw himself over a wall, drawing his pistols as he rolled his feet "Imperial Inquisition! Drop your weapons!"

No sooner had he acheived this stunt a long-las shot cracked out form across the open area and one of the goliaths dropped infront of Kal, the top of his head missing!

Kal, expecting a gunfight, started at this development and threw himself into cover!
pulling himself to his feet, he pelted the balcony with lasfire, both figures dropping to the floor, the juve dropping his weapons and slumping awkwardly

Meanwhile, Inquisitor Herjailo slapped the panicking contact and while the woman gabbled incoherently, she reluctantly passed Hence an ancient data-slate.
As Hence tucked the artefact safely away, she was aware at the gangers advancing as the various ammo types impacted all around the pair

She drew a Flash grenade and calmly tossed it over the barricade; the sudden flash of light knocking most of the approaching gang aside.
She was rewarded with a scream as a high-placed sniper slipped and fell from his vantage point

At the flash, Hence grabbed the contact and made a break from it. Kal swung himself around the building, heading toward his mother

a big burly goliath threw himself to the floor behind Hence and the contact while gunfire erupted around them

The leader charged toward the contact, his chainsword missing her by inches.

Hence spun on the spot, whipping her Shuriken Pistol upwards, the half-dozen razorsharp discs tearing through the man's abdomen, leaving him collapsed on the floor in a spreading pool of blood

Kal, spotting Hences' work, levelled his laspistols and pelted the heavy with fire, putting the man out of action in a hail of lasblasts

The Inquisitiorial team, having secured the area, began the trip back to the Aquila Lander...

A scenario Adrian made up in on the drive over, was quite interesting to play; his Guard Team barely interacted with the Jerichos and i wasn't sure who their target was untill i put down the Goliath leader!
an improvement would be to his NPC rules; there's several sets out there and would have given the Goliaths a bit more bite...
i make no apologies, i warned you my ability to roll ones was infectious...

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Re: [batrep] Inq at W@R: 15-05-13
« Reply #1 on: May 16, 2013, 05:49:02 PM »
Heh, was a good giggle considering I had forgotten a fair bit of the rules of Inquisitor :P And it wasn't too bad considering it was just the two of us playing. Didn't want my guard team spoiling the fun with me knowing where things were roughly going to be popping up.

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Re: [batrep] Inq at W@R: 15-05-13
« Reply #2 on: May 16, 2013, 06:51:17 PM »
Didn't want my guard team spoiling the fun with me knowing where things were roughly going to be popping up.
A good approach to this can be to keep things randomised. I've played a few games where, even as the GM, I didn't know where objectives were or when events would happen.

As an example, I played a scenario with Koval where instead of only me knowing which the right objective marker was, we both did... but the markers were all upside down, and only the person who reached them could look under it to see what the number on it was.
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