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Sister Elvana Dawn, Orders Hospitaller
« on: March 18, 2016, 02:47:37 PM »
This is only the beginning of Sister Dawn's story into how she came to be a part of Inquisitor Shal'tan's party. The rest will hopefully follow in the coming week or so.

The doors fling outwards with a booming crack, the sound of the mob instantly flooding the cold and dark passageway.  Wild screams and insane jeers laced with venom and spite pound against my bruised mind, a staccato of hate and desperate rage flooding my senses, threatening to burst the thin membrane of my ear after so long in that deathly quiet cell.  White hot sunlight blades through the opening and flashes into my skull, searing the star’s incandescent light into my memory.  I am blind and stumble as a cold hand with fingers of iron clamps the nape of my neck, standing me upright.  My feet, bloody and torn, can barely touch the ground.  I feel a warm trickle of blood snake down my shin as the innumerable wounds across my body open under the strain, and a cruel, familiar voice whispers in my ear,
‘Face your fate, witch.’
With the last word spoken I am propelled through the doorway, my head whipping back with such force that I wonder if my neck has snapped. I hope that it has, that my mind may be spared the pain of my body. As my knees burn the rock and my body smacks the pavement, as my shoulders kiss the asphalt and my chin splinters on impact, I am reminded that my wish has remained unfulfilled. The pain will continue, at least for a little while longer. I come to a tumbling halt, my limp and broken body failing beneath me and my head resting on a pale and scarred piece of flesh which I dimly realise is my arm, though it sits curled beneath my cheek at an impossibly unnatural angle. I am unable to spit, my jaw no longer capable of such a rudimentary task, so I gape my mouth open to allow the clots of blood that threaten to choke me dribble to the ground. Through the haze of my vision I see the sunlight glint and sparkle as red syrup runs between the cracks of the cobbles, and I think it is beautiful. A shadow falls over me and the dance of mesmerising light is cut short, though I cannot understand why. My broken mind is beginning to unravel, and my tenuous grip on reality is starting to slide. Rough hands claw at me, desperate to tear what they can from my flesh.  An old worn shoe, its sole peeled away to reveal a gnarled blackened toe, curls round and lands in my ribs. My breath is robbed from my chest, I do not hear the crack over the madness of the mob yet I feel the splinter pierce my lung and I am hit with the realisation that I may yet drown in my own blood before the masses have their chance to kill me. It is a comforting thought.
A gunshot peals through the air, the unmistakably deafening boom and the heavy clang of a bolter shell striking hard stone bounces through my head. The hands stop clawing and withdraw, though a fist slams into my temple as a parting gift, sending sparks of multi-coloured light through my vision.  I can hear a voice over the din of the crowd, and though I cannot understand the words I instantly recognise the tone.  It is the same voice that has visited me with torment and pain in my cold cell time and again these last few months, the voice that changed so quickly from one of desperate pleas for help, a ploy to lure me in, to a cruel sliver of glee as he forced me to endure his depravations. I crack my eyes open, my body so weak and the sunlight so fierce that I can barely manage to glance up at the boots and bare feet of those around me, crusted blood flakes falling into my eye as I sluggishly try to blink them away.  The voice continues, his tone rising in intensity, I feel the crowd are enraptured by his speech. A shudder passes through them as he builds to a crescendo, a final high pitched screech and I am seized by the mob, lifted high above their heads and paraded like a prize. They are not gentle. I feel cracked nails unfurl into my flesh, screams of hatred and manic zeal howl about me, teeth sink into my dangling palm, my matted hair is pulled from its roots. The sunlight beats down on my naked body and the voice laughs its shrill laugh. Through the dim fog of semi-consciousness I see the faces of the crowd swim before me, wide eyed and leering. Men and women of the Imperium all. Eventually I feel the rough edge of sawn wood press against my leg and I am thrown heavily onto a freshly hewn platform. My stage upon which I shall please the masses.  I lie face down upon the wooden slats, unable to move save for an involuntary tremble of my hand. My eyes are closed, and the world grows quiet. My lungs struggle to draw air within them, and I feel the warm embrace of death coil next to me. It is not unpleasant. As I accept that my soul will soon join the emperor, I begin to realise that I have been lifted upright, my hands tied together above my head, my body weight supported through a rope of frayed wire which saws into my wrists. My toes drag on the wooden plateau, blood runs over them and pools beneath me, seeping between the cracks to the space below. I half-see children jostling beneath the planks, they look up at me with zealous eyes, their mouths wide in the hope that some of my blood will fall into them. Without warning my head rocks to the side. I wonder if I am being dragged elsewhere before I realise that I have been struck across the face. My neck rolls and my head lolls forward. I cannot look up at my assailant, every shred of physical energy spent, though I already know who it is. The voice returns with a second high pitched screech, his words lost to my unbuckling mind, before his cold, vice like grip reaches behind my head and pulls my face upwards.
‘Look at me, woman.’
I cannot. The darkness has me, it slips around me and pours itself into my heart. It fills my ears with its muffled comfort and drowns out all but my own heartbeat. My eyes are the doors to the vault of my soul, almost sealed now, forever safeguarding my final gift to Him. I give myself freely to His everlasting light, let Him take me now.
More hands grip my face from behind, peeling my eyes open so that I may see the voice, his old weathered face twisting in a contortion of rage, spittle dripping slowly from his upturned mouth, teeth clamped together surrounded by thin, cracked lips.  He steps back half a pace, raising his bolt pistol from beneath his longcoat, the sunlight glinting from the sheriff seal pinned to his lapel. He levels the weapon at my chest, and his grimace morphs slowly into a twisted grin. I cannot close my eyes, but it does not matter. My vision dims as he draws back the hammer, a faint click as it locks into position. Blackness finally envelops me, I hear the gunshot and I feel the impact heavily as something wet hits my chest. Darkness is mine now, and my soul is at peace with my lord and saviour.

++Audio log 959 M41++
++Short wave Delta transmission++
Throne Agent Marcus Veer – ‘...Alpha target is down, auspex confirms Mission Priority is still alive, Wasp 1 confirm initial strafing run, multiple panicked targets in the open, fire when ready.’
Wasp 1 – **Roger your last Agent, beginning our run – confirm clean target area, over**
Veer – ‘I can confirm the area will be clean Wasp 1, Mission Priority is under extraction now. Proceed with your run.’
Wasp 1 **Run confirmed, ETA 1 mike**
Veer - ‘Helena, you’ve got one minute.’
Inquisitor Helena Shal’tan - **I heard him Marcus, keep us cove-*STATIC INTERFERENCE*-Rosa to clear us an exit!**
Veer – ‘Rosa, see to it that any of those scum get within 5 metres of Helena they implode into their own bowel, alright?’
Rosa Sinclair – ‘The blood screams for their souls Marcus. I’ll kill them all.’
Veer – ‘That works too. Helen you’ve got your exit, and I’d start moving a little quicker if I were you, auspex reads that you’re still in the blast area.’
Helena - **Trying-*STATIC INTERFERENCE*- as well be a corpse! Why don-*STATIC INTERFERENCE*- here and give me a bloody hand?**
Veer – ‘Because I’m your Fire Support, not your luggage mule. Wasp 1 ETA?’
Wasp 1 - **Wasp 1 ETA15 seconds**
Veer –‘Helena Wasp 1 is about to unload several tonnes of Demolisher ordinance roughly 300 metres from your location. I suggest you find shelter and cover your ears.’
Helena – **Thank you for the invaluable advice Marcus, ever the source of state the bloody obv-**
Veer – ‘....Still alive down there Inquisitor?’
Helena -**...Your concern is palpable Agent Veer. Mission Priority requires immediate casevac, if Wasp 1 has fin-*STATIC INTERFERENCE*- rovide us transport ASAP **
Veer – ‘Wasp 1 did you receive Inquisitor Shal’tan’s last transmission? I’d seal the cockpit if I was you boys, she sounds upset at your artillery.’
Wasp 1 - **Wasp 1 copies, roger one unhappy inquisitor, cockpit sealed. Immediate recovery of Mission Priority underway, casevac inbound**
Veer – ‘Helen you’ve got your casevac, wasp 1 is inbound, go easy on them.  Rosa, lets pack up and make our way down there. Doubtless there will be plenty of bodies for you to pick through on the way. Don’t we have fun together?’

++ 959 M41++
++Inquisitorial Frigate DARKSHARD++
++Medicae Bay observation room++
Throne Agent Marcus Veer – ‘I know that look.’
Inquisitor Helena Shal’tan – ‘What look might that be Marcus.’
V – ‘That strange mix of pity and hunger you get right before you decide to bring another broken little bird under your wing.’
S – ‘Honestly Marcus I’m amazed at what comes out of your mouth sometimes. A mix of pity and hunger? Do you hear yourself? You make me sound like a sympathetic cat about to eat a mouse.’
V - ‘It seems that several lifetimes with you have expanded my range of descriptive grammar. Aside from the obvious talents a member of her order possesses, why her? You could requisition an entire Mission, throne, the whole Order if you wanted. What makes her so special? Aside from her suffocating vulnerability at this moment in time.’
S – ‘Suffocating vulnerability? Marcus, you have been practicing haven’t you? I’ll have to up my game before one of your new barbs finds a mark. Let me ask you this, what makes you so special?’
V – ‘... I don’t follow.’
S – ‘You asked what made her so special. So I answer your question with a question. I could just request an Astartes Deathwatch from the Ordos, but I stick with you. Why in the Emperors name would I do that? You’re getting on now Marcus, there’s no hiding it. Your equipment is exceptional but you’re already one arm down. How long, I wonder, until you fail all together?’
V – ‘How exactly do you expect me to compare myself to an Astartes and come off the better sounding option? If you’d like I can request a transfer to a less vindictive Inquisitor.’
S – *Laughs* ‘Of course not Marcus, and don’t attempt to fool yourself into believing that you would ever willingly leave my side. It is for this same reason that I think you’re so special. You are loyal Marcus. So very, very loyal. You raised me from a girl and kept me safe for years, and I know that I could count on you to keep me safe until your last breath. Would an Astartes be so loyal to me? Or would he put the mission, the Deathwatch, his honor and his chapter before my life? Of course he would. Which is why I have you.’
V – ‘You’re keeping her because you think that she will be loyal to you before anything else? She’s Sororitas Helena, she belongs to the Emperor before anyone else. Her soul isn’t hers to give away. Or yours to take, for that matter.’
S – ‘Yes she’s a Sister, of course I understand that. But she’s also Ordo Hospitaller, and when I want a Medicae within my team I want the best that the Imperium has to offer. Not one of those drones in there working on her, I want a healer. And I want one who owes me a life debt. When she wakes up I want to be in there reminding her, gently, of that fact. Will her loyalty always be to the Emperor? Undoubtedly, and rightly so. But the corpse god is on Terra, Marcus, far from here. I am going to see to it that her loyalty rests solely with me, you and Rosa. And if I can’t guarantee that loyalty, then, well, the cat may just have to eat the mouse after all.’

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Re: Sister Elvana Dawn, Orders Hospitaller
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++Inquisitorial frigate – DARKSHARD ++

++Confidentiality Safeguards – OVERRIDDEN++
++Current Condition – STABLE++

++I/C Medical Dept report

+ ‘Initial injuries were a patchwork of lacerations, abrasions and contusions to the majority of the pts body with multiple underlying fractures and internal haemorrhage throughout. Initial care involved stabilisation of a large pneumo-haemothorax with emergency decompression (accomplished in the medevac shuttle) followed by drainage and rejuve therapy to bring the lung back into working order in sickbay. Decreased O2 levels further impeded by high volume blood loss into abdomen and pelvic region following internal tearing of small bowel and liver, resulting in acute low blood pressure. Pt lost consciousness just prior to extraction, probably due to cerebral ischaemia caused by lowered brain perfusion. Luckily, fluid replacement on board the shuttle and timely casevac seems to have  averted permanent damage to higher functions.

Other, less serious injuries were full dislocation and shatter of the right humoral head and accompanying shoulder mechanism replaced with bionic Joint, open lower left mandible fracture with multiple missing fragments now plated with internal fixtures and relatively deep lacerations to both wrists with slight tear of left radial artery adding to ischaemia.

Impact fractures to right orbital socket, right clavicle, right 3rd, 4th and 5th ribs, right and left ulna (probably defensive), right patella and left tibia (helix). Stress fractures to both sets of metatarsal, May have been forced to sustain weight through toes for extended periods – strung from height? Unknown.

Other injuries are too numerous to list individually, consisting of wounds from various implements, including human teeth. Four heretical symbols seared into flesh of lower back – unknown translation. Fingernails removed along with upper and lower canines. Replaced with synthetics.

All in all, she was in a terrible state. I’m surprised that the inquisitor managed to bring her back alive at all. She should make a full physical recovery given time, though psychological damage may be significant.

Rejuve therapy to continue.
Report ends.
... +

++Inquisitorial frigate – DARKSHARD ++
++Audio log – port observation bay++

Inquisitor Helena Shal’tan – ‘I’m glad to see you up and about, sister.’
Sister Elvana Dawn – ‘Inquisitor, forgive me, I did not hear you approach... It is amazing how mesmerising it is to see a planet from orbit, even one as corrupt as this can look majestic from space.’
H – ‘not at all. You have the run of the ship, sister, feel free to explore the Darkshard at your leisure. Though I must admit, I think I would rather look into the black than stare at this heretical ball. How are you recovering?’
E – ‘I am making good progress, according to your medical staff, though I regret that it could not be at a faster rate. I feel that I must return to my pilgrimage as soon as I am able. The galaxy is full of desperate people who need my help, and as a Hospitaller I admit to feeling...somewhat helpless, knowing that they are out there.’
H – ‘Your experience hasn’t robbed you of your sisterly zeal, then.. Are you not concerned at what has happened here? Your dedication to aiding others drew you into their trap, after all. They wanted a sister  and they got one with ease, it seems.’
E – ‘your words ring true, Inquisitor. But the Emperor has given me a gift, and you have given me a second chance. I cannot squander either. What better way to repay you than to heal the Emperors poorest servants with a verse to you on my lips?’
H – ‘You are Noble, sister, and It is an honour to know that in granting you this second chance you will help many, many others. If only the galaxy had more like yourself, for our list of saviours grows ever shorter... I only hope, truly, that nothing such as this happens again. It would be a great loss.’
E – ‘The experience has...changed me, it is true. I struggle to sleep, my dreams are dark, I hear his voice in the silence of the void and my skin crawls... and there are other, far blacker thoughts than I have ever experienced permeating my consciousness. But healing can be a long process.. I know this better than most. I must adapt, find a way past this..This test of my faith. I will prevail, I assure you of that.’
H – ‘I have no doubt of it, Elvana. You are truly Sororitas, and your faith will never be in question. But I wonder how well you will serve Him from a shallow grave on the next backwater planet that calls to you in deceit.. I worry for your safety, sister. The heresy of this planet is but one small cog in a far greater machine. I wonder if you would not be safer with armed escorts by your side?’
E – ‘I am more than capable of handling myself, Inquisitor.. ‘
H – ‘On your own, yes you are capable. But with others of a similar mindset, disposition and armoury.. You could be unstoppable. A zealous force of righteous healing sweeping through the sector. Just think what you could accomplish, the doors that you could open, with, Inquisitorial war party backing you up. The aid that could be delivered to the deepest, darkest corners of the Imperium. The hardest to reach are generally the neediest, no?’
E – ‘.... Are you offering me a place on your ship, Inquisitor?’
H – ‘No, sister. I am offering you a place in the annals of history as the Hospitaller who brought the light of the Emperor to the desperate. You would have access to the highest graded equipment in the Imperium, both military and medical, with the power to never be turned away by those who seek to keep their deprivations on the poor a secret. You would have free reign to help those who you deem require it most, the power to order a support contingent of food, medicine, and shelter wherever you request it, I guarantee it. The power reinforce the faith of the faithful, and to sanction those who oppose you and your cause.’
E – ‘.... Your offer is tempting, on a certain level. But I doubt that our goals have similar paths. I cannot envisage that you divert yourself to the calls of the needy on a regular basis.. I would be trapped in your employ.’
H – ‘You would have free reign to do as you please with all the resources you require any time we make planet fall or call into port. I am extremely reasonable Elvana, should you wish us divert to respond to calls for aid then I would, of course, consider it. My only requirement for all this is for you to simply do your job for me and my crew on a few, select missions. Those few forays that may require a combat medic.. I trust that in all your aiding of the poor you have not forgotten your primary role?’
E – ‘of course not, Inquisitor.. This offer is extraordinary. May I have time to consider it? That is, if it remains an offer and is not yet an Inquisitorial requisition order..’
H – ‘it is an offer, sister. I would not want a valuable member of my team to feel pressured into my employ. I do, however, have one last part of the deal to show you. Please join me and Marcus on the bridge as soon as you have finished admiring the view. I think you may find it.. Poignant.’

++Inquisitorial frigate – DARKSHARD ++
++Audio log – bridge++

Throne Agent Marcus Veer – ‘Ah, Inquisitor. Sister. We’ve just pulled from stable orbit to hold above the coordinates relayed by Wasp 1. Thermal readings show significant activity within the compound, individual signatures are hard to calculate but we estimate a population of approximately 2000 individuals within the internal structures with another 5000 or so within a 2 mile radius. Orbital picture is ready on your request.’
Inquisitor Helena Shal’tan – ‘Thankyou Marcus. Sister, do you know what we are holding above?’
Sister Elvana Dawn – ‘No, Inquisitor, I do not.’
H – ‘In short, it is the base of operations for the Heretical cult that permeates this planet and from where the original distress call that lured you in originates from. It is transmitting right now, actually, though we are blocking it from escaping into the void.’
E – ‘it... It’s where they live?’
H – ‘yes. Where they live, eat, work and pray to their dark God’s. It is a cesspit of corruption, a blight on this galaxy. It’s very existence is an affront to His name and frankly, I’m disgusted that it is even allowed the seconds of life that I am granting it to show you where it is. But, it is with reason. Marcus, are the torpedoes ready?’
M – ‘they are indeed, Inquisitor. Permission to fire?’
H – ‘Not just yet Marcus. Elvana, the reason that you are here is because several miles below us are the architects of your torture. They may not have physically worked the rack, but they are guilty all the same. Their deceit lured you in, their twisted philosophy is what is branded to your back, their guilt is absolute. The Emperor demands nothing less than their complete annihilation, their utter existence to be wiped clean. I brought you here to watch this, if you wish. To revel in their death and be free of them. To know that their ashes will fuel the fire of righteousness within you, so that you may use this experience to bring His light to the darkness that they so eagerly wish to see spread across the stars.. Will you stay?’
E – ‘..... I am... I, I feel.. I. I will stay Inquisitor. I will stay to witness this death, but know that I do not revel in it. They have betrayed us all, and so deserve their fate and worse, but I cannot enjoy it. Though...i thank you all the same. Are there.. Are there any innocents In the blast radius?’
M – ‘No sister, I had Wasp 1 recon the area prior to your arrival. The nearest habitation is over 20 miles from the edge of the blast zone.’
E – ‘ is indeed righteous. Please, do as you must.’
M – ‘Inquisitor?’
H – ‘Fire when ready, Marcus.’
M – ‘.......All starboard torpedo stations, fire.’

++DISTANCE..... 22KM++
++DISTANCE..... 17KM++

E – ‘So it is done...’
H – ‘yes, it is done. You should rest now Elvana, today has been strenuous.. We make for the Harken System within the hour and will be arriving in the next few days. Their will be many there who need your help. You should recover your strength.’
E – ‘I will.. Thank you Inquisitor. For everything.’
H – ‘Have all observation bays darkened before she gets to the crew deck.’
M – ‘Are you going to tell her?’
H – ‘Tell her what?’
M – ‘That standard Inquisitorial procedure for discovering deep rooted heretical cults within a planets population is to call Exterminatus and destroy the planet. We only stock Cyclonic torpedoes, Helena.’
H – ‘She’s still far too naive for that level of extreme prejudice, and she’s still emotionally unstable. I’ll tell her, perhaps, but not until I know we’ve got her completely. She just requested the nearest innocent habitation for thrones sake... For now, let’s keep up the ‘righteous saviours of the helpless’ act for her benefit. Soon enough, when she has seen the true faces of the evil which threatens the Imperium, she will understand it only as a Hospitaller can. That you must attack the source of the infection, kill the disease and it’s hosts entirely, before treating it’s symptoms. And if that means killing a billion innocents to destroy one heretic, then so be it. If you need me Marcus, I’ll be in my quarters.. Killing planets is tiresome work.’
You must gather your party before venturing forth