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Well, my first IC posting since about a year. Its kind of open ended: maybe it'll spark some new RP's, maybe not, but it's done its job....

...which is to link the downloadable zip of the Conclave Archive I had stored on my hard drive.

Hope you enjoy.

Many thanks, Mac.

The reading begins...

Post intended to thoroughly stir things up

Posted on the Nexus thread before I saw this one, but just to reiterate, count me in...provisionally and sporadically, but with growing enthusiasm.  I probably will use characters at least connected to the old stories, but I firmly agree that anything we do now should be able to stand alone, without requiring a knowledge of the background.  Too early to say when my first real contribution will appear, but judging by the excellent posts already in evidence, just staring at the IC thread could do wonders for my long-dormant muse.  Jolly well done there!

A couple of questions about dates, as I know the official 40k timeline has moved on (skirted over elsewhere, but I don't think we managed to answer them):

1) Does anyone remember the IC year where AD2 left off? (IE, the last time I posted IC)
2) What year is currently "present day" in official fluff?

I can't answer #1, but officially the answer to #2 is 999.M41 -- GW rewound time to before the 13th Black Crusade, which also means that Medusa V and a lot of the things talked about in the Ciaphas Cain books haven't happened yet.


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