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The Eramus Affair - Autumn Conclave '13
« on: September 30, 2013, 11:56:10 AM »
>> *************

Brethren, we have word from Hive Primus on the world of Obcultus V.

It has been confirmed the Rogue Trader Eramus has been smuggling weapons into hidden cults across the Hive.
His purpose is unknown as is the location and information regarding the cults is sparse.
We have infiltrated your team into the Hive and you are required to uncover the plot.

May He Guide you


there is a complete print'n'lay pack HERE
Please note: right-click and save this link as i host it myself!

for those who want individual downloads, try This Link
each scenario should be able to printed out and played straight. I still need to make some modifications (mainly removing the word Information from the scenario sheets / plotcards)

The players have been infiltrated into Hive Primus to track down information on Trader Eramus and the cult (i actually ran a scenario at Triple Helix' Birthday Event in which the players actually crossed a battle between the cult and the PDF into the hive).

Each crew has it's own objectives; while some are interested in the Cold Trade in Xenos weapons, some maybe interested in the Cult (either to destabilise the sector or to destroy the uprising) or in the local PDF (how has this state of affairs happened? or maybe it is a possible recruitment area)

Scenario 01: Accessing
While Eramus has been difficult to trace, a series of data-terminals had been identified with clues as to Eramus' location.

Scenario 02: Background Checks
This is a more direct approach; some members chose to go straight to a Storage Facility and access some of Eramus' personal effects.
This is a scenario i wrote for the Autumn Conclave 2011 rehashed and with a couple of rules tweaks

Scenario 03: Blackmail and Extortion
Searching throughout a data-storage facility, the investigators are hunting for specific information to uncover more of the plot.

Scenario 04: Dirty Tricks
While knowledge is power, controlling the flow of information can prove just as useful.
Two crews have arranged to exchange information. Unbeknownst to them, a third party aims to disrupt this exchange

At the end of Act One, players have discovered the weapons have been delivered to the cult responsible for the violence and severl members of the local PDF have been involved.

Scenario 05: Crazy Train
Several of the Investigators have infiltrated a section of the cult on the edge of the revolution.
They have volunteered to be part of an escort; transporting a shipment of weapons to one of the cults warehouses.

Scenario 06: Information Gathering
Having achieved some manner of mischief, the crews are attempting to escape the area unnoticed; while subtlety is not in everyone's taste, it can avoid unwanted complications!

Scenario 07: Shotgun Diplomacy
While investigations test ones wits, sometimes you must use a sledgehammer to crack a nut... it's kill or be kill in this scenario!

Scenario 08: Kidnapping
In this scenario the players are attempting to overpower an opponent to learn of their plans while ensuring their own henchmen are not captured!

At the end of Act Two players should be aware the cult itself seems to be fuelled by the availability of weapons and the usual poor conditions all Faithful workers of the Imperium endure.
It would appear a high-ranking member of the PDF is falsifying reports and diverting attention away from the growth of the cult; the majority of the PDF are unaware of the traitors in their midst.

Scenario 09: Major Malfunction
Eramus' hideaway has been located and one crew has infiltrated the poorly-guarded service entrance and overpowered the few guards.
However, rival crews are approaching and they must use Xenos generators to disrupt technology and ensure only those who can be trusted enter the facility

Scenario 10: Interrogation
These investigators have moved against the highest ranks of the PDF; they are attempting to identify and capture the officer responsible for aiding the cults infiltration across the hive.

Scenario 11: Macgyvered
These crews have accessed the cult hideout and are attempting to access a data-terminal to download exhaustive documentation regarding the cults locations and storage facilities.
However, the facility is patrolled and if the cult was to learn of the security breach this information would be redundant!

Scenario 12: Inq2.0
i didn't write a scenario for this one as i had found out about the Inq2.0 test. turns out they did need a scenario so i gave them a copy of my award-winning* IGT12 Scenario
*i didn't actually win any award for the scenario

At the end of Act Three the players have uncovered the key players in this investigation; the cult is a disgruntled workforce, the PDF are unaware they have been manipulated and Eramus' secret bunker has been breached.
Now we move onto the End Game, i sorted the players out by points into trios, giving the top-scoring player on each table the opportunity to choose where they wanted to focus...

Finale 01:Snakes In The Grass
PDF Loading docks. PDF members will be loading weaponry into transports.
Several members of the PDF are involved in the affair and these few will be loading illegal shipments into a specific transport.
Crews will be trying to identify these members and secure the weapons destined for the cults.

Finale 02: Dead Man Walking
Eramus' Bunker. One of the crews has secured Eramus and are escorting him to a waiting Rhino APC for extraction.
Players will be trying to secure the trader or assassinate him.

Finale 03: Armed and Dangerous
Cult Warehouse. One crew has secured the cult members and are escorting them toward an Inquisitorial Facility for Taint Testing and Assessment.
Other members will be attempting to destroy the weapons caches or purge the cult.

Finale 04: Escape
Eramus' Trophy Room. During the fire-fights and battles, some members infiltrated a secure facility filled with a variety of tech and trophies. They have triggered an alarm and are attempting to escape the warehouse before they are locked inside...
I've always had trouble with this scenario. Marco helped me tweak it and then AdrianP and myself played it through and have it in a working form. With PrecinctOmega bowing out before the finales, this allowed me to run it for just TheNephew and Alex; the smaller player count and me attention helping the game to flow better.. i hope!

>> *************

Forgive me, this message must be brief for we have a large percentage of the workforce to assess.

With the investigation into Eramus' Cold Trade over, I am able to report on the outcomes and findings of those brave souls brave enough to tread amongst the Heretic.

The Weapons Shipments have almost all been recovered and the PDF has been purged of those guilty of avarice.
Several shipments have been misplaced but this percentage can be absorbed into Firearms Allowance for the location.

The cult members have been secured and all are either held in the Testing Facility and those who fail shall be added to the collected corpses of those slain in combat.

The noted Tech Adept Stein has been recorded exiting the system with some unknown Xenos Archeotech looted from Eramus' personal storage. We have no further information regarding this but I am adding it to the Official Record as this Mechanicus Wild-card has been known to tread the line of techno-heresy several times.

The Rogue Trader Eramus, however, has managed to escape the planet with a Xenos designated only as "Tau" but positive identification is difficult due to these Xenos all looking alike visually.
Further enquiries are being made, however we suspect he will lay low only to reappear peddling his foul wares.

May the God-Emperor curse those who dabble in heresy.


so, i thank all for playing: any ideas / suggestions for improvements will be welcomed; i need to start writing another campaign now :lol:
i make no apologies, i warned you my ability to roll ones was infectious...

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Re: The Eramus Affair - Autumn Conclave '13
« Reply #1 on: October 01, 2013, 05:10:05 PM »
Interesting to hear about hte other scenarios, and get a look at all the handouts I didn't see.

It's also great to see how the whole campaign tied together act by act, which is something I didn't really take the opportunity to get a handle on on the day.

My finale did indeed run very smoothly - though I think actually the scenario might have run a little better with more on the board. The rolling road worked just fine though.
Four characters does make for a nice and snappy turn turnover (awkward phrasing), but it meant the scenario lasted barely half an hour (I think). Though a lot of .that. is down to my flimsy characters and Liwet's aim.
Perhaps if there are only a few characters, or experienced enough players, a security guard cordon or the like would have added a bit of longevity and upped the complexity.
As it was though, it was a perfect opportunity for me and Alex to get a bit more rules-practice in, and the other scenarios I saw and played were very nicely balanced between campaign-related objectives and giving players latitude to do their thing.