Author Topic: A Daughter of Holy Mother Church  (Read 3017 times)

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A Daughter of Holy Mother Church
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+++ Somewhere in the Segmentum Solar...

"... by the authority vested in me as Bishop-Redemptor, wielder of the Brazier of Holy Fire and servant of blessed Mother Church I sentence you to death by burning at the stake until you expire. Do you have any final words for posterity?"

The man bound to the stake responded by straining at his chains and trying to shout something through the anointed rag that had been stuffed into his mouth, to prevent any final acts of blasphemy. Awaiting the prescribed five seconds, Bishop Vispe turned to her manservant and took the burning torch he offered to her with reverence.

"No? Then may the Emperor forgive you, for I cannot," she said as she lowered the flames to the kindling. Within moments the bound man was frantically thrashing as best he could against the stake as the fire spread about his feet. Vispe stepped back from the condemned and joined the small gathering of witnesses to the execution; some were elements of her retinue, others were local clergy and officials. One of them shuffled towards her, a local government scribe by appearance.

"I am no man learned in the ways of the Ministorum, Bishop, but for the sake of my report may you reiterate your judgement on Brother Caistol? I understand his was a grave heresy," the local government man inquired with a reedy, nervous voice that was barely heard above the crackling of the pyre.

"His was the most despicable act of all," she said with a sneer, "it was the act of the traitor, and for his kind there can be no mercy."