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Carthaxian Conspiracies
« on: October 02, 2013, 12:28:25 AM »

The Saints Rest despite its recent name change was a dive a refuge for scum and the criminal fraternity of the Carthaxian Sector a warren of small secluded rooms sprouting off from the main bar area allowed for secret meetings and illicit deals to be struck away from the prying eyes of the Imperium's defenders. The main bar itself was a dangerous place and death was an accepted risk by the taverns patrons as violence was common place often meted out by the establishments vicious team of gene-hanced bouncers. Tonight was a typical night deals were being struck in the secret back rooms and in one such room a famous name within the criminal worth sat his face hidden behind a sleek cowl of synth skin his body shrouded in a suit of light carapace weapons hanging from his waist. He sipped at a tumbler of amber liquid looking into the darkness of the chamber his feet resting up on the table fixed to the centre of the room.

"Well are you going to step into the light or now?"

His voice was masked and distorted though a vox manipulator overlaid with a trio of voices to hide his true voice, his dark eyes locked into the dark recess as a figure formed from the darkness tall and sleek it strode forward pulling the chair opposite him it slid into a sitting position with no sounds, dressed in a long flowing robe hood pulled up over its head it regarded him from behind a smooth black rebreather. For a long while the new comer sat silently save for a quiet hiss of the working rebreather before it spoke.

"I am surprised you came."

He bowed his head lifting the glass.

"When the Inquisition extends and invitation to the likes of me, one can't help but be curious."

"Impressive, you are aware of what I am."

"I make it a point of professionalism to know who I'm working for Inquisitor,"

"No names, if you don't mind we both make a point of hiding our faces lets not ruin it with names."

He tipped his glass before taking another sip.

"So what's the job?"

"Chaos, I want this system plunged into chaos and I am reliably informed you are the man to do it."

There was a moment of silence again before he spoke.

"I reckon I can do that, do I have a remit."

"I trust your particular skill set will suffice."

"And my renumeration?"

The figure moved its hand disappearing within it's robe it drew a small hand held data slate out and slid it across the table.

"You will get the rest when the work is completed."

He lent forward and scooped up the data slate looking at it for a moment.

"I could hire an army with this."

"You might need one. There are some specifics included on there."

They sat for a long while in silence as he considered the offer on the table the figure sat regarding him with cold green unblinking eyes.

"Ok you have a deal, but you know there will be others who try and stop me, what if they succeed?"

He flinched as something cold touched his throat his eyes widening as the object bit into the synth skin parting the material with ease and breaking his skin, he felt a bead of blood pooling on the edge of the object and turned to look up the blade length and the wraith thin woman holding the sword her skin was while as porcelain he hair dyed red but the most striking thing about her was the wide manic eyes framed in heavy black makeup they held a longing thirst in them wild and dangerous they were a stark contrast to the rest of her calm visage she was shrouded in a black synth skin and he was certain she had not been in the room when he'd entered yet she couldn't have slipped in behind him so she must have been hidden from his senses by other means which drew his eyes back to the figure sitting opposite him, could he be a psyker? His informants hadn't told him that, could they be in this mans pocket already? It was something he'd have to look into later when he got it of here, the figure lent forward resting his hands on the table.

"Make sure that does not happen or Cassil will pay you a visit in the night."

The blade vanished from his throat and when he turned to look in it direction the woman was gone again he strained looking into the shadows but he could see nothing save for stone.

"A neat trick, why don't you just do this yourself, you have the resources."

"This has to appear to be unrelated to the Inquisition, the are bigger things at plan than you can comprehend."

He nodded thinking to himself pompous inquisitors always the same playing their grand and elaborate shadow games, well two could play at that.

"If you'll excuse me Inquisitor, I have work to begin, how do I contact you?"

"You don't, I'll be watching from afar if we need to meet again it will be arranged."

He stood and left the figure sat for a long while before Cassil reappeared at his shoulder.

"That's the sixth one you've met with so far."

"Kaede Mack is an enigma with as many faces as the deceiver himself, if he hasn't already presented himself to me word will reach him and the work I desire will be done."

He stood and along with Cassil backed into the corner watching as another figure entered the room a heavy pistol held in his hand he looked round before sitting at the table and waiting, the figure smiled behind the rebreather as he stepped forward another link in the web he was weaving
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Re: Carthaxian Conspiracies
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Ballarius Terius and affluent agri world provided eighty percent of the food stock for the hive world of Ballarius Prime and the one hundred percent of food to the frontier worlds of Ballarius Fringe and Outworld, shipments from Terius were a constant occurrence transporting hundreds of thousands of indentured workers service out terms of service in the Agri Corps in turn for returning to the worlds of The Ballarius system with millions of tons of food. Life on Terius was hard but safe and the pay was considered considerable, the system itself hadn't experienced any kind of war for several generations and the system wide PDF were spread thin with only a relatively small security force manning the atmospheric hoist station responsible for transporting shipments to and from the surface.

So when one of Mach's people arrived as part of the newest shipment of workers it went unnoticed as he slipped through security, it wouldn't for even he was unaware of his true role in things, he stood shoulder to shoulder with thousands of people as he rode the hoist down towards the planet only becoming aware of his situation when pain tore through his midsection he doubled over screaming in agony cause those around him to push to the sides of the noise as he crumpled to his knees tearing at his clothing ripping his shirt open he clawed at his flesh crying out He looked up pleading with those around him as the device planted inside him detonated tearing the hoist carriage apart in a blossoming explosion.

The damage to the carriage ripped into the hoist breaking large sections from the structure sending large chucks of plas steel down into the world, damaged as it was the structure twisted in ways it was never designed to and broke apart the surface teathered side falling to the ground killing thousands and causing catastrophic damage to the area surrounding the teather station, earthquakes followed from the force of the impact tumbling outlying warehouses and up turning the vast harvester machines, in the atmospher side teather station broke away from the planets gravity, ships locked in dock broke apart from the sudden twisting motion and exploded debris scattering across the atmosphere.

I total this single attack had cost the lives of close to a million citizens and effective cut off the supply of food to three worlds beyond its own. Panic would set in within a matter of hours when word to out as food stocks would quickly deplete riots would erupt across worlds and the PDF would struggled to suppress violence, a good start to the chaos that was to come.
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