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You will never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy - underhive WIPs

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I am finally back in the UK and after what seems like years away (judging from my last post here, that doesn´t seem too inaccurate) I am ready to start modeling and building up my Inquisitor warbands!

To start things off and to get me back into the swing of things, I thought I would begin with some mutants, scum and underhive cannon fodder for the tabletop - best not to ruin my main characters whilst I am still regaining my skills!

And so, without further adieu, my first hive scum, goes by the name of Mikael.
He has an inhibiting disease that has atrophied his entire right side, and is pretty much your average thug with gun:

Following the parts, I did a quick mock up:

Filled some gaps with greenstuf:

Started to apply some colour - skin looks pretty yellow at this stage, but will dull it down with highlights and washes.

Following a few washes of grey and black/brown, and bringing the skin up a notch with highlights:

Added some detailing to the metal areas, and began highlighting the weapon and bandages more:

Any thoughts on the colour for his tunic and loincloth?
Comments and feedback more than welcome!

Where is that amazing atrophied arm from?

I would say give the bandages another quick wash, the really filthy look from before was nice.

The arm is from the old chaos henchman conversion pack GW released.

Yes, I am going to dull down the bandages once more I think.
Updates to come soon!

Fantastic! The metal leg splint could use some rust and crust though...


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