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You will never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy - underhive WIPs

Started by seaglen, January 14, 2014, 08:43:00 PM

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In that case, I'd keep the patch with a blue base and try a swirling pattern over top using the base colour lightened with elf grey or bleached bone (disclaimer; my paints are old, so there are sure to be others equally suited).  Thorns (like on the biel-tan eldar) could look good, as could trefoils/spirals, circles or part of a fleur-de-lys.

I like the banner on the scavenger but to me, it makes him look more chief-thug than plain thug so you may want to leave it off.  Without it he reminds me strongly of the hunchbacked dreg model from Mordheim's vampires and looks down-trodden.  If you go with the banner, I think it has to be a fragment from some larger tapestry in the same vein as Quovandius' original standard was done by 'eavy metal. Part of a house sigil, imperial guard flag or even a depiction of a primarch or other hero perhaps.  Or if you're feeling very ambitious, a ragged map/star chart that's charred around the edges and found in his scavenging.


Thanks for the suggestions krenshar!

I very much like the idea of a nice bit of cloth- the fleur de lys could be a winner.
Lovely ideas for the banner too!

Light update: applied some more colour to the scavenger:


A few more pictures of the scavenger as he takes shape.
I am thinking of going for a civil worker look for him - bright orange clothes and greys. To hopefully invoke the imagery of a 41st millennium dustbin man...



It´s update time!

after a few days of painting lapse, I managed to pick up a brush again and get some more layers on the scavenger (for now called Samson)

added a few more layers on his skin tone and also his orange and grey overalls:

following this, I started building up his metallinc areas and his cloth mask on his face:

any thoughts or comments are welcome!!


Quick update on the scavenger.

Firstly, could could someone please confirm my pictures in the previous post were displayed correctly, and that the below are ok as well?

Slight increase to detail on the clothes and banner:

I started on the base and elected to keep it pretty uncluttered in the end (he is just to hunched over for a busy base i feel).
Working up to highlights on his face and mask, and also detailing the chains, metalic studs and other bits and bobs:

Any idea for the banner? I have come to a stage on it where i like the effect of the beige colour and shading but am a little worried to detail it! - any suggestions?

Also detailed his legs/feet/peg leg more:

More updates to come soon!
C&C always welcome and encouraged!


As of tonight the scavenger is pretty much complete.
I still need to do something with the banner but this can wait.
Any suggestions or pointers for any parts of the models would be appreciated!

I finished off his eyes and face, and cleaned up the last little bits:

Now he is to a point I am happy with, I can start to introduce to you the third member of the underhive. He will be a sneaky wiry type, a typical stimms runner or sly backstabber...


A quick mock up to begin with - I want him to be a bit more energetic that the first two hive dwellers, as they are both in very static positions.

I then started filling in gaps and getting the arms to line up:

After a bit of consideration for what head to go for, I decided that the Chaos henchman one was particularly creepy...

I will need to file it to fit a bit lower on the neck, but you get the general idea of him.
I want him to look a little more slinky than the other two, so the thin head also helps to give him a more lithe appearance.

I then started sculpting the head and neck join in a bit more detail:

Thoughts and comments welcome!


Update time - a bit of colour added to the gang member, now called Postyl.

I'll be going for some brown Khaki trousers with a white vest and a deep red hood to give a little pop.

Started again with my signature "yellow base" for the skin - don't worry, it will get shaded, dulled...

following a little more shading on the skin and ading in some more details to the metallic areas and building up the red on the hood.

more to follow...

C&C welcome!


Bit of Thread necromancy!

More work haas gone into Postyl as of late.
The skin has been highlighted and shaded to a much more natural colour, and I have started work on details like his tongue, Badages and goggles.

I am particularly happy with the join in the head to the body - the necktie on the torso works well as a base to his hood.

After a little more cleaning up on the white vest, and a bit more detailing on the gun and boots/straps:

comments and feedback welcome!

Van Helser

You're right about the neck tie working well as the base of the hood - it blends really well.

If you master the gemstone technique on the trooper's visor you could put it to work on the goggles of this guy too!


Finally some progress with Postyl.

After debating on his base for a while, I kept it quite simple and picked a few bits of Ork Trukk parts to scatter and cut up on it:

As I was doing this, I started to clean up some messier bits of detail, and have a question for the conclave:

What is this meant to be????

I am referring to the thing dangling from his large ring-piercing on his arm. Is that an ear? carabina clip?  any help would be useful!!

I also begun painting the base and highlighting the ropes and parts of the weapon and face:

Comments and feedback welcome!

(I've also been playing with effects on my iPhone and did this little picture of my first Gang member (now called Jelek):


Small update to the gang member Postyl - the base is now finished and he has been dulled off a little with some matt varnish (his trousers were a little to shiny).

comments welcome!

Van Helser

I've always taken the thing chained to Quovandius's arm to be an ear...

Postyl is looking great. I really like the bases on your models. Nice detailing.



Yeah I was a bit confused about that part, so I eventually painted it just as a piece of metal hanging there (it seems to fit better than having a human ear dangling about)

Yes I really like basing models, it always gives a sense of progress even once a model is near completion.
It's hard to find a blanace between detail and cluttering the base.
Samson (the scavenger) in this thread has a completely plain base due to him being hunched over.

Now that Postyl is tidied up, I will be starting on another couple of hive gangers and general bad-guys.
I have a few bits of Sergeant stone lying about that I need to convert...


Which app did you use on iPhone to get that muzzle flash effect on Jelek's gun? That's awesome!
Excellent conversions too!