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My impirial NPCs log

Started by seaglen, April 03, 2014, 09:08:34 AM

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I love Nagash parts for Inquisitor!  An excellent choice on the arms there. 

Hat-wise, this might be a weird suggestion but I feel like the lower leg of a custodes Terminator might work as a base, or some other 28mm Space Marine armour segment done in that ornate style.  It is possible you should ignore this idea on the basis of being insane, but I'm posting it just in case!  Really I'd expect the pen lid suggestion to be a winner.


Well there's more painting progress on him now.

I'm still a little nervous making the hat, so will paint most of him up first and then decide on it afterwards.

He's a tricky model to get a good photo of too - in the flesh the pose works more than the photos suggest.

I've gone for a much whiter robe than normal to highlight his high standing as a cardinal.


That staff topper though  ;) ;) ;)


Quote from: gpemby on April 09, 2021, 09:47:47 PM
That staff topper though  ;) ;) ;)

Ah yep many thanks!!!
Hopefully I'll have more progress tomorrow


Few more updates as highlighting is taking shape.
I'm still thinking of a hat, but just got carried away painting him up!

There still a lot of work for the face, and I'll be adding scrollwork to the pauldrons eventually too...

Still more Work to be done on the electro-censers too, but I'm happy with the blue glow so far.

And a group shot of all the Ecclesiarchy characters so far:



Finished the pauldrons on the priest and minor details!

I've also picked up a brush for the first time in a few months and have begun work on the eversor that's been hidden (pun intended) in my collection for a while:

I very much want to paint him in keeping with the new assassin models on GWs website.


The assasin is looking promising! The priest is cool as well, the cartoonish face works really well.


Yep the ogre head used on the priest is a little odd, but does make him stand out!

In more secluded areas of the imperial palace: the eversor assassin is now complete!

I'm quite happy with how he turned out in the end, using the GW 23mm mini as a rough guide.
The casting of this sculpt was in no way perfect either, so am happy with the overall look!